This package contains the tools needed to create, check, manipulate and analyze
gfs2 filesystems, along with important scripts required to support gfs2

Build instructions

The following development packages are required to build gfs2-utils:

 o autoconf
 o automake
 o libtool
 o GNU make
 o ncurses
 o gettext
 o bison
 o flex
 o zlib
 o libblkid
 o libuuid
 o check (optional, enables unit tests)

The kernel header include/linux/gfs2-ondisk.h and its dependencies are also

To build gfs2-utils, run the following commands:

 $ ./
 $ ./configure
 $ make

See ./configure --help for more build configuration options.

Test Suite

To run the test suite, use:

 $ make check

See doc/README.tests for more details regarding the test suite.


gfs2-utils requires the following libraries:

 o zlib
 o ncurses
 o libblkid
 o libuuid

To install gfs2-utils, run:

 # make install

Support scripts

The following scripts (located in gfs2/scripts) are used to complete
the userland portion of the gfs2 withdraw feature using uevents. They
will be installed by 'make install' to these directories by default:

  82-gfs2-withdraw.rules in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/
  gfs2_withdraw_helper   in /usr/sbin/

See also doc/README.contributing for details on submitting patches.