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GNOME Bluetooth

gnome-bluetooth is a fork of bluez-gnome focused on integration with
the GNOME desktop environment.

gnome-bluetooth is the historical name of the first GNOME focused
Bluetooth effort for Linux. As such, when the need came to name
this project, we selected something that was still in the people's

You can find historical versions of gnome-bluetooth in the GNOME SVN
repository at:

gnome-bluetooth does not include the bluez-gnome analyzer, or the
proximity tool.


- GLib (with GIO), GTK+, GConf, dbus-glib, libhal
- libunique and libnotify
- BlueZ 4.36 is absolutely required
- kernel 2.6.31 (or pre-releases) with the new rfkill
  sub-system are required for rfkill to work [1]
- obexd is required for bluetooth-sendto to work

[1]: Note that read/write access to the /dev/rfkill device is
required and should be provided by the distribution


The original bluez-gnome is:
Copyright (C) 2005-2008  Marcel Holtmann <>