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LFTP includes the following features (some may be missed in this list):

* FTP and HTTP protocols support.
* FTP (e.g. TIS FWTK) proxy support.
* HTTP proxy support.
* FTP over HTTP proxy support (hftp and CONNECT method).
* HTTPS and FTPS protocols support using GNU TLS or OpenSSL library.
* Automatic OPIE/SKEY support in FTP protocol.
* FXP transfers support (between two FTP servers, bypassing client machine).
* FTP listings support: unix-style, NT, EPLF, OS/2, AS400, MacWebStar, MLSD.
* FTP implicit compression (MODE Z) support.
* Automatic reconnect and retry of an operation on retriable errors or timeout.
* IPv6 support in both FTP and HTTP.
* FISH protocol support. It uses ssh with no special program on server side.
* SFTP protocol v3-v6 support.
* HTTP/1.1 keep-alive support.
* HTTP basic and digest authentication.
* Partial WebDAV support.
* BitTorrent protocol support (including IPv6).
* BitTorrent extensions: Fast, DHT, PEX, Multi-tracker, Metadata, magnet.
* Experimental support for SRV DNS records.
* SOCKS support (configure option).

* Modification time preservation (if server can report it).
* `reget' and `reput' support.
* Built-in mirror and reverse mirror (mirror -R).
* Transfer rate throttling for each connection, for each host and for all
  connections in total.
* Limit for number of connections to the same site. Interruption of background
  transfer to do a foreground operation when the limit is reached.
* Socket options tuning: buffer size and maximum segment size.
* Job queueing.
* Job execution at specified time.
* Comprehensive scripting support.
* URL recognition in most operations.
* Readline library is used for input.
* Context sensitive completion.
* Bash-like prompt extensions.
* Launching of local shell commands.
* Suspend support.
* Bookmarks.
* Aliases.
* Saving of last directory on each site. `cd -' to go there.
* Copying of files (including mirror) between two servers over the client,
  automatic usage of FXP when possible to bypass the client.
* Numerous settings which can be associated with a specific server or a group.
* Paging of remote files using external program.
* `zcat' and `zmore' support.
* Help for commands.
* Command history saved in a file.
* Transfer status includes rate and ETA.
* File listing cache.

* Background jobs (bash-like).
* Job output redirection to a file or to a program via pipe.
* Conditional commands depending on exit status of previous one.
* Loading of binary modules at run time (configure option).
* `pget' to download a file using several connections. `pget' download
  can be continued as it saves a status file periodically.
* `mirror' can download several files in parallel (--parallel option)
  and a single file with `pget' (--use-pget-n option).
* Slots. Each slot is a separate session, switch using Meta-{1-9} or `slot'
  command. Refer to a slot site using pseudo URL slot:name.