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2011-04-02: Version 0.5.8
	* Changes made to the Makefile

2010-05-01: Version 0.5.3
	* Minor type fix in Gujarati rules. Thanks to Mojca Miklavec

2010-03-19: Version 0.5.2
	* Do not break before cons+virama in Tamil- Thanks to Kevin for patch.
	* Do not break before the Vowel in Tamil and Malayalam (eg: Transliterated Arabic words) - Thanks to Kevin for patch. 
	* We can break after virama in Tamil- Thanks Kevin for the patch
	* Many cosmetic fixes- Thanks to Mojca Miklavec, texhyphens
2010-02-04: Version 0.5.1
	* Fixed the confusing license headers, thanks to Parag for reporting.
2009-08-22: Version 0.5
	* Fixed the bugs reported by Kevin for Malayalam
	* For all patterns the problems with incompatibility between tex patterns and libhyphen of Openoffice fixed
	* Added testcases for all languages.

2009-08-18: Version 0.41
	* Assamese hyphenation patters added. Copied from Bengali.

2009-08-13: Version 0.4
	* The patters for all languages made compatible with tex rules for hyphenation
	* Don't break on either side of zwj/zwnj for all languages
	* LEFTHYPHENMIN  and RIGHTHYPHENMIN properties removed. It can be configured from applications
2009-08-12: Version 0.3
	* Removed unnecessary zwj/zwnj rules
	* Added Marathi Rules 

2009-05-12: Version 0.2
	* Vowel sign + [anuswaram|visargam|chandrabindu] fix for Bengali as reported by Runa B.
	* Vowel sign + [visargam] fix for Malayalam

2008-12-14: Version 0.1
	* Initial version
	* Hyphenation Patterns for 9 Languages