Blob Blame History Raw
     - spec templates: fix bad change in spectemplate-fonts-multi.spec
     - spec templates: remove BuildRoot directive (ignored since rpm 4.6.0)
     - l10n-font-template.conf: get rid of binding=same (rhbz#578015)
     - repo-font-audit: update mailing list references
     - repo-font-audit: misc. small bug fixes
     - fix-font-naming: try to match Black after ExtraBlack only
     - repo-font-audit: ironclad urls++
     - repo-font-audit: fix libmagic test for bitmap fonts
     - fontconfig-priorities.txt: reference corresponding fontconfig readme
     - filter-fontlint: filter out fontlint success message when fontlint has
       nothing bad to say bout a font file (yes it really happens)
     - repo-font-audit: do not complain of font naming when there are only
       casing differences (ie mplus)
     - repo-font-audit: make local repo urls more reliable
     - repo-font-audit: misc. small bug fixes
     - compare-repo-font-audit: make output more comprehensive
     - repo-font-audit: add ancilliary script to compare the results of two
       different runs
     - repo-font-audit: print run time
     - repo-font-audit: split out test info from the main script
     - repo-font-audit: replace the two existing WWS tests with a more
       comprehensive one, and externalize it
     - repo-font-audit: add core fonts use test
     - repo-font-audit: add fedora packager name detection
     - repo-font-audit: add a processed total to reassure users when no problem
       is identified
     - repo-font-audit: rework messenging (again)
     - repo-font-audit: parallelize file tests to make it run faster
     - repo-font-audit: rewrite several tests to make them more reliable
     - repo-font-audit: try to sort tests by criticity
     - repo-font-audit: rework messages to make them clearer and (hopefully)
       better received
     - repo-font-audit: misc. bugfixes
     - repo-font-audit: add (filtered) fontlint checks
     - repo-font-audit: check partial block coverage according to ttfcoverage
     - repo-font-audit: check partial script coverage according to fontconfig
     - repo-font-audit: add package maintainer spamming capabilities
     - repo-font-audit: refactor test comment system
     - repo-font-audit: make test_score() compacter
     - repo-font-audit: fixes for bitmap fonts
     - repo-font-audit: make test_score() smarter
     - do not forget to rewrite fullname in the remapping and merging
       fontconfig templates
     - repo-font-audit: move temporary working directory to /tmp
     - repo-font-audit: fix family mixing check
     - repo-font-audit: only check naming of packages that contain actual
       font files
     - repo-font-audit: fix face-in-family check
     - repo-font-audit: small fixes
     - repo-font-audit: move general statistics to the end, display test
     - repo-font-audit: compute a short test summary
     - repo-font-audit: clean-up repoquery invocation (compute srpm name, fail
     - update readme
     - make repo-font-audit also output the main csv file separately to make
       it easy to attach it to mail reports
     - make repo-font-audit generate tar.xz archives
     - make some repo-font-audit tests succeed even if there are no matches
     - make repo-font-audit work on local (file://) repositories
     - make repo-font-audit WWS checking more accurate, improve its output
     - make repo-font-audit less chatty when no problems are detected
     - remove use of style in remapping reverse aliasing, since fontconfig
       does not like it
     - add an index file in the fontconfig directory, since it is getting
     - add a template to merge several font families into one
     - add a template to remap fonts with broken metadata naming to corrected
     - use canonical dtd declaration in templates, need to declare the dtd in
       the system catalog for it to be useful (ie tweak the fontconfig
     - Remove debug output to stderr: it works and is convenient but rpmlint
       files it as an error, confusing packagers.
1.22 - Add a quick & dirty script to audit font packaging in a repository
     - Fix %_font_pkg macro not to eat the following end of line in the spec
1.21 - Split naming computation in a separate %_font_pkg_name macro and
       change its logic to handle more corner naming cases. Some fallout in
       existing packages with weird naming choices is to be expected.
     - Add debug output to give packagers feedback on the computed names and
       help detect collisions
1.20 - Change %define to %global in templates
1.19 - Add partial templates for fonts subpackages of other packages, update
       for rpm 4.6 changes in fedora-devel
1.18 - Auto-own the fonts directory, multiple ownership is ok after all
1.17 - Tweak spec templates documentation, add fontconfig documentation
1.16 - Fix recently introduced typo in the simple spec template
1.15 - Replace shell hacks in the main macro by clean lua code
1.14 - New subpackage naming rules
1.13 - Small fixes
1.12 - Make some spec indenting closer to what rpmdevtools uses; make
       %{_sysconfdir}/fonts a macro to avoid a cycle with the fontconfig
1.11 - Fix hosting info in readme
1.10 - Renamed to “fontpackages”
1.9  - Fix fontconfig documentation discrepancy noticed by Ankur Sinha, add doc
       on fontconfig priorities
1.8  - Simplify multi spec template: general case, 1 common license, 1 common
1.7  - Split fontconfig template documentation is separate files, to simplify
       diff-ing against templates.
1.6  - Simplify spec templates
1.5  - Use ".conf" extension for fontconfig templates
1.4  - Fontpackages-filesystem must be required by the common package in the
       multi spec template
1.3  - Remove trailing / from directory macro definitions. It's not what people
1.2  - Add directory ownership in simple spec template
1.1  - Add fontconfig templates
1.0  - Initial release