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version 1.8.18 2016-10-08
	* Add mac2str() and str2mac() to print/parse MAC address
	* Change formatting, remove commented-out code in
	* Export find_lan_channel() as global
	* Expose _ipmi_get_channel_info()
	* Extend buf2str to allow separator
	* Fix indentation of #define in src/plugins/imb/imbapi.c
	* Fix missing `goto out_free;` when ipmi_parse_hex() returns (-1)
	* Fix warning for buf2str argument
	* ID 408 - fix sel list last X listing
	* ID: 38 - Protocol violating SOL retries when talking to
	* ID: 459 - Fix reading FRU on Artesyn (Emerson) shelf manager,
	* ID: 464 - ipmievd crash fix in log_event
	* ID:230 - check return value of malloc() in lib/ipmi_ekanalyzer.c
	* ID:261 - Fix err. output consistency for % ipmitool chassis
	* ID:287 - Fix print-out of DDR3 SDRAM Serial Number
	* ID:287 - Remove trailing white-spaces from dimm_spd.c
	* ID:289 - bmx-snmp-proxy: PEF alerting does not work for
	multiple destinations
	* ID:312 - BREAKING CHANGE - Re-design of PEF user interface
	* ID:312 - Fix bitmask in _ipmi_set_pef_policy_entry()
	* ID:335 - Check return value of fseek(), prevent segfault
	* ID:335 - Check return value of fseek(), prevent segfault
	* ID:355 - Comment out statement without effect in lib/ipmi_sel.c
	* ID:355 - Fix 'missing initializer' in struct lan_param
	* ID:355 - Fix ``warning: ISO C forbids zero-size array 'data'''
	* ID:355 - Fix different pointer type in lib/ipmi_picmg.c
	* ID:355 - Fix missing struct initializers in lib/ipmi_firewall.c
	* ID:355 - Fix printf format in lib/ipmi_sunoem.c
	* ID:355 - Fix printf() related warnings in lib/ipmi_delloem.c
	* ID:355 - Fix signedness warnings in lib/ipmi_sdr.c
	* ID:355 - Fix statements without effect in lib/ipmi_ekanalyzer.c
	* ID:355 - Move section_id from ipmi_fru. to ipmi_fru.c
	* ID:355 - Replace DEBUG() macro with lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, ...)
	* ID:375 - Add lan6 subcommand to handle IPv6 LAN parameters
	* ID:400 - Add support for VITA-specific sensor types and events.
	* ID:441 - Add support for HMAC_MD5 and HMAC_SHA256
	* ID:443 - Disable USB driver by default on non-Linux systems
	* ID:444 - Cleanup of defaults in
	* ID:445 - Fix of compilation on FreeBSD
	* ID:446 - Fix broken firewall reset iterator
	* ID:447 - Fix access beyond array limits in serial_terminal
	* ID:449 - ipmitool close console session for sol deactivate
	* ID:451 - Modify the memory ecc error display of SEL for new
	supermicro motherboards.
	* ID:452 - Add PICMG extension 5.x for PICMG extension check
	* ID:454 - Add support for PICMG 3.1 R2.0 Link Types and Link
	* ID:456 - Unable to disable the VLAN ID using ipmitool
	* ID:457 - Display User ID enable/disable status
	* ID:463 - Removal of Nokia Siemens Networks
	* ID:465 - Supermicro memory ecc Modify the memory ecc error
	display of SEL for new supermicro boards.
	* Moved ipmi_parse_hex() to helper.c
	* Re-work ipmi_mc_get_guid() and turn it into reusable code
	* Revert "ID:335 - Check return value of fseek(), prevent
	* Rewrite code with the notion that Kg is binary data, not string

version 1.8.17 2016-05-01
	* Add INSTALL and NEWS, mandated by autoconf
	* Added missing ipmi_sel_supermicro.h to template
	* Check rsp->data_len in ipmi_sel_get_info()
	* Fix "redirecting incorrect #include <sys/poll.h> to <poll.h>"
	warning with musl libc
	* Fix automake compatibility warnings
	* Fix implicit declaration of function
	'get_nic_selection_mode_12g' in lib/ipmi_delloem.c
	* Fix implicit declaration of function 'ipmi_get_oem' in
	* Fix implicit declaration of function 'ipmi_get_oem' in
	* Fix implicit declaration of function 'ipmi_get_oem' in
	* Fix implicit declarations of functions 'HpmfwupgPreUpgradeCheck'
	and 'ipmi_intf_get_max_request_data_size' in lib/ipmi_hpmfwupg.c
	* Fix implicit declarations of functions
	'ipmi_intf_set_max_request_data_size' and
	'ipmi_intf_set_max_response_data_size' in lib/hpm2.c
	* Fix implicit function declaration of
	ipmi_intf_get_max_response_data_size in lib/ipmi_sdr.c
	* Fix several implicit declarations of functions in
	* Fix several implicit function declarations in lib/ipmi_fru.c
	* Fix warning: suggest parentheses around '+' inside '<<'
	in lib/ipmi_main.c
	* Fix warning: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of
	'|' in include/ipmitool/hpm2
	* Get rid of old INCLUDES macro, use AM_CPPFLAGS instead.
	* ID 440 - Fix 'unknown type name fd_set" error.
	* ID 440 - remove obsolete headers from lib/ipmi_sunoem.c
	* ID:322 - let 'ekanalyzer frushow' run without a working
	IPMI target
	* ID:355 - Add #include <strings.h> to lib/ipmi_sel.c
	* ID:355 - Add macros and #include and reduce number of warnings
	* ID:355 - Change CFLAG -std=c99 to -std=gnu99
	* ID:355 - Move Super Micro stuff into dedicated header file
	* ID:355 - Remove declared, but not used variables
	* ID:404 - Edit FRU information update problem
	* ID:405 - Use meaningful Generator ID for "ipmitool sel add"
	* ID:407 - Avoid assert on mismatched session ID
	* ID:409 - Fix IPv6 socket creation on Windows/Cygwin.
	* ID:410 - Disable USB interface for Windows/Cygwin by default.
	* ID:410 - Enable/disable USB interface by "auto"
	* ID:411 - Fix HPM.2 revision check for R1.1 and subsequent
	specification revisions.
	* ID:412 - Check errors when setting a user password.
	* ID:413 - Print new line chne character when setting user
	* ID:414 - ekanalyzer frushow fails to show 'Product Info'
	* ID:417 - Fix some typos
	* ID:418 - Fix Compiling under Mac OS X
	* ID:419 - List dummy.h in, so it gets included in
	a release tarball
	* ID:421 - Fix memleak for sol output
	* ID:423 - Don't assume internal use area is present in ekanalyzer
	* ID:424 - Update dimm_spd.c with data from the latest JEDEC List
	* ID:425 - Disable USB interface for OS X/darwin
	* ID:426 - Fallback to run-time detection of PAGESIZE if
	compile-time detection is not supported
	* ID:426 - Include sys/socket.h instead of asm/socket.h
	* ID:426 - Include wchar.h instead of defining wchar_t ourselves
	* ID:427 - Cleanup comment in ipmi_sdr_get_header()
	* ID:427 - The first two bytes of dumped raw SDR data is wrong.
	* ID:428 - Update IANA numbers / Product Name for IBM and ADLINK
	* ID:430 - Change Nokia Siemens Networks to Nokia Solutions
	and Networks
	* ID:431 - Fix correct interpretation of led states
	* ID:437 - sel: Fix "sel time set <time>"
	* Make bootstrap script part of dist packages
	* Remove #if 0 code aka not-compiled-in
	* Remove trailing white-spaces in lib/log.c
	* git-ignore autoconf-generated files

version 1.8.16 2015-11-22
	* Add _ipmi_get_channel_access() and _ipmi_get_channel_info()
	* Add _ipmi_get_user_access() and _ipmi_set_user_access()
	* Add _ipmi_get_user_name()
	* Add _ipmi_set_channel_access() function
	* Add _ipmi_set_user_password() function
	* Add limits check in get_cmdline_macaddr()
	* Change expression in ipmi_pef_get_info() in order to silence Coverity
	* Change expression in ipmi_pef_list_policies() in order to silence Coverity
	* Code cleanup in ipmi_user_main()
	* Create ask_password() and re-use code
	* Delete dead code from ipmi_sunoem_echo() - CID#1261338
	* Don't output pidfile before parsing command line arguments
	* Don't use tmp variable since it's not necessary in ipmi_user_test()
	* Fix 'user help' output
	* Fix Assign instead of compare in KfwumGetDeviceInfo() - CID#1149034
	* Fix Identical code for different branches in ipmi_tsol_main() -
	* Fix big parameter passed by value in ipmi_sel_oem_match() - CID#1261347
	* Fix dead code in ipmi_firewall_reset() - CID#1261342
	* Fix eval logic in ipmi_user_priv()
	* Fix file descriptor leak in ipmi_exec_main() - CID#1149040
	* Fix identical code for diff branches in DellOEM - CID#1261326
	* Fix memory leak in get_supermicro_evt_desc()
	* Fix memory leak in ipmi_ek_display_board_info_area() - CID#1149051
	* Fix missing return in ipmi_kontronoem_main() - CID#1261317
	* Fix of previous commit - memset() expects pointer
	* Fix out-of-bound-reads in get_supermicro_evt_desc()
	* Fix resource leak in fru_area_print_board() - CDI#1149048
	* Fix resource leak in fru_area_print_chassis() - CID#1149047
	* Fix resource leak in fru_area_print_product() - CID#1149046
	* Fix resource leak in ipmi_kontron_set_serial_number() - CID#1149041
	* Fix typo vlan->VLAN in ipmi_lan_set_vlan_id() and
	* Fix uninitialized struct in ipmi_fru_upg_ekeying() - CID#1149065
	* Fix user input validation in Channel and User sub-commands
	* Fix wrong size argument in ipmi_sdr_list_cache_fromfile() - CID#1149056
	* Fix/remove pointer cast in _ipmi_set_user_access()
	* Hook functions in ipmi_user to _ipmi_set_user_password()
	* Hook ipmi_get_channel_info() to _ipmi_get_*()
	* Hook ipmi_get_channel_medium() to new _ipmi_get_*() functions
	* Hook ipmi_lan_set_password() to _ipmi_set_user_password()
	* Hook ipmi_print_user_list() and friends to _ipmi_* functions
	* Hook ipmi_set_alert_enable() to _ipmi_*()
	* Hook ipmi_set_user_access() to _ipmi_set_user_access()
	* Hook ipmi_user_priv() to _ipmi_set_user_access()
	* ID:307 - Intel I82751 super pass through mode fixup
	* ID:355 - Fix compiler warnings for Dummy Interface
	* ID:380 - raw commands override retry and timeout values
	* ID:319 - Interface safe re-open
	* ID:320 - Add VITA 46.11 support
	* ID:333 - Set read timeout to 15s in OpenIPMI interface
	* ID:336 - ipmitool does not fall back to IPv4 for IPMI v2 / RMCP+ sessions
	* ID:343 - Print actual sensor thresholds in 'sensors' comand
	* ID:343 - Remove AC_FUNC_MALLOC
	* ID:344 - Fix HPM.2 long message support
	* ID:345 - Do not do several close session retries when catching SIGINT
	* ID:346 - lib/ipmi_sdradd.c ipmi_sdr_read_record has a file descriptor leak
	* ID:347 - Incorrect reserved channel number
	* ID:348 - Add support for the "System Firmware Version"
	* ID:349 - user set password - add option to choose 16/20 byte password
	* ID:354 - Replace obsolete u_int with uint32_t in dimm_spd.c
	* ID:354 - Replace obsolete u_int[0-9]+_t with standardized types in Free
	* ID:354 - forcefully switch to C99 and more strict CFLAGS
	* ID:354 - replace/drop caddr_t in IMB
	* ID:354 - struct member h_addr has been replaced
	* ID:354 - uint8_t >= 0 is always true, don't test it
	* ID:355 - Fix Enumeration value not handled in ipmi_get_event_desc()
	* ID:355 - Fix ``ISO C forbids omitting the middle term of a ?: expression''
	* ID:355 - Fix ``obsolete use of designated initializer with ¿:¿'' warning
	* ID:355 - Fix comparison of unsigned expression
	* ID:355 - Fix compiler warnings
	* ID:355 - Fix compiler warnings in dimm_spd.c
	* ID:355 - Fix couple compiler warnings in ipmi_lanp.h
	* ID:355 - Fix formatting warning in get_cmdline_ipaddr()
	* ID:355 - Fix zero-length format string warning in
	* ID:355 - Remove defined but unused variable in _set_command_enables()
	* ID:355 - remove unused variables from ipmi_dcmi.c
	* ID:357 - out-of-bound access in DDR4 code ID:356 -  DIMM4 Die Count is
	* ID:357 - out-of-bound access in DDR4 code
	* ID:358 - check data length in else branch of ipmi_spd_print()
	* ID:361 - Add a OEM IANA information
	* ID:363 - Node Manager feature patch.
	* ID:363 - fix Coverity issues in NM implementation
	* ID:364 - Fix for serial-basic interface bridging
	* ID:365 - Fix for ipmitool crash when using serial-terminal interface
	* ID:366 - Properly clean LAN and LAN+ interfaces on close
	* ID:367 - Fix building of non-bridged LAN interface commands
	* ID:368 - Fix handling of bridging-related parameters
	* ID:369 - Fix lanplus interface bridging and response matching
	* ID:370 - add anonymous union support in CFLAGS for older gcc
	* ID:371 - add ericsson oem
	* ID:373 - Fix compilation of IMB on Windows
	* ID:374 - Check/set LED Duration correctly
	* ID:376 - Add means to configure "Bad Password Threshold"
	* ID:381 - Script to log installation status as SEL events
	* ID:382 - Fix memcpy() params in HpmFwupgActionUploadFirmware()
	* ID:383 - Fix compile-time error in src/plugins/lan/lan.c
	* ID:384 - Fix compilation under cygwin64
	* ID:388 - Fix Error message always printed if BMC does not support VITA
	* ID:388 - Handle ccode 0xCC as well in VITA discovery
	* ID:388 - Turn all messages into LOG_INFO in VITA discovery
	* ID:389 - Add on of Advantech IANA number
	* ID:390 - Support for new Communication Interface (USB Medium)
	* ID:391 - changing data_len from 17 to 16 according to ipmi spec 22.29,
	  first byte is completion code
	* ID:392 - _ipmi_get_user_name() work-around for some BMCs
	* ID:393 - ipmitool man page addition for Node Manager support.
	* ID:394 - close fp if isn't NULL and set it NULL afterwards in USB plugin
	* ID:394 - plugins/usb: Fix probe for SCSI devices
	* ID:395 - Fix fru string without resizing it
	* ID:396 - Fixed invalid length check in picmg led cap command.
	* ID:397 - Fixed picmg policy set command.
	* ID:398 - Fixed channel setaccess command.
	* ID:399 - Fixed channel getciphers command.
	* ID:401 - Fixed 30 second delay when activating SOL on 'dumb' Intel MACs.
	* ID:402 - Misguiding error print-out when using some 'lan' commands.
	* Init user_access_t struct in ipmi_user_priv()
	* Make user User Privilege Limit is within range
	* Node Manager Feature, correct 1268194 missing break.
	* Output pidfile only in verbose mode
	* Print error message to STDERR in ipmi_channel.c
	* Re-work 'channel getaccess' and 'channel setaccess'
	* Re-work ccode eval in ipmi_get_channel_medium()
	* Remove commented-out code in ipmi_picmg_clk_set() - CID#1261339
	* Remove dead code - rsp can't be NULL at this point - CID#1149005
	* Remove dead code in fru_area_print_board() - CID#1149001
	* Remove dead code in fru_area_print_chassis() - CID#1149000
	* Remove dead code in fru_area_print_product() - CID#1148999
	* Remove dead(duplicate) code from ipmi_sol_main() - CID#1148996
	* Remove get_channel_access_rsp and get_channel_info_rsp structs
	* Remove ipmi_user_set_password()
	* Remove length checks in get_supermicro_evt_desc()
	* Remove redundant user-input conversion from ipmi_sel_delete()
	* Remove trailing white-spaces in ipmi_user.c
	* Remove trailing white-spaces in ipmi_user.c
	* Remove trailing white-spaces in src/plugins/dummy/dummy.c
	* Remove unused variable from ipmi_get_channel_cipher_suites()
	* Replace deprecated bzero() with memset()
	* Replace s6_addr16 with s6_addr since Mac OS X does not have it
	* Rewrite ipmi_set_channel_access()
	* Split ipmi_user_main() into smaller functions
	* ipmi_print_user_summary() to utilize _ipmi_get_user_access()
	* ipmitool delloem: ipmitool delloem extension always return success - fix

version 1.8.15 2014-11-24
	* ID: 340 - ipmitool sol session improperly closes on packet retry
	* ID: 277 - support for hostnames longer than 64 chars
	* ID: 313 - ipmitool doesn't support hostname long than 64 symbols
	* ID: 277 - Minor issue with ipmi_intf_session_set_hostname()
	* ID: 247 - 'sensor thresh' help output is wrong
	* ID: 324 - conflicting declaration write_fru_area()
	* ID: 337 - Add support for 13G Dell PowerEdge
	* ID: 325 - DDR4 DIMM Decoding Logic
	* ID: 328 - HPM.2 fixes
	* ID: 329 - hpm.1 upgrade fixes
	* ID: 103 - picmg discover messages should be DEBUG, not INFO
	* ID: 331 - Passwords provided in file (-f option) truncated on space
	* ID: 318 - ipmi_tsol.c: fix buffer overflow
	* ID: 306 - "fru print" command prints the FRU #0 twice
	* ID: 305 - HPM.1 deferred activation support fixup
	* ID: 317 - ipmi_fwum.c: fix typo
	* ID: 315 - buildsystem: is deprecated
	* ID: 316 - Directory debian is outdated
	* ID: 103 - 'lib/ipmi_ekanalyzer.c' needs a re-work
	* ID: 46 - SEL OEM record corner case

version 1.8.14 2014-05-05
	* ID: 299 - openipmi plugin writes zero to wrong byte
	* ID: 301 - Add OS/Hypervisor installation status events
	* ID: 298 - fix LANplus retry
	* ID: 295 - inform user if SOL session disconnected
	* ID: 297 - don't print-out SEL entry if ID not present
	* ID: 296 - Fix PSD size decoding
	* ID: 293 - Use of uninitialized variable in ipmi_main()
	* ID: 278 - Error in sol looptest
	* ID: 290 - ipmi_sol.c needs a clean-up
	* ID: 85 - Supermicro memory ECC error display
	* ID: 290 - ipmi_sol.c needs a clean-up
	* ID: 286 - Open session retries hit assert in ipmi_lanplus_send_payload
	* ID: 285 - Fix SEGV in ipmi_lanplus_open_session
	* ID: 284 - Fix SEGV in ipmi_main
	* ID: 283 - ipmi_intf_socket_connect fails with IPv4 hosts
	* ID: 46 -  ipmi_fwum needs some re-work
	* ID: 50 - ipmi_hpmfwupg needs a clean up
	* ID: 279 - ipmitool sdr list broken
	* ID: 44 - dummy interface support - fake-ipmistack project
	* ID: 48 - Remove hard-coded FRU inventory access length restriction
	* ID: 276 - HPM.1 upgrade combined patch
	* ID: 90 - Add options to chassis bootparam set bootflag
	* ID: 292 -Properly handle plugin non-zero target adddress with -t
	* Numerous Fixes based on running Coverity
	* Use TIOCFLUSH if TCFLSH is missing to get the serial plugin building on
	* Disable imb and open plugins by default on Hurd.  The platform lack
	  the required kernel support.
	* Change serial plugin to only try to disable the IUCLC serial line flag on
	  platforms supporting it.  Fixes build problem on Hurd and FreeBSD.
	* PA: 83 -  Revised IPv6 patch
	* FR: 24 -  Exchange OS Name Hostname BMC URL during startup
	* ID: 304 - Incorect byteswap in SOL maximum payload
	* ID: 303 - Fix build error in HPM.2 code
	* ID: 300 - new sunoem functionality
	* ID: 144 - Fix 'dcmi power set_limit action <value>'
	* ID: 302 - HPM.2 long message support
	* ID: 309 - Add new SEL entries for ipmi 2.0 rev 1.1
	* ID: 280 - man page cleanup
	* ID: 311 - man page update for new sunoem commands

version 1.8.13 2013-09-09
	* ID: 3611905 - Direct Serial Basic/Terminal Mode Interface drivers
	* ID: 3577766 - configure's knobs and switches don't work
	* ID: 3611253 - do not override OS-default values for interfaces
	* ID: 65 - Fixes for for cross compilation
	* ID: 3571153 - OpenIPMI/ipmievd fails to compile on Solaris
	* numerous ipmitool man page updates
	* ID: 3611226 - Bridging support for PICMG Platforms
	* Add support for getsysinfo/setsysinfo commands to ipmi mc
	* Cleanup Dell OEM code to use new sysinfo interface
	* ID: 93 - str-to-int conversion is weak
	* ID: 3582307 - ipmi_fru - ipmi_fru_main() return codes
	* ID: 3582310 - ipmi_fru - ipmi_fru_main() - misuse of printf()
	* ID: 3576213 - ipmi_fru - unused variable
	* ID: 3578276 - ipmi_fru - free() on freed memory possible
	* ID: 3578275 - ipmi_fru - memory leaks
	* ID: 3528271 - ipmi_fru - possible *flow via FRUID
	* ID: 3578277 - ipmi_fru - possible NULL pointer
	* ID: 3612372 - Recognize Broadcom IANA number and BCM5725 product
	* ID: 3608758 - add IPMI_NETFN_OEM
	* ID: 143 - Reversed 'channel authcap' capabilities
		Fixes reversed IPMIv1.5/2.0 'channel authcap' capabilities
	* ID: 3587318 - "dcmi discover" is not DCMI 1.5 compatible
	* ID: 3608757 - ipmi_fru - various fixes
	* ID: 3598203 - 'mc getsysinfo|setsysinfo' needs a bit of re-work
	* ID: 3597782 - ipmi_mc - sysinfo_param() has two consecutive returns
	* ID: 3597781 - 'mc getsysinfo|setsysinfo' help has typos
	* ID: 3608763 - ipmi_sdr - code cleanup & output display cleanup
	* ID: 3610286 - ipmi_sdr - ipmi_sdr_print_type - incorrect eval
	* ID: 3600930 - ipmi_sdr - code cleanup
	* ID: 3602439 - ipmi_sdr - memory leaks
	* ID: 3595199 - ipmi_sdr - Add support for 'ipmitool sdr <list|elist> help'
	* ID: 3592773 - 'ipmitool sdr info'; prints incorrect info
	* ID: 3592770 - 'ipmitool sdr list|elist INV_INPUT' return code
	* ID: 3577159 - ipmi_sdr - uint32_t cast to uint8_t and back
	* ID: 3528368 - ipmi_sdr - possible int *flow
	* ID: 226 - ipmi_sdradd - typo
	* ID: 258 - ipmi_sdradd - error printed on STDOUT
	* Fixed ipmievd start under systemd.
	* ID: 3608760 - Add bswap.h to ipmi_chassis.c and ipmi_pef.c
	* ID: 3564701 - ipmitool 1.8.12 doesn't build on big endian architectures
	* ID: 3600907 - defined value for "Chassis may not support Force Identify"
	* ID: 256 - ipmitool could crash when IPv6 address is returned
	* ID: 211 - 'lib/ipmi_dcmi.c' - typo & error printed on STDOUT
	* ID: 3612237 - If DCMI command fails, incorrect completion code is printed
	* ID: 3608149 - ipmitool - set pointer to NULL after free()
	* ID: 3603419 - DCMI - waste of resources
	* ID: 3600908 - DMCI - crash in ipmi_print_sensor_info(), NULL ref
	* ID: 3609985 - delloem : Wrong MAC returned when flex addressing is enabled
	* ID: 113 - delloem exec file won't handle more than one command
	* ID: 28 - delloem - clean up the code
	* ID: 3608261 - delloem - code formatting
	* ID: 3528247 - delloem - fix possible *int flows
	* ID: 3600910 - delloem - code cleanup
	* ID: 3576211 - delloem - unused variable
	* ID: 3578022 - delloem - fix typos
	* ID: 263 - ipmi_ek* - cleanup
	* ID: 3308765 - ipmi_ek* - cleanup
	* ID: 3586228 - ipmi_ek* - ipmi_ekanalyzer_usage() rework
	* ID: 3528388 - ipmi_ek* - a typo in error message
	* ID: 3576212 - ipmi_event - better rsp handling
	* ID: 3607393 - ipmi_event - redundant '\n' in error message
	* ID: 153 - ipmi_firewall - printf() used instead of lprintf()
	* ID: 3608003 - ipmi_fru - atol() should be replaced with str2*()
	* ID: 3600911 - ipmi_fru - fix multiple increments in args to printf
	* ID: 3600914 - no more crash on no response. allow more send/recv loops of waiting.
	* ID: 70 - Fixes and updates for ipmitool hpm
	* ID: 3528308 - ipmi_hpmfwupg - possible int *flow
	* ID: 3608762 - ipmi_hpmfwup - Fixed help messages for hpm command
	* ID: 3607981 - ipmi_lanp - replace atoi() calls
	* ID: 3607320 - ipmi_lanp - possible NULL reference
	* ID: 3600926 - ipmi_lanp - code cleanup
	* ID: 3613575 - memory leak - ipmi_password_file_read()
	* ID: 3522740 - reading password from file is limited to 16byte passwords
	* ID: 3613605 - ipmi_main - call free() on pointer to static data
	* ID: 3608761 - ipmi_main - PICMG Get Device Locator was never run
	* ID: 3577155 - ipmi_main' - memory leaks
	* ID: 239 - typo in 'mc selftest', add details
	* ID: 3597471 - ipmi_mc - needs a bit of re-work - rc, inv. options
	* ID: 3597468 - ipmi_mc - print_mc_usage() prints to STDOUT
	* ID: 3597469 - 'mc watchdog off' prints on STDERR, should be STDOUT
	* ID: 3597470 - 'mc watchdog reset' prints on STDERR, should be STDOUT
	* ID: 3611254 - OEM handle for Intel 82751 in SPT mode
	* ID: 3600927 - change eval order of input param in ipmi_oem_setup()
	* ID: 3600928 - ipmi_pef - code cleanup
	* ID: 3592732 - ipmi_picmg.c - printf() misuse
	* ID: 3528310 - ipmi_picmg.c - NULL reference
	* ID: 3528347 - ipmi_raw.c - possible int *flow
	* ID: 3587913 - Command % ipmitool raw help; returns 1
	* Added code to support sensors on other luns (On behalf of Kontron Germany)
	* ID: 3611912 - Add missing newlines when cvs output is specified
	* ID: 244 - ipmi_sel - "0.0" displayed for unspecified threshold values
	* ID: 3612371 - Typo in impi_sel debug output
	* ID: 3016359 - ipmi_sel - Get SEL Alloc Information is incorrect
	* ID: 3568976 - 'sel set time' behaviour is inconsistent
	* ID: 3528371 - ipmi_sensor - possible int *flow
	* ID: 3601265 - 'ipmitool sensor get' leaks memory
	* ID: 3601106 - 'ipmitool sensor get NACname' output incorrect/inconsistent
	* ID: 3608007 - ipmi_session - typo in error message
	* ID: 101 - ipmi_sol - possible int *flow
	* ID: 3600933 - ipmi_sol - use of deprecated bzero()
	* ID: 3609472 - ipmi_sol - Add the instance to the SOL commands
	* ID: 3588726 - 'ipmitool sol payload status ...;'segfaults on no rsp
	* ID: 3522731 - ipmi_sol - ipmi_get_sol_info() returns always 0
	* ID: 3613042 - add missing Entity IDs
	* ID: 3611306 - ipmi_tsol - fix always fail in case of error
	* ID: 259 - ipmi_user - memory leak
	* ID: 260 - ipmi_user - replace atoi() call
	* ID: 2871903 - ipmitool user priv incorrectly sets Link Auth
	* ID: 3600960 - check the copy of password exists
	* ID: 3609473 - Add assertion/deassertion to threshold events
	* ID: 104 - ipmishell - possible int *flow
	* ID: 262 - 'set' segfaults when no IPMI inf present
	* ID: 257 ipmitool exec segfaults if invalid input given
	* ID: 254 - Fix retry of authentication capabilities retrieval
	* ID: 3611303 - lan - error check is missing braces
	* ID: 253 - Fix lanplus retransmission
	* ID: 212 - 'lib/ipmi_dcmi.c' - possible int *flow
	* ID: 264 - incorrect array index in get_lan_param_select()
	* ID: 269 - Fixes for for cross compilation
	* ID: 267 - Corruption in "lan alert print" output
	* ID: 41 - ipmi_sel_interpret() - clean up formatting, indentation
	* ID: 242 - Incorrect DCMI Power Reading "IPMI timestamp" interpretation
	* ID: 229 - 'lib/ipmi_ekanalyzer.c' - a typo ``Too few argument!''
	* ID: 266 - file descriptor leak in ipmi_fwum and ipmi_ekanalyzer
	* ID: 99 - 'lib/ipmi_sel.c' - possible int *flow
	* ID: 222 - 'lib/ipmi_sdr.c' - a typo 'Not Reading' -> 'No Reading'
	* ID: 35 - Script to setup redirection of SNMP to/from BMC
	* ID: 273 - Reduce SOL Input buffer size by SOL header size

version 1.8.12 released 2012-08-09
	* Added IPMB dual bridge support (no need for driver support)
	* Enable compiler warnings and resolve all compiler warning so that
		ipmitool compiles and links with no warning or error messages
	* add ipmishell line to configure
	* fail configure when no curses or readline is found
	* support sensor bridging in free interface
	* applied fix for issue #2865160 (AIX build)
	* Document the ipmitool dcmi commands in the ipmitool man page
	* Document that some commands are blocked by OpenIPMI.   ID 2962306
	* Document the -N and -R options per tracker ID 3489643
	* fix manpage misdocumentation on cipher suite privilige configuration
	* Add build support for Dell OEM commands
	* Add new Dell OEM commands and update man page
	* added hpm and fwum in man page
	* man page update for fwum and hpm commands
	* Added documentation for 'ime' operating mode, used to update Intel ME.
	* add new -Y option to prompt user to enter kgkey
	* Add DCMI module (Data Center Management Interface)
	* fixed oem/iana data type to allow 24 bits definition
	* Fixed AMC point-to-point record parsing in FRU
	* Fixed detection of packing support in GCC
	* Added packing support detection magic on all packed structures
		in project
	* Dell specific mac sub command is updated to support the latest 12G
		Dell servers.  Support for virtual mac is also implemented.
	* Use consistent netfn/cmd for getsysinfo command
	* Add Dell OEM network commands
	* Resolve incorect Board Mfg Data due to incorrect date constant
	* Update ipmi_fru.h to SMBIOS spec 2.6.1 - ID 2916398
	* Support for analog readings in discrete sensors on HP platforms.
	* Change device id mask (IPM_DEV_DEVICE_ID_REV_MASK) 0x07 for 0x0F.
		As per in IPMI spec V2:
	* Added PICMG clock e-keying and bused resource control identifiers
	* Added PICMG major version (ATCA/AMC/uTCA) identifiers
	* Correct Threshold/Discrete Sensor Display - Patch Tracker ID 3508759
	* Sensor units now handle percentage units - ID 3014014
	* Fixes ID 3421347 Sensor list command should use channel field from SDR
	* Added packing directive for ARM cross compile with GCC 3.4.5,
		otherwise the sdr structures gets padded and the pointer cast
		result in incorrect alignement
	* Added 'sdr fill sensors nosats' support to speed up SDR discovery
	* Added SDR name display during discovery (with -v)
	* Added support for sensor types - Processor related sensor
		type 0x07, system incharectorization 0x20, Memory sensor type.
	* Give more description for SEL which is generated for Uncorrectable
		ECC and errors with respect to each Memory Bank,Card or DIMM.
		The Sensor type supporting this are 0x0C and 0x10.
	* Add more details about Version Change event (source of
		firmware update)
	* enhanced PICMG fru control
	* Integrated Andy Wray's DDR3 SPD parser patch
	* Adds function str2uint() to convert from string to uint32_t with
		checks for valid input.
	* Fix possible buffer overflow in buf2str()
	* Fixes ID 3485004 - misuse of strtol()
	* Replaces calls to strtol() with str2uchar() calls and adds error
		messages if invalid input is given.
	* Don't overwite the iflags bits prior to setting the boot parameters.
		This fixes ipmitool so that
		chassis bootdev bios clear-cmos=yes
		will correctly clear the bios cmos.
	* Clarify DCMI get limit activation (add if activate or not).
	* Bug fixes for delloem lan command. This includes the support for 12G
		Dell license and 12G LAN Specific command.
	* delloem commands should not be executed before parsing command line.
	* Fix stack overflow in delloem setled
	* Fix delloem powermonitor on big-endian platforms.
	* ipmitool delloem powermonitor command should convert data from
		network-format to the native one, otherwise it shows garbage
		on ppc/ppc64 platform.
	* Add ipmi_getsysinfo command
	* Add support for drive backplane SetLED functionality
	* Fix for Platform Event Message incorrect Generator ID
	* Fix fru print so that it will display FRU info from satellite
	* Add support for AMC type 17h record.
	* Fix in fru edit.   It is now possible to edit field 0 of sections
	* New FRU get OEM record command
	* fixed segfault for fru edit when "field id" is not supported and
		added user feedback for string substitution(success or failure)
	* Improvement to hpm upgrade during activation. This resolves issue
		where activation seems to have failed because ipmitool received
		an unsupported completion code.
	* hpm Fixes for multi-platform support.
	* hpm Fix for timeouts during firmware rollback. If completion code
		is C3, wait till timeout has expired before reporting it.
	* hpm During manual rollback, code now gets target capabilities
		instead of using a default timeout of 60 seconds.
	* Added firmware auxilliary bytes to hpm outputs
	* hpm Add support for BIG Buffer (Use when -z option is used)
	* Fix the case where ipmitool loses the iol connection during the upload
		block process.  Once IPMITool was successfully sent the first
		byte, IPMITool will not resize the block size.
	* Fix the problem when we try to upgrade specific component and the
		component is already updated,
	* updated HPM firmware agent to version 1.04
	* Fix exit code to return zero on '-o list' or '-o help' option
	* limit length of user name and password that can be supplied by user.
		Password is limited to 16 bytes, resp. 20 bytes, for LAN, resp.
		LAN+, interface. User name is limited to 16 bytes, no interface
		limitations.  ID 3184687, ID 3001519
	* Add retry / timeout options for LAN
	* Changed default cipher suite to 1 instead of 3 for iol20
	* added fix for tracker ID 2849300 "Incorrect Firmware Revision"
	* avoid reopening the interface when already opened
	* Remove message for unsupported PEF capabilities that return valid
		CC (80h)
	* Added OEM byte (47) to verbose output
	* Add option to provide a list when filling sdr repository
	* SDR discovery speedups
	* Added support for Dell specific sensors
	* Fix segmentation fault on unrecognize OEM events.
	* changed SEL timestamp formatting for 'preinit' SEL entries, allowing
		the number of seconds to be displayed.
	* Added sensor raw data in verbose mode. Useful for OEM sensor type.
	* Add sensor hysteresis (positive & negative) to the following command
	    ipmitool sensor -v
	* Fixes bug ID 3484936 - missing user input validation
	* Add missing RMCP+ auth type strings
	* Add new Kontron Product in ipmi_strings for product ID.  Kontron
		KTC5520/EATX Server Motherboard with integrated iBMC/KVM/VM
		added identification support for Kontron AT8050 ATCA board
	* Constrain setting of the username to no greater than 16 characters
		per the IPMI specification.   ID 3001519
	* Constrain User ID between 1 and 63.  ID 3519225
	* Fixes ID 3485340 - user input not handled in 'lib/ipmi_user.c'
	* Fixes ignorance of existing daemon PID file which results in PID being
		overwritten.  Adds proper umask() before writing PID file.
	* applied fix for ID 2865111 (AIX build)
	* Fix a proplem when using bridged IPMI commands on the lanplus
		interface (-I lanplus with -b -t or -m switches)  resulting in
		"Close Session command failure".
	* Add fix with usage of CFh (duplicate request).  Usefull for
		slow commands
	* Fix issue with sequence number. (Speed up transfer)

version 1.8.11 released 2009-02-25
	* Fix new GCC compilation issues in regards to Packing
	* Fix Tracker bug #1642710 - ipmi_kcs_drv being loaded/unloaded
		for 2.4 kernel instead of ipmi_si_drv driver module
	* New -y option added to allow specification of kg keys with
		non-printable characters
	* New -K option added to allow kgkey settings via environmental
		variable IPMI_KGKEY
	* Generic device support added for EEPROM with SDR Type 10h (gendev)
	* Fix to lan-bridging for a double-bridging crash and to fix
		an issue with bridging multiple concurrent requests and
		erroneous handling of raw Send Message
	* Lanplus fix for commands like 'sensor list' without the -t option
		causing wrong double bridged requests of a sensor is located
		on another satellite controller
	* Fix lan and lanplus request list entry removal bugs
	* Fix non-working issue when trying to send a bridge message with
		Cipher 3
	* Change bridge message handling to reuse command ipmi_lan_poll_recv
	* Added PICMG 2.0 and 2.3 support
	* Fix PICMG (ATCA) extension verification and reversal of BCD encoded
		values for "major" and "minor" fields
	* Add IANA support for Pigeon Point
	* Add OEM SW/FW Record identification
	* Fix to include I2C and LUN addresses so sensors are correctly managed
	* Patch ID 1990560 to get readings from non-linear analog sensors
	* Add support for SOL payload status command
	* SOL set parameter range checking added
	* Fixed SOL activate options usage 
	* Fixed crashes when parsing 'sol payload' and 'tsol' cmds (#216967)
	* Added retries to SOL keepalive
	* Fixed wrong mask values for Front Panel disable/enable status
	* Add support to access fru internal use area
	* Add support for new PICMG 3.0 R3.0 (March 24, 2008) to allow
		blocks of data within the FRU storage area to be write
	* Fix node reporting in GUID; Tracker bug #2339675
	* Fix watchdog use/action print strings
	* Fix endian bug in SDR add from file; Tracker bug #2075258
	* Fix crash when dumping SDRs in a file and there's an error
		getting an SDR; improve algorithm for optimal packet size
	* Fix occasional SDR dump segfault; #1793076
	* Allow ipmitool sel delete to accept hex list entry numbers
	* Fix SEL total space reporting.
	* Fix for garbage sensor threshold values reported when none 
		returned.  Tracker Bug #863748
	* ipmievd change to Monitor %used in SEL buffer and log warnings when
		the buffer is 80% and 100% full

version 1.8.10 released 2008-08-08
	* Added support for BULL IANA number.
	* Fixed contrib build so the oem_ibm_sel_map file gets included in 
		rpm builds again.
	* Added support for Debian packages to be built from CVS
	* Fix for sdr and sel timestamp reporting issues
	* Fix for discrete sensor state print routines to address state
		bits 8-14
	* Change ipmi_chassis_status() to non-static so it can be used
	* Added retries to SOL keepalive
	* Fix to stop sensor list command from reporting a failure due 
		to missing sensor
	* Fix bug in sdr free space reporting
	* Add support for IANA number to vendor name conversion for many
	* Fix segfault bug in lan set command
	* Fix bug in population of raw i2c wdata buffer
	* Fix bug in ipmb sensor reading
	* Fix misspellings, typos, incorrect strncmp lengths, white space
	* Update/fix printed help and usages for many commands
	* Add and update support for all commands in ipmitool man page
	* Fix for lanplus session re-open when the target becomes unavailable
		following a fw upgrade activation
	* Add support for watchdog timer shutoff, reset, and get info
	* Add support for more ibm systems in oem_ibm_sel_map
	* Add more JEDEC support info for DIMMs; decrease request size
		for DIMM FRU info to 16 bytes at a time to allow more
		DIMM FRUs to respond.
	* Fix to change hpmfwupg to version 1.02; fix to reduce hpmfwupg 
		buffer length more aggressively when no response from iol
	* Fix HPM firmware activation via IOL; fake a timeout after IOL
		session re-open to force get upgrade status retry;
		Added retries on 0xD3 completion code
	* Add support for freeipmi 0.6.0; adjust autoconf for changes
	* Fix for oemval2str size
	* Add support for product name resolution in mc info
	* Fix FRU display format
	* Added PICMG ekeying analyzer module support (ekanalyzer); 
		display point to point physical connectivity and power 
		supply information between carriers and AMC modules; 
		display matched results of ekeying match between an 
		on-carrier device and AMC module or between 2 AMC modules 
	* Fix AMC GUID display support
	* Improved amcportstate operations
	* Added resolution for new sensor types
	* Fix segfault in SOL
	* Fix bug that caused infinite loop on BMCs with empty SDRs
	* Fix to move out Kontron OEM sensor resolution for other OEMs
		which could lead to bad event descriptions
	* Add new FRU edit mode thereby allowing serial numbers, etc. to be
		changed; improvements to OEM edit mode
	* Added SPD support for parms: channel number, max read size
	* Add SDR support for adding SDR records from a dumped file,
		clearing SDR, adding partial SDR records
	* Add updates and fixes to hpmfwupg: upload block size to 32 bytes 
		for KCS, handle long response option, implement rollback 
		override, garbage output fix
	* Add double bridge lan support , fix bridging issue
	* Add HPM support to pre-check which components need to be skipped
	* Fix autodetection of maximum packet size when using IPMB
	* Add new Kontron OEM command to set the BIOS boot option sequence
	* Add support for dual-bridge/ dual send message
	* Add auto-detect for local IPMB address using PICMG 2.X extension
	* Add support for HPM.1 1.0 specification compliance
	* Fix for improper lan/lanplus addressing
	* Added transit_channel and transit_addr to ipmi_intf struct
	* Fix bad password assertion bug due to rakp2 HMAC not being checked
	* Added ability to interpret PPS shelf manager clia sel dump
	* Corrected PICMG M7 state event definition macros
	* Added FRU parsing enhancements
	* Added "isol info", "isol set" and "isol activate" commands
		to support Intel IPMI v1.5 SOL functionality. Removed
		"isol setup" command.
	* Fix bug in ipmi_lan_recv_packet() in lan and lanplus interfaces.
	* Fix bug in "chassis poh" command.
	* Fix HPM.1 upgrade to apply to only given component when instructed
		to do so
	* Added configure auto-detection if dual bridge extension
		is supported by OpenIPMI

version 1.8.9 released 2007-03-06
	* Added initial AMC ekey query operation support
	* Improvements to ekeying support (PICMG 3.x only)
	* Added initial interactive edition support for multirec; added IANA
		verification before interpreting PICMG records.
	* Added edit support for AMC activation "Maximum Internal Current"
	* Fix bug generating garbage on the screen when handling GetDeviceId
		and sol traffic occurs
	* Added ability to map OEM sensor types to OEM description string using 
		IANA number; moved IANA number table
	* Fix lan set access command to use value already saved within
		parameters for PEF and authentication
	* Fix bug in cmd ipmitool lan stats get 1
	* Add support to allow ipmitool/ipmievd to target specific device
		nodes on multi-BMC systems
	* Add support for name+privilege lookup for lanplus sessions
	* Fix time_t conversion bug for 64-bit OS
	* Added prefix of hostname on sel ipmievd sessions
	* Fixed FWUM Get Info
	* Fix ipmievd fd closing bug
	* Add set-in-progress flag support to chassis bootdev
	* Added new chassis bootdev options
	* Add sol payload enable/disable comman
	* Fix SOL set errors when commit-write not supported
	* Fix reset of session timeout for lanplus interface
	* Fixed lan interface accessibility timeout handling
	* Fix bug with Function Get Channel Cipher Suites command when 
		more than 1 page used.
	* Fix missing firmware firewall top-level command
	* Fix bug in SOL keepalive functionality
	* Fix SOLv2 NACK and retry handling for Intel ESB2 BMC
	* Added ipmi_sel_get_oem_sensor* APIs
	* Added HPM.1 support 
	* Fix segfault when incorrect oem option supplied
	* Fix bus problem with spd command
	* Fix segfault in SOL when remote BMC does not return packet
	* Adjust packet length for AMC.0 retricting IPMB packets to 32 bytes
	* Added lan packet size reduction mechanism
	* Fix bug with sendMessage of bad length with different target
	* Fix for big endian (PPC) architecture
	* NetBSD fixes
	* Fix segfault and channel problem with user priv command
	* Add support for bus/chan on i2c raw command
	* Add freeipmi interface support
	* Add remote spd printing
	* Add better detection of linux/compiler.h to config
	* Makefile changes to fix makedistcheck, etc. 

version 1.8.8
	* Fix segfaults in sensor data repository list
	* Fix ipmievd to open interface before daemonizing
	* Fix IPMIv1.5 authtype NONE to ignore supplied password
	* Fix cipher suite display bug in lan print
	* Fix typo in IPMIv2 SOL output when sending break
	* Fix improper LUN handling with Tyan SOL
	* Add LUN support to OpenIPMI interface
	* Add support for Kontron OEM commands
	* Update to Kontron Firmware Update command

version 1.8.7
	* Remove nuclear clause from license
	* Add Sun OEM command for blades
	* Increase argument size for raw commands in shell/exec
	* Fix handling of LUNs for LAN interfaces
	* Add IPMIv2 SOL loopback test
	* Add support for IBM OEM SEL messages
	* Disable file paranoia checks on read files by default
	* Support IPMIv2 SOL on older Intel boxes
	* Display message and exit if keepalive fails during SOL
	* Add support for setting VLAN id and priority
	* Add support for FreeBSD OpenIPMI-compatible driver
	* Add support for IPMIv2 Firmware Firewall
	* Fix gcc4 compile warnings
	* Make ipmievd generate pidfile
	* Add initscripts for ipmievd

version 1.8.6
	* Fix memory corruption when sending encrypted SOL traffic
	* Add keepalive timer to IPMIv2 SOL sessions

version 1.8.5
	* Add support for settable SOL escape character with -e option
	* Add support for Kg BMC key for IPMIv2 authentication with -k option
	* Add support for Tyan IPMIv1.5 SOL with tsol command
	* Add support for PICMG devices
	* Add support for OEM SEL event parsing
	* Add support for command bridging over lan and lanplus interfaces
	* New 'chassis selftest' command
	* Many bufxies and patches from contributors

version 1.8.3
	* Add support for 'sel readraw' and 'sel writeraw' commands.
	* Add support for entering NetFn as a string for RAW commands.
	* Add support for appending distro tag to integrated RPM builds.
	* Fix LAN parameter printing to handle Invalid Data Field response
	without errors.
	* Add 5ms delay to IPMIv2 SOL retry packets
	* IPMIv2 interface will now correctly set session privilege level
	to requested level after session is opened.

version 1.8.2 (released May 18 2005)
	* Fix FRU reading for large (>255 bytes) areas.
	* Overhaul to ipmievd to support SEL polling in addition to OpenIPMI.
	* Fix LAN parameter segfault when no Ciphers supported by BMC.
	* Fix IPMIv2 support on Intel v2 BMCs (use -o intelplus).
	* Separate option parsing code from main ipmitool source file.
	* Add raw I2C support with IPMI Master Read-Write command.
	* Add support for new 'sdr elist' extended output format.
	* Add support for listing sensors by type with 'sdr type' command.
	* Add support for new 'sel elist' extended output format that
	  cross-references events with sensors.
	* Add support for sending dynamically generated platform events
	  based on existing sensor information.
	* New '-S' argument to read local SDR cache created with 'sdr dump'.
	* Updated manpage for ipmitool and ipmievd.

version 1.8.1
	* ipmievd installs in /usr/sbin

version 1.8.0
	* Fix IPMIv2.0 issues
	* Fix chassis boot parameter support
	* Add support for linear sensors

version 1.7.1
	* Update bmc plugin to work with new Solaris bmc driver (new ioctl
	  for interface detection and new STREAMS message-based interface)

version 1.7.0
	* Propogate errors correctly so exit status will be useful
	* More consistent display of errors including completion code text
	* Errors and debug is send to stderr now
	* New "sel get" command that will print details about SEL entry
	  and corresponding SDR records as well as FRUs via entity association
	* Improved event generator, now supports reading events from text file
	* New "-o oemtype" option for specifying OEM boards
	  exsting types are "supermicro" and "intelwv2"
	* New PEF subsystem from Tim Murphy at Dell
	* New "bmc" plugin for Solaris 10 x86
	* Many bugfixes and contributed patches

version 1.6.2
	* Support for Supermicro BMC OEM authentication method

version 1.6.1
	* Fix minor problem with LAN parameter setting

version 1.6.0
	* Add a README file
	* Add Solaris x86 interface plugin
	* Add support for building Solaris packages
	* Fix segfault when doing "sel list" (from Matthew Braithwaite)
	* Fix "chassis identify" on some BMCs (from ebrower@sourceforge)
	* Add command "bmc info" and related output (from ebrower@sourceforge)
	* Add support for IPMIv2 and Serial-over-LAN from Jeremy at Newisys
	* Add support for building RPMs as non-root user
	* Add new "shell" and "exec" commands
	* Lots of other contributed patches

version 1.5.9
	* Add ability to get a particular sensor by name
	* Add ability to set a particular sensor threshold
	* Add support for displaying V2 channel authentication levels
	* Add README for rrdtool scripts in contrib directory
	* Improve lan interface retry handling
	* Support prompting for password or reading from environment
	* Move chaninfo command into channel subcommand
	* Fix reservation ID handling when two sessions open to BMC
	* Fix reading of large FRU data
	* Add configure option for changing binary to ipmiadm for Solaris
	* Fix compile problem on Solaris 8

version 1.5.8
	* Enable static compilation of interfaces
	* Fix types to be 64-bit safe
	* Fix compilation problems on Solaris
	* Fix multiple big-endian problems for Solaris/SPARC
	* Fix channel access to save settings to NVRAM
	* Set channel privilege limit to ADMIN during "access on"
	* Enable gratuitous ARP in
	* Add support for Linux kernel panic messages in SEL output
	* Add support for type 3 SDR records

version 1.5.7
	* Add IPMIv1.5 eratta fixes
	* Additions to FRU printing and FRU multirecords
	* Better handling of SDR printing
	* Contrib scripts for creating rrdtool graphs

version 1.5.6
	* Fix SEL event decoding for generic events
	* Handle empty SEL gracefully when doing "sel list"
	* Fix sdr handling of sensors that do not return a reading
	* Fix for CSV display of sensor readings/units from Fredrik Öhrn

version 1.5.5
	* Add -U option for setting LAN username
	* Fix -v usage for plugin interfaces

version 1.5.4
	* Put interface plugin API into library
	* Fix ipmievd

version 1.5.3
	* Add -g option to work with grizzly bmc

version 1.5.2
	* Add support for setting gratuitous arp interval

version 1.5.1
	* Better SEL support
	* Fix display bug in SDR list

version 1.5.0
	* More robust UDP packet handling
	* Add Intel IMB driver support
	* Use autoconf/automake/libtool