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=== Coding Rules ===

The project CodingStyle must be adhered to unless there is a reasonable reason for doing otherwise (to be discussed
with dev lead beforehand).

== Coding Style ==

This project uses the '''K&R''' variant '''1TBS''' (One True Base Style) which is the standard of the linux kernel
and many open source projects.

This style can be described as follows (adapted from wikipedia):

The K&R style keeps the first opening brace on the same line as the control statement, indents the statements within
the braces, and puts the closing brace on the same indentation level as the control statement (on a line of its own).
Functions, however, are braced distinctly from statements; an opening function brace is placed on the line following
the declaration, at the same indentation level as the declaration. The opening brace for function declarations is an
exception on the basic rule.

The 1TBS variant expects that the constructs that allow insertions of new code lines are on separate lines, and
constructs that prohibit insertions are on a single line. This principle is amplified by bracing every if, else,
while, etc. -even single-line conditionals- so that insertion of a new line of code anywhere is always "safe".

Advantages of this style are that the beginning brace does not require an extra line by itself; and the ending brace
lines up with the statement it conceptually belongs to. One disadvantage of this style is that the ending brace of a
block takes up an entire line by itself, which can be partially resolved in if/else blocks and do/while blocks.


int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    while (x == y) {
        if (x < 0) {
        } else {
        if (x == 1) {
            x_eq_1(x, y);
	} else {
            x_neq_1(x, y);

We use 4-space indentation (which is popular amoungst many media projects) so please make sure your code editor
is configured accordingly. No TABs, no trailing white space !

== Function naming ==

 * all lowercase as in linux kernel code

 * functions that might be called by other sections of code to be put in section header

 * functions that will only be called by code within their own section to be prefixed with an underscore and forward
   declared within the .c itself

== Memory allocation and pointers ==

All pointers bust be defined as NULL in their declaration if possible (and if not - e.g. when present in a struct -
immediately in the first function to use the struct).

All allocated memory must be freed with the X_FREE() macro. This is to make sure that we never have double-free
runtime issues.


struct a {
    char *x, *y;

void foo()
    struct a a;
    char *z = NULL;

    a.x = NULL;
    a.y = NULL;

    a.x = malloc(10);
    z = malloc(10);

    X_FREE(a.y);    // this won't throw an error because we stuck to the NULL definition rule!