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<title>Locale Support</title>

<section id="sec-doc-encode">
<title>Document Encoding</title>

<para>By default the latex document produced by <command>dblatex</command> is
encoded in latin1, that fits well for roman-characters. This said,
a real international support involves some kind of Unicode (UTF8)

<para>In dblatex, the Unicode support is done by two methods that can be selected
by some parameters:

<listitem><para><parameter>latex.unicode.use</parameter>=1 asks for including the
unicode package (initially provided by Passivetex) in order to
handle many of the unicode characters in a latin1 encoded document.</para>
<listitem><para><parameter>latex.encoding</parameter>=utf8 produces a document
encoded in UTF8, that is compiled in UTF8. It requires to have the
<literal>ucs</literal> package installed.</para>

<para>In some languages like Chinese, Japanese or Korean, the latex document
must be in UTF8. Therefore, the UTF8 encoding is forced for these languages
whatever the parameter values are.</para>

<section><title>Babel Languages</title>

<para>Dblatex should be able to handle most of the languages supported by the
babel package. Just set the
<literal>lang=<replaceable>lang</replaceable></literal> attribute in the root
document element and dblatex will load
the appropriate babel language.</para>

<section><title>CJK Languages</title>

<para>Dblatex can handle the CJK languages thanks to the CJK package. The CJK
package must be installed to have this support available.</para>

<para>As said in <xref linkend="sec-doc-encode"/> the latex file is encoded
in UTF8. Moreover, the Cyberbit fonts are then used.</para>

<para>The install of the CJK package and Cyberbit fonts are well described at:
<ulink url=""/>.

<section><title>Korean Support</title>

<para>Dblatex does not use the HLatex package to drive Korean documents. It does
not use the <command>hmakeindex</command> nor the <command>hbibtex</command> tool.
Currently, Korean is handled like Chinese and Japanese with the CJK package.</para>


<section><title>Mixing the languages</title>

<para>Dblatex cannot handle correctly a document containing several elements
with different <sgmltag>lang</sgmltag> values. In particular, if the main
document lang is not one of the CJK language, a portion of text written in CJK
will not be handled correctly and it can result in a compilation crash.</para>
<para>Even if the langs mixed do not end to a compilation failure, only the
main document lang will be taken into account.</para>