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IPTState Bugs

We keep track of bugs in our bugtracker on our Sourceforge page. However, before
filing bugs, be aware of bugs in these other pieces of software that may affect
your iptstate experience:

 - libnetfilter_conntrack 0.0.50 has a bug that prevents iptstate from
   deleting ICMP states. I wrote the following patch which the netfilter folks
   have already applied to their SVN tree:
   You can use it if this affects you.

 - There seems to be a small memory leak somewhere in ncurses. See
   for details.  This won't effect most users much, but you want to be weary of
   leaving iptstate running on very busy firewalls for very long periods of time
   (a day or more). This bug has been reported to ncurses, see above URL.

If you find a bug in IPTState you should file a bug at our bugtracker:
OR mail our -devel list:

If you are unsure if it's a bug or need support, please use the -devel mailing

Sending a bug to your distro or some public forum is not going to let me know.
I can't fix things I don't know about. So make sure I know!

If your bug is serious - i.e. compilation errors, a major a functionality is
broken, or a security problem I'll usually give you pretty immediate attention.
If it's a very minor bug, or a feature request, I'll respond as I have time.

Patches are welcome but not necessary. I will fix bugs, don't worry. If you
would like to contribute code, PLEASE use consistent style to the rest of the
code. If you send a patch, it should be accompanied with a good explanation of
what it does and why. If it fixes a bug, it should also be accompanied by a
bug report in our bug tracker.

Please be sure to include these things in bug reports:
  - your iptstate version
  - your distribution and distribution version
  - your kernel version
  - your g++ version (if you built it yourself)
  - your make version (if you built it yourself)
  - your glibc version (if you built it yourself)
  - your ncurses version
  - your libnetfilter_conntrack version
  - any relevant output and/or errors

Once again, distributions don't always forward bug reports upstream, so
please send bug reports to me if you want bugs fixed.


Phil Dibowitz
phil AT ipom DOT com