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LibGFBGraph 0.2.3

The major update in this version is the support fo the version 2.3 of
the Facebook Graph API.

The changes include:

- The tests has been improved to use the Facebook test API
  (creating a test user).
- A node now can be linked to other (if allowed). This allow to
  publish data to Facebook! For the moment just albums and photos.
- Bug #752380 Updated the API of Facebook Graph to version 2.3 due
  deprecation of 1.0.
- The documentation has been polished and now respect parallel

LibGFBGraph 0.2.2

Now with development documentation thanks to gtk-doc!

Also the node base class includes the modification date.

LibGFBGraph 0.2.1

This release is centered in a better control of the photos given by the
Facebook Graph API in order a better integration in GNOME Photos.

Now it's possible to:

- Get all the available sizes of a given photo.
- Get the higher resolution image available of a photo.
- Get the available image with a width or height nearest a given number..

Also, the introspection annotations has been enhanced.

LibGFBGraph 0.2

Just releasing under LGPG v2.1

LibGFBGraph 0.1

This is the first release of GFBGraph library.

With this library you can get:

        * a user node, knowing his node ID,
        * the "me" user node.
        * all albums owned by a user.
        * all the photos in an album, and download the image default size.

This version has a poor documentation and comes with a non-tested introspection.