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# This script does all the magic calls to automake/autoconf and
# friends that are needed to configure a cvs checkout.  As described in
# the file HACKING you need a couple of extra tools to run this script
# successfully.
# If you are compiling from a released tarball you don't need these
# tools and you shouldn't use this script.  Just call ./configure
# directly.

test -n "$srcdir" || srcdir=`dirname "$0"`
test -n "$srcdir" || srcdir=.

cd $srcdir

AUTORECONF=`which autoreconf`
if test -z $AUTORECONF; then
        echo "*** No autoreconf found, please intall it ***"
        exit 1

autoreconf --force --install --verbose

test -n "$NOCONFIGURE" || "$srcdir/configure" "$@"