Blob Blame History Raw
    Fredrik Hugosson  <hugo303 at users dot sourceforge dot net>     |  hugo303
    Chris Pickett     <chris dot pickett at mail dot mcgill dot ca>  |  cpickett
    Branden Archer    <b dot m dot archer4 at gmail dot com          |  brarcher

    Arien Malec       <arien dot malec at gmail dot com>             |  amalec
    Sven Neumann      <sven at convergence dot de>                   |  neo23

    Robert Collins                              |  rbcollins
        (subunit support)
    Micah Cowan                                 |  micahcowan
        (checkmk tool, docs and tests)
    Zdenek Crha                                 |  zdenekc
        (new Check API docs, fixes, and tests)
    Mateusz Loskot                              |  mloskot
        (msvc port #2)
    Jose E. Marchesi                            |  jemarch
        (selective testing support)

    Cesar Ballardini
    Anthony G. Basile
        (fix and strsignal())
    Friedrich Beckmann
        (mingw and msvc port #1)
    Frank Bergmann
        (WIN32 tmpfile workaround)
    Joshua Boyd
        (travis testing with both build systems, cmake fixes)
    Ross Burton
        (pkg-config patch)
    Bogdan Cristea
        (eclipse support in contrib dir)
    Lucas Di Pentima
    Torok Edwin
        (strsignal and build fixes)
    Daniel Gollub
        (pthreads support)
    Roland Illig
        (varargs and strsignal portability fixes)
    Elmir Jagudin
        (well-formed XML and log file via env variables)
    Jerry James
        (cleanup compiler warnings)
    Jon Kowal
        (deadlock on thread cancellation fix)
    Robert Lemmen
        (gcov description in manual)
    Loic Martin
        (AM_PATH_CHECK patch)
    Roy Merkel
        (specified test exit value)
    Gilgamesh Nootebos
        (bug fixes)
    Diego Elio Petteno
        (autoconf patch for 64-bit safe code)
    Frederic Peters
        (XML output)
    Dietmar Petras
        (bug fixes)
    Rick Poyner
        (pipe handling, bug fixes)
    Bernhard Reiter
        (configure issues)
    Pavol Rusnak
        (memory location comparison macros ck_assert_mem_*)
    Neil Spring
        (const fixes)
    Roland Stigge
        (bug fix: allow fail inside setup)
    Sebastian Rasmussen
        (duration bug fix, 64-bit API fix)
    Martin Willers
        (rename check's internal list API to start with check_)
        (patches for msys/mingw32 support)
    Pino Toscano
        (GNU/Hurd support for subsecond timeouts)
        (compiler warning)
    Bill Kolokithas
        (more checkmk directives)
    Julien Godin
        ( patch for Check example)
    Kosma Moczek
        (fix for string formatting in ck_assert_*() methods with %)
    Tim Müller
        (Use _exit() instead of exit() on _ck_assert_failed())
    Georg Sauthoff
        (Solaris support, misc autotools fixes)
        (AIX and Solaris support)
    Michael Piszczek
        (misc cleanup)
    Stewart Brodie
        (bug fix: no fork mode failure reporting with teardowns)
    Michał Dębski
        (Use mkstemp() if available instead of tmpfile() or tempnam())
    Sebastian Dröge
        (Kill running tests if SIGTERM or SIGINT are caught in test runner)
    Matt Clarkson
        (Fix CMake checks using time.h for MinGW and MSVC)
    Mario Sanchez Prada
        ( cleanup)
    Tobias Frost
        (strip timestamps from examples to enable reproducible builds)
    James Morris
        (checkmk regex update for Solaris support)
    Mick Beaver
        (Visual Studio 2015 build fixes)
    Jan Pokorny
        (corner case segfault fix)
    Dotsenko Andrey Nikolaevich
        (floating point comparison macros)
        (AppVeyor build with multiple Visual Studio versions,
         test source code compliance to C89/C90 standard,
         substitution functions for floating point functions missing
         in older C standard libraries)

Anybody who has contributed code to Check or Check's build system is
considered an author.  Submit a pull request of this file or send
a patch to <check-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net>.