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2007-08-09 Ira Weiny <>

	* scripts/ change to
	* scripts/ attempt to set nodedesc on all
	  HCA's found in sysfs

2007-07-10 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.3.1 release of infiniband-diags

2007-06-20 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibaddr.c, src/ibping.c, src/ibportstate.c,
	  src/ibsysstat.c, src/perfquery.c, src/sminfo.c,
	  src/smpquery.c, src/vendstat.c,
	  Use diag common code ib_error routine

2007-06-18 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibaddr.8: Improve description

2007-06-04 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* include/ibnetdiscover.h, src/ibnetdiscover.c,
	  man/ibnetdiscover.8: Add link width and speed to topology
	  file output

2007-06-02 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibnetdiscover.8: Add topology file format section

2007-06-01 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibnetdiscover.8: Add grouping information

	* include/ibnetdiscover.h, src/ibnetdiscover.c: Fix
	  list by nodetype operations

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c, man/ibnetdiscover.8: Add support
	  for -R(outer_list)

	* Add ibidsverify

	* scripts/, man/ibidsverify.8: Add script
	  and man page for ibidsverify

2007-05-31 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibprintca.8, man/ibprintswitch.8, man/ibprintrt.8:
	  Add description of list capability

	*, Add ibdatacounters

	* scripts/, man/ibdatacounters.8: Add
	  script and man page for subnet wide data counters

	* Change IBSCRIPTPATH from bindir to sbindir

2007-05-30 Hal Rosenstock <>

	*, Add ibrouters and

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  man/ibrouters.8, man/ibprintrt.8: Add scripts and man pages
	  for display of IB routers

	* scripts/ Add GUID to output line for ports

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/ Add lid and port into verbose output

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/ Change portnum to port in output

	*, Add ibdatacounts

	* scripts/, man/ibdatacounts.8: Add script
	  to display only data counters and associated man page

2007-05-26 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/ Fix node description parsing
	  for switches

	* scripts/ Add peer port link width and speed

2007-05-25 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/ Add support for routers

	* scripts/ Display remote LID with peer port info

	* scripts/ Add support for rem_lid in
	  get_link_ends subroutine

	* src/ibportstate.c: Handle peer ports at 1x that
	  should be wider and 2.5 Gbps that should be faster

	* src/ibportstate.c: Add LinkSpeed/Width related components
	  to output

2007-05-24 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/ Add support for routers

2007-05-23 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/
	  Add support for routers

2007-05-09 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/grouping.c: Eliminate conditional compilation
	  based on WORDSIZE

2007-05-08 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Bumped build version

	* include/grouping.h, src/grouping.c: Added support
	  for ISR2012 and ISR2004

2007-04-27 Ira K. Weiny <>

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/
	  Remove all uses of "/tmp" from perl diags

2007-04-14 Albert L. Chu <>

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Add switch map support
	  (for -O and -U options)

	* man/ibtracert.8: Improve man page formatting

2007-04-04 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Add support for isSMdisabled
	  into -s query

2007-04-02 Albert L. Chu <>

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Add get name queries (-O and -U)

	* src/saquery.c: Add name input checks

2007-03-29 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/perfquery.8: Add note on Data components being octets
	  divided by 4 rather than just octets

	* scripts/, scripts/ Changed
	  due to libibmad change (Xmt/RcvBytes now being Xmt/RcvData)

2007-03-29 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.3.0 release of openib-diags

2007-03-21 Albert L. Chu <>

	* scripts/ Add some extra debug information

2007-03-21 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibtracert.c: Send normal output to stdout rather than stderr

	* src/ibdiag_common.c: Don't truncate NodeDescriptions with
	  ctl characters

2007=03-20 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Chassis 0 is not a chassis
	  Caused Cisco SFS7000 to be reported as a chassis

2007-03-15 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/smpquery.c: Modified guid_info to not use port number
	  and not query unneeded SM attributes; also added guid to
	  operations supported in help

	* man/smpquery.8: Add guid to list of supported operations

2007-03-14 Dotan Barak <>

	* src/smpquery.c: Add support to query the GUIDInfo

2007-03-12 Ira K. Weiny <>

	*,, ibdiag_common.c:
	  Allow user to specify a default switch map file

2007-03-09 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.5 release of openib-diags

2007-03-09 Albert L. Chu <>

	*, scripts/ibcheck*, scripts/ibclear*,
	  scripts/ibhosts, scripts/ibnodes, scripts/ibswitches:
	  autoconf support for default pathname in scripts

2007-03-05 Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* include/ibdiag_common.h, src/ibdiag_common.c,
	  src/saquery.c: Clean gcc-4.1 warnings

2007-03-03 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.4 release of openib-diags

2007-03-02 Ira K. Weiny <>

	* Include and
	  in the rpm

	*,, Fix rpmbuild from make dist

2007-03-01 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.3 release of openib-diags

	* src/saquery.c: Fixed timeout handling
	  Also, changed default timeout to 1000 msec

2007-02-27 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.2 release of openib-diags

	* scripts/ibswitches, scripts/ibhosts: Removed extra quotes
	  around display of NodeDescription

2007-02-15 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.1 release of openib-diags

	* src/vendstat.c, man/vendstat.8: Initial release

	* Updated for vendstat

2007-02-12 Hal Rosenstock <>

	* 1.2.0 release of openib-diags

2007-02-02  Ira Weiny <>

	* scripts/ibcheckerrors, scripts/ibcheckerrs: Added
	  brief option
	* man/ibcheckerrors.8, man/ibcheckerrs.8: Updated
	  man pages for brief option

2007-02-02  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibportstate.c, src/sminfo.c, src/smpquery.c:
	  Update build version tags

2007-02-01  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/saquery.c: Add build version option

2007-02-01  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/ibcheckerrors, scripts/ibcheckerrs,
	  scripts/ibchecknet, scripts/ibchecknode, scripts/ibcheckport,
	  scripts/ibcheckportstate, scripts/ibcheckportwidth,
	  scripts/ibcheckstate, scripts/ibcheckwidth,
	  scripts/ibclearcounters, scripts/ibclearerrors: Added -N |
	  -nocolor to usage displays

	* man/ibcheckerrors.8, man/ibcheckerrs.8,
	  man/ibchecknet.8, man/ibchecknode.8, man/ibcheckport.8,
	  man/ibcheckportstate.8, man/ibcheckportwidth.8,
	  man/ibcheckstate.8, man/ibcheckwidth.8,
	  man/ibclearcounters.8, man/ibclearerrors.8: Updated
	  man pages for nocolor option

2007-02-01  Ira Weiny <>

	* scripts/ibcheckportwidth, scripts/ibcheckportstate,
	  scripts/ibcheckport, scripts/ibcheckerrs: Fix -nocolor
	  and -G options

	* scripts/ibchecknode: Fix -G option

	* scripts/ibchecknet: Fix error return status

	* scripts/ibcheckerrors: Add exit code

	* scripts/ibcheckerrs: Add nodename to output

	* scripts/ Reduce the "common" errors
	  supressed by -c option; Fix -d option; Remove the use
	  of tmp files

	* scripts/ Remove use of tmpfile
	  for ibroute data

	* scripts/, scripts/
	  Add data rate option

	* scripts/ Fix undefined subroutine error

2007-01-31  Ira Weiny <>

	* src/ibtracert.c, man/ibtracert.8,
	  src/ibnetdiscover.c, man/ibnetdiscover.8: Add switch-map option

	* src/saquery.c: Clean up node descriptions before printing

2007-01-31  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Clarifications for
	  --src-to-dst option

	* src/saquery.c: Fix minor memory leak with --src-to-dst option

2007-01-29  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Add non Voltaire chassis listing back
	  into dump_topology

2007-01-29  Ira Weiny <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Add peer NodeDescription and LID to output
	  Also, for grouping, order Spind and Line Nodes (for Voltaire

2007-01-28  Ira Weiny <>

	* include/grouping.h, src/grouping.c: Change group_nodes API
	  signature to return point to ChassisList rather than void

2007-01-27  Ira Weiny <>

	* src/ibtracert.c, src/ibroute.c: Add clean_nodedesc function

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Add additional semantics to -m option

2007-01-26  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Cosmetic change to some router strings

2007-01-24  Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Minor clean_nodedesc simplification

2007-01-18  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/perfquery.c: Minor code reorder

2007-01-17  Ira Weiny <>

	* scripts/ Add better error handling

	* src/saquery.c: Add timeout option to command line

2007-01-16  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/perfquery.8: Removed unneeded DR description in common options

2007-01-13  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/, man/dump_mfts.8: Add dump_mfts similar
	  to dump_lfts

2007-01-12  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/dump_lfts.8: Minor changes based on existence of dump_mfts

2007-01-04  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* scripts/, man/iblinkspeed.8: Removed as no
	  longer needed

2007-01-03  Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Discover improvements
	(memory leaks, ports moving, etc.)

2007-01-02  Ira Weiny <>

	* scripts/ Convert into and add additional capabilities

2006-12-28  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibtracert.c: Add 0x in front of GUID printing

2006-12-28  Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c: Fix loopback handling

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c, src/ibroute.c,
	  src/ibtracert.c, src/sminfo.c:
	  Eliminate __WORDSIZE ifdefs for printing

2006-12-07  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/saquery.c, man/saquery.8: Add support for
	  querying ServiceRecords

2006-11-21  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/perfquery.c: Add support for PerfMgt ClassPortInfo:
	  CapabilityMask IsExtendedWidthSupported IBA 1.2 erratum

2006-11-20  Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c, src/ibtracert.c: Fix various
	  uses of printf() style functions

2006-10-20  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibportstate.8, man/smpquery.8: Updated man
	  pages for DrSLID support.

	* src/ibportstate.c: For query operations, add peer
	  port checking of link width and speed active.

	* src/smpquery.c: Add support for DrSLID.

2006-10-19  Sasha Khapyorsky <>

	* src/ibroute.c: Fix double calculated block value.

2006-10-16  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* src/ibnetdiscover.c, src/ibtracert.c: IB router support.

2006-10-09  Ira Weiny <>

	* man/iblinkspeed.8, man/ibqueryerrors.8,
	  man/ibswportwatch.8, man/ibprintswitch.8,
	  man/ibprintca.8, man/ibfindnodesusing.8:
	  Add man pages for new diag scripts.

	* scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/,
	  scripts/, scripts/
	  Add some new diag scripts.

	* src/saquery.c: Add additional options for
	  NodeDescriptions of CAs only, Unique LID of name specified,
	  SA's ClassPortInfo, and PathRecord by src/dest name.

2006-10-03  Hal Rosenstock <>

	* man/ibportstate.8: Update ibportstate man page for
	  speed operations.

	* src/ibportstate.c: Support changing LinkSpeedEnabled
	  on any IB port.

	* man/ibportstate.8: Update ibportstate man page for
	  port reset, enable, and disable operations.

	* src/ibportstate.c: Support explicit port reset in
	  addition to disable and enable.

2006-09-28  Dotan Barak <>

	* src/saquery.c: Fix compile warning.