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<section id="sec-pagesetup">
<title>Global Page Setup</title>

<para>Since version 0.3.3 the user can specify to <command>dblatex</command>
the global page layout to apply, through some XSL parameters (see <xref
linkend="sec-pagination-params"/>). It is
also possible to produce pre-press layouts with physical pages having some crops
(see <xref linkend="sec-prepress-params"/>).</para>

<para><xref linkend="fig-layout"/> shows the meaning of each parameter length.
Of course the example is a page with crops, only to be able to display the
crop lengths with the other lengths.</para>

<figure float="0" id="fig-layout">
<title>Parameter Lengths used for Page Setup</title>

<!-- Use the PDF version to have a vector graphic. PNG from xfig is ugly -->
<imagedata output="pdf" align="center" fileref="pagesetup2.pdf" width="70%" />
<imagedata output="html" align="center" fileref="pagesetup2" width="70%" />

The native dblatex style still contains some hard-coded lengths to format the
<sgmltag>revhistory</sgmltag> table. You should then disable the revision
history display.