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# 2020-05-20  Version 2.1.1

Important notes:
* CVE: GHSL-2020-100 OOB Read in ntlm_read_ChallengeMessage
* CVE: GHSL-2020-101 OOB Read in security_fips_decrypt due to uninitialized value
* CVE: GHSL-2020-102 OOB Write in crypto_rsa_common
* Enforce synchronous legacy RDP encryption count (#6156)
* Fixed some leaks and crashes missed in 2.1.0
* Removed dynamic channel listener limits
* Lots of resource cleanup fixes (clang sanitizers)
* A couple of performance improvements
* Various small annoyances eliminated (typos, prefilled username for windows client, ...)

For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.1.0..2.1.1

# 2020-05-05  Version 2.1.0

Important notes:

* fix multiple CVEs: CVE-2020-11039, CVE-2020-11038, CVE-2020-11043, CVE-2020-11040, CVE-2020-11041,
  CVE-2020-11019, CVE-2020-11017, CVE-2020-11018
* fix multiple leak and crash issues (#6129, #6128, #6127, #6110, #6081, #6077)

Noteworthy features and improvements:
* Fixed sound issues (#6043)
* New expert command line options /tune and /tune-list to modify all client
  settings in a generic way.
* Fixes for smartcard cache, this improves compatibility of smartcard devices
  with newer smartcard channel.
* Shadow server can now be instructed to listen to multiple interfaces.
* Improved server certificate support (#6052)
* Various fixes for wayland client (fullscreen, mouse wheel, ...)
* Fixed large mouse pointer support, now mouse pointers > 96x96 pixel are visible.
* USB redirection command line improvements (filter options)
* Various translation improvements for android and ios clients

For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0..2.1.0

# 2020-04-09  Version 2.0.0

Important notes:

* fix multiple CVEs: CVE-2020-11521 CVE-2020-11522 CVE-2020-11523 CVE-2020-11524 CVE-2020-11525 CVE-2020-11526
* fix multiple other security related issues (#6005, #6006, #6007, #6008, #6009, #6010, #6011, #6012, #6013)
* sha256 is now used instead of sha1 to fingerprint certificates. This will
  invalidate all hosts in FreeRDP known_hosts2 file and causes a prompt if a
  new connection is established after the update

Noteworthy features and improvements:

* First version of the RDP proxy was added (#5372) - thanks to @kubistika
* Smartcard received some refactoring. Missing functions were added and input
  validation was improved (#5884)
* A new option /cert that unifies all certificate related options (#5880)  
  The old options (cert-ignore, cert-deny, cert-name, cert-tofu) are still
  available but marked as deprecated
* Support for Remote Assistance Protocol Version 2 [MS-RA]
* The DirectFB client was removed because it was unmaintained
* Unified initialization of OrderSupport
* Fix for licensing against Windows Server 2003
* Font smoothing is now enabled per default
* Flatpack support was added
* Smart scaling for Wayland using libcairo was added (#5215)
* Unified update->BeginPaint and update->EndPaint
* An image scaling API for software drawing was added
* Rail was updated to the latest spec version 28.0
* Support for H.264 in the shadow server is now detected at runtime
* Add mask=<value> option for /gfx and /gfx-h264  (#5771)
* Code reformatting (#5667)
* A new option /timeout was added to adjust the TCP ACK timeout (#5987)

For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0-rc4..2.0.0

# 2018-11-19	Version 2.0.0-rc4

FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc4 is the fifth release candidate for 2.0.0. Although it mainly
addresses security and stability there are some new features as well.

Noteworthy features and improvements:

* fix multiple reported CVEs (#5031)
* gateway: multiple fixes and improvements (#3600, #4787, #4902, #4964, #4947,
  #4952, #4938)
* client/X11: support for rail (remote app) icons was added (#5012)
* licensing: the licensing code was re-worked. Per-device licenses
  are now saved on the client and used on re-connect.
	WARNING: this is a change in FreeRDP behavior regarding licensing. If the old
	behavior is required, or no licenses should be saved use the
	new command line option +old-license (#4979)
* improve order handling - only orders that were enabled
  during capability exchange are accepted (#4926).
	WARNING and NOTE: some servers do improperly send orders that weren't negotiated,
	for such cases the new command line option /relax-order-checks was added to
	disable the strict order checking. If connecting to xrdp the options
	/relax-order-checks *and* +glyph-cache are required.
* /smartcard has now support for substring filters (#4840)
  for details see
* add support to set tls security level (for openssl >= 1.1.0)
  - default level is set to 1
  - the new command line option /tls-seclevel:[LEVEL] allows to set
	  a different level if required
* add new command line option /smartcard-logon to allow
  smartcard login (currently only with RDP security) (#4842)
* new command line option: /window-position to allow positioning
  the window on startup (#5018)
* client/X11: set window title before mapping (#5023)
* rdpsnd/audin (mostly server side) add support for audio re-sampling using soxr or ffmpeg
* client/Android: add Japanese translation (#4906)
* client/Android: add Korean translation (#5029)

For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0-rc3..2.0.0-rc4

# 2018-08-01	Version 2.0.0-rc3

FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc3 is the fourth release candidate for 2.0.0.
For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0-rc2..2.0.0-rc3

Noteworthy features and improvements:

* Updated and improved sound and microphone redirection format support (AAC)
* Improved reliability of reconnect and redirection support
* Fixed memory leaks with +async-update
* Improved connection error reporting
* Improved gateway support (various fixes for HTTP and RDG)
* SOCKS proxy support (all clients)
* More reliable resolution switching with /dynamic-resolution (MS-RDPEVOR) (xfreerdp)

Fixed github issues (excerpt):

* #1924, #4132, #4511 Fixed redirection
* #4165 AAC and MP3 codec support for sound and microphone redirection
* #4222 Gateway connections prefer IP to hostname
* #4550 Fixed issues with +async-update
* #4634 Comment support in known_hosts file
* #4684 /drive and +drives don't work togehter
* #4735 Automatically reconnect if connection timed out waiting for user interaction

See for a complete list.

# 2017-11-28	Version 2.0.0-rc2

FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc2 is the third release candidate for 2.0.0.
For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0-rc1..2.0.0-rc2

Noteworthy features and improvements:

* IMPORTANT: add support CredSSP v6 - this fixes KB4088776 see #4449, #4488
* basic support for the "Video Optimized Remoting Virtual Channel Extension" (MS-RDPEVOR) was added
* many smart card related fixes and cleanups #4312
* fix ccache support
* fix OpenSSL 1.1.0 detection on Windows
* fix IPv6 handling on Windows
* add support for memory and thread sanitizer
* support for dynamic resloution changes was added in xfreerdp #4313
* support for gateway access token (command line option /gat) was added
* initial support for was added
* SSE optimization version of RGB to AVC444 frame split was added
* build: -msse2/-msse3 are not enabled globally anymore

Fixed github issues (excerpt):

* #4227 Convert settings->Password to binary blob
* #4231 freerdp-2.0.0_rc0: 5 tests failed out of 184 on ppc
* #4276 Big endian fixes
* #4291 xfreerdp “Segmentation fault” when connecting to freerdp-shadow-cli
* #4293 [X11] shadow server memory corruption with /monitors:2 #4293
* #4296 drive redirection - raise an error if the directory can't be founde
* #4306 Cannot connect to shadow server with NLA auth: SEC_E_OUT_OF_SEQUENCE
* #4447 Apple rpath namespace fixes
* #4457 Fix /size: /w: /h: with /monitors: (Fix custom sizes)
* #4527 pre-connection blob (pcb) support in .rdp files
* #4552 Fix Windows 10 cursors drawing as black
* smartcard related: #3521, #3431, #3474, #3488, #775, #1424

See for a complete list.

# 2017-11-28	Version 2.0.0-rc1

FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc1 is the second release candidate for 2.0.0.
For a complete and detailed change log since the last release candidate run:
git log 2.0.0-rc0..master

Noteworthy features and improvements:

* support for FIPS mode was added (option +fipsmode)
* initial client side kerberos support (run cmake with WITH_GSSAPI)
* support for ssh-agent redirection (as rdp channel)
* the man page(s) and /help were updated an improved
* build: support for GNU/kFreeBSD
* add support for ICU for unicode conversion (-DWITH_ICU=ON)
* client add option to force password prompt before connection (/from-stdin[:force])
* add Samsung DeX support
* extend /size to allow width or height percentages (#4146)
* add support for "password is pin"
* clipboard is now enabled per default (use -clipboard to disable)

Fixed github issues (excerpt):

* #4281: Added option to prefer IPv6 over IPv4
* #3890: Point to OpenSSL doc for private CA
* #3378: support 31 static channels as described in the spec
* #1536: fix clipboard on mac
* #4253: Rfx decode tile width.
* #3267: fix parsing of drivestoredirect
* #4257: Proper error checks for /kbd argument
* #4249: Corruption due to recursive parser
* #4111: 15bpp color handling for brush.
* #3509: Added Ctrl+Alt+Enter description
* #3211: Return freerdp error from main.
* #3513: add better description for drive redirection
* #4199: ConvertFindDataAToW string length
* #4135: client/x11: fix colors on big endian
* #4089: fix h264 context leak when DeleteSurface
* #4117: possible segfault
* #4091: fix a regression with remote program

See for a complete list.

2012-02-07	Version 1.0.1

FreeRDP 1.0.1 is a maintenance release to address a certain number of
issues found in 1.0.0. This release also brings corrective measures
to certificate validation which were required for inclusion in Ubuntu.

* Certificate Validation
	* Improved validation logic and robustness
	* Added validation of certificate name against hostname

* Token-based Server Redirection
	* Fixed redirection logic
	* HAProxy load-balancer support

* xfreerdp-server
	* better event handling
	* capture performance improvements

* wfreerdp
	* Fix RemoteFX support
	* Fix mingw64 compilation

* libfreerdp-core:
	* Fix severe TCP sending bug
	* Added server-side Standard RDP security

2012-01-16	Version 1.0.0


FreeRDP 1.0 is the first release of FreeRDP under the Apache License 2.0.
The FreeRDP 1.x series is a rewrite, meaning there is no continuity with
the previous FreeRDP 0.x series which were released under GPLv2.

New Features:

* RemoteFX
	* Both encoder and decoder
	* SSE2 and NEON optimization
* NSCodec
* RemoteApp
	* Working, minor glitches
* Multimedia Redirection
	* ffmpeg support
* Network Level Authentication (NLA)
	* NTLMv2
* Certificate validation
* FIPS-compliant RDP security
* new build system (cmake)
* added official logo and icon

New Architecture:

* libfreerdp-core
	* core protocol
	* highly portable
	* both client and server
* libfreerdp-cache
	* caching operations
* libfreerdp-codec
	* bitmap decompression
	* codec encoding/decoding
* libfreerdp-kbd
	* keyboard mapping
* libfreerdp-channels
	* virtual channel management
	* client and server side support
* libfreerdp-gdi
	* extensively unit tested
	* portable software GDI implementation
* libfreerdp-rail
	* RemoteApp library
* libfreerdp-utils
	* shared utility library

FreeRDP Clients:

* client/X11 (xfreerdp)
	* official client
	* RemoteApp support
	* X11 GDI implementation
* client/DirectFB (dfreerdp)
	* DirectFB support
	* software-based GDI (libfreerdp-gdi)
* client/Windows (wfreerdp)
	* Native Win32 support

FreeRDP Servers (experimental):

* server/X11 (xfreerdp-server)
	* RemoteFX-only
	* no authentication
	* highly experimental
	* keyboard and mouse input supported

Virtual Channels:

* cliprdr (Clipboard Redirection)
* rail (RemoteApp)
* drdynvc (Dynamic Virtual Channels)
	* audin (Audio Input Redirection)
		* alsa support
		* pulse support
	* tsmf (Multimedia Redirection)
		* alsa support
		* pulse support
		* ffmpeg support
* rdpdr (Device Redirection)
	* disk (Disk Redirection)
	* parallel (Parallel Port Redirection)
	* serial (Serial Port Redirection)
	* printer (Printer Redirection)
		* CUPS support
	* smartcard (Smartcard Redirection)
* rdpsnd (Sound Redirection)
	* alsa support
	* pulse support