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struct mapping { int standard_name; const char vendor_name[10 + 1]; };
%define slot-name standard_name
%define hash-function-name mapping_hash
%define lookup-function-name mapping_lookup
%define word-array-name mappings
# On Solaris 10, look in the "iconv -l" output. Some aliases are advertised but
# not actually supported by the iconv() function and by the 'iconv' program.
# For example:
#   $ echo abc | iconv -f 646 -t ISO-8859-1
#   Not supported 646 to ISO-8859-1
#   $ echo abc | iconv -f 646 -t ISO8859-1
$   abc
ASCII, "646"
ISO-8859-1, "ISO8859-1"
ISO-8859-2, "ISO8859-2"
ISO-8859-3, "ISO8859-3"
ISO-8859-4, "ISO8859-4"
ISO-8859-5, "ISO8859-5"
ISO-8859-6, "ISO8859-6"
ISO-8859-7, "ISO8859-7"
ISO-8859-8, "ISO8859-8"
ISO-8859-9, "ISO8859-9"
ISO-8859-15, "ISO8859-15"
CP1251, "ansi-1251"