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version 10.2+0.94+2

- Add --force-overread
  Force overreading into the lead-out portion of the disc. This option
  is only applicable when using the "-O" option with a positive sample
  offset value. Many drives are not capable of reading into this
  portion of the disc and attempting to do so on those drives will
  produce read errors and possibly hard lockups

version 10.2+0.94+1

- Fix problem where end of span seems to default to last track. Savannah bug 43444
- Fix NULL pointer dereference that occurs when byte swapping is
  needed. MR #4
- Re-silence recently added gcc -Wunused-result warnings
- Use @LIBS@ figured out by autoconf when linking (for -lrt on Linux).
- Incorrect track was getting used in matching. See
  Savannah bug 49831 and MR #7, #8 and #10

version 10.2+0.93+1

- Add cdio_cddap_free_messages function
- Start using Coverty Static analysis
- Update OS versions we recognize
- Upgrade libcdio-paranoia to paranoia version 10.2
- Bug fixes on MS Windows and other bug fixes
- Redo license so everything is GPL3

version 10.2+0.90

Split off from libcdio to allow more flexible licensing and to be compatible
with cdparanoia-III-10.2's license. And also, libcdio is just too large.