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 * documentation under the terms of the GNU General Public License is hereby 
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#ifndef _DEBUG_H
#define _DEBUG_H

/** Class containing a print function for diagnostics. */
class Debug
    enum DebugMask { Quiet        = 0x00000000,
                     FindMembers  = 0x00000001, 
                     Functions    = 0x00000002, 
                     Variables    = 0x00000004,
                     Preprocessor = 0x00000008,
                     Classes      = 0x00000010,
                     CommentCnv   = 0x00000020,
                     CommentScan  = 0x00000040,
                     Validate     = 0x00000080,
                     PrintTree    = 0x00000100,
                     Time         = 0x00000200,
                     ExtCmd       = 0x00000400,
                     Markdown     = 0x00000800,
                     FilterOutput = 0x00001000,
                     Lex          = 0x00002000
    static void print(DebugMask mask,int prio,const char *fmt,...);
    static int  setFlag(const char *label);
    static void clearFlag(const char *label);
    static bool isFlagSet(DebugMask mask);
    static void printFlags(void);
    static void setPriority(int p);
    static DebugMask curMask;
    static int curPrio;