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The items with a question mark are questionable. I'm not sure whether they
are really needed. If you think it is a good feature do it yourself :) or
at least tell me what you think. Items marked with - are hard to implement
currently; other work needs to be done. Items marked with + are partially

 * split misc.{cc,h} into thematic files.

 * OpenStack Swift
 * GlusterFS

?* document variables in on-line help

 * mirror --config <>

 * update process title

 * implement Queueing in FileAccess. fa->AddQueue(new FAQueueOp(args)).
   (Done()==true when queue is empty)
   This way ARRAY_* can be obsoleted.

 * there are many interesting protocols which can be used to transfer
   files/data: smb, fsp, imap, irc, pop3...

-* put -n (only if newer) Maybe it would be better to add a command to compare
   mirror can be used: mirror -Rr -I file

 * http: ls -a to see all links, even off-site.

 * mirror: add more settings.

 * more intelligently squeeze file name in status line.

 * parallel get's in mget
+* make a command get1 to get a single file with extra options.

 * tail command

 * make a class FileAccessLocation (class url?)

 * job suspend/resume.

 * motd. if it is not yet known, connect/login and get it. (use class Buffer).

 * use NDIR (from RFC1127) in FtpListInfo, when long list cannot be parsed.

?* optimize help text, introduce a phrase separator for separate translations.
?* help in external files

 * a setting to make commands quiet (cmd:quiet? or cmd:verbose with int value)

 * redirect error messages
 * stdout/stderr analogues, use class IOBuffer.

 * mirror option to check an alternative directory(ies) for existing files.
   (overlay filesystem replacement?)
 * mirror: multiple source and target dirs.

 * APPE support.

 * better debug message subsystem