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## Copyright (c) 2009, 2011  Openismus GmbH  <>
## This file is part of mm-common.
## mm-common is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
## by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License,
## or (at your option) any later version.
## mm-common is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
## but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
## GNU General Public License for more details.
## You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
## along with mm-common.  If not, see <>.

## Parameters:  book_name
## Overrides:   doc_outdir, doc_config, book_title, htmlref_patterns,
##              doc_postprocess, doc_install, tagfile_to_devhelp2,
##              doxytagfile, devhelpfile
## Files:       doc_input

# The name of the sub-directory where the generated documentation
# will be placed.
doc_outdir ?= reference

# The name of the Doxygen configuration file.
doc_config ?= $(doc_outdir)/Doxyfile

# The title of the generated Devhelp book.
book_title ?= $(PACKAGE_NAME) Reference Manual

# A list of wildcard patterns matching the files from the HTML directory
# generated by Doxygen which should be distributed and installed.
htmlref_patterns ?= $(addprefix $(doc_outdir)/html/*.,css gif html js png)

# Locations of utilities shipped with glibmm.  Made overridable
# in case the installed utilities cannot be used for some reason.
doc_postprocess     ?= $(PERL) -- "$(MMDOCTOOLDIR)/"
doc_install         ?= $(PERL) -- "$(MMDOCTOOLDIR)/"
tagfile_to_devhelp2 ?= "$(MMDOCTOOLDIR)/tagfile-to-devhelp2.xsl"

# Names of the main output files.
doxytagfile ?= $(doc_outdir)/$(book_name).tag
devhelpfile ?= $(doc_outdir)/$(book_name).devhelp2

# Function: $(call vpath_listall,PATTERN ...)
# Get all filenames which match a PATTERN from the list.  Look for files
# relative to either the current directory or $(srcdir).  Strip $(srcdir)/
# again before returning and remove any duplicates.
vpath_srclist = $(patsubst $(srcdir)/%,%,$(wildcard $(addprefix $(srcdir)/,$(1))))
vpath_listall = $(sort $(wildcard $(1)) $(if $(srcdir:.=),$(vpath_srclist)))

# Installation directories.
libdocdir    = $(datarootdir)/doc/$(book_name)
referencedir = $(libdocdir)/reference
htmlrefdir   = $(referencedir)/html
devhelpdir   = $(datadir)/devhelp/books/$(book_name)

# Optionally, the documentation utilities may be included in source tarballs
# so that mm-common is only required when building in maintainer mode.
doctools_dist_files = $(addprefix $(MMDOCTOOLDIR)/, tagfile-to-devhelp2.xsl doxygen-extra.css)
doctools_dist_files =

doc_build_files  = $(doxytagfile) $(devhelpfile)
doc_inst_targets = install-htmlref install-devhelp
doc_inst_files   = $(doxytagfile)
doc_dist_files   = $(devhelpfile) $(call vpath_listall,$(htmlref_patterns))
doc_build_files  =
doc_inst_targets =
doc_inst_files   =
doc_dist_files   =

dist_reference_DATA = $(strip $(doc_inst_files))
dist_noinst_DATA    = $(strip $(doctools_dist_files) $(doc_dist_files))

DISTCLEANFILES       = $(doc_outdir)/doxygen.log
MAINTAINERCLEANFILES = $(doxytagfile) $(devhelpfile) $(doc_outdir)/html/*

# The generic bit of the command line.
doc_install_cmd = $(doc_install) --verbose --mode=0644

# Transform $(datarootdir) into a URI to match MM_ARG_WITH_TAGFILE_DOC().
datarootdir_esc = $(subst $(subst ,, ),%20,$(subst \,/,$(datarootdir)))
docdir_base_uri = file:///$(patsubst /%,%,$(datarootdir_esc:/=))/doc

# The command and options used to install the files from the HTML reference
# documentation.  The $(subst) magic translates external tag references from
# absolute to relative paths if the destination is on the local file system
# and installed under the same prefix as the package being built.
htmlref_relinst = $(subst @$(docdir_base_uri)/,@../../../,$(DOCINSTALL_FLAGS))
htmlref_install = $(doc_install_cmd) $(htmlref_relinst)

# The command and options used to install the Devhelp file.
devhelp_install = $(doc_install_cmd) --book-base='$(htmlrefdir:/=)'

# Helper variables to replicate each pattern with a $(srcdir)/ prefix.
# Also add quoting to prevent the shell from expanding the patterns.
htmlref_patterns_dup   = $(foreach item,$(htmlref_patterns),'$(item)' '$(srcdir)/$(item)')
htmlref_patterns_quote = $(patsubst %,'%',$(htmlref_patterns))
htmlref_patterns_vpath = $(if $(srcdir:.=),$(htmlref_patterns_dup),$(htmlref_patterns_quote))

# Expand to a list of -name 'PATTERN' arguments for use with 'find'.
htmlref_find_patterns = $(patsubst %,-name '%' -o,$(notdir $(htmlref_patterns))) -false

# The parameters to the Doxygen-to-Devhelp XSLT script
dh_xsl_params =	--stringparam book_title '$(book_title)' \
		--stringparam book_name '$(book_name)' \
		--stringparam book_base html

# Generated configuration files which, when updated, should cause the
# reference documentation to be rebuilt.
doc_config_deps = $(CONFIG_HEADER) $(srcdir)/$(doc_config).in $(srcdir)/

# Regenerate the documentation automatically only in maintainer mode.
# Depend on the generated configuration header files to trigger a rebuild
# if a configuration value changed.  The configuration header files only
# have their timestamp modified when the content actually changed, which
# is not the case for any other files generated by configure.
doc_dependencies = $(doc_config_deps) $(doc_input)
doc_dependencies =

# Export this variable for use in the Doxygen configuration file.

# Depend on files that we know shall be built.
# $(call vpath_listall,$(htmlref_patterns)) is not used as a prerequisite.
# It would expand to files that exist when the make command is issued,
# which is not necessarily the set of files that shall be built.
all-local: $(doc_build_files)

# Hook up custom rules for translating references to external documentation
# to the actual location at install time.
install-data-local: $(doc_inst_targets)

# Hook up corresponding custom uninstall rules.
uninstall-local: $(addprefix un,$(doc_inst_targets))

# Install the HTML reference documentation files with just one invocation
# of to speed up the build process.  Make use of the --glob
# option, which tells it to perform filename globbing itself, like 'find'.
# This helps to avoid excessively long command lines, as some platforms
# have rather restrictive limits.
install-htmlref: $(doc_outdir)/html/index.html
	$(MKDIR_P) '$(DESTDIR)$(htmlrefdir)'
	$(htmlref_install) -t '$(DESTDIR)$(htmlrefdir)' --glob -- $(htmlref_patterns_vpath)

# Delete files from the html installation directory.  Avoid recursive
# directory removal, and apply the same wildcard pattern as was used to
# select files for installation.
	(cd '$(DESTDIR)$(htmlrefdir)' 2>/dev/null || exit 0; \
	 find . -type f '(' $(htmlref_find_patterns) ')' -exec rm -f '{}' '+')
	-test ! -r '$(DESTDIR)$(htmlrefdir)' || rmdir '$(DESTDIR)$(htmlrefdir)'

# Install the Devhelp file, translating the base path on the fly.
install-devhelp: $(devhelpfile)
	$(MKDIR_P) '$(DESTDIR)$(devhelpdir)'
	$(devhelp_install) -t '$(DESTDIR)$(devhelpdir)' -- $^

# Remove the installed Devhelp file and directory.
	rm -f '$(DESTDIR)$(devhelpdir)/$(notdir $(devhelpfile))'
	-test ! -r '$(DESTDIR)$(devhelpdir)' || rmdir '$(DESTDIR)$(devhelpdir)'

# Regenerate the Doxygen configuration file automatically.  In the
# top-level build directory Automake already takes care of this.
 ifneq ($(subdir),.)
$(doc_config): $(srcdir)/$(doc_config).in $(top_builddir)/config.status
	$(AM_V_GEN)cd $(top_builddir) && $(SHELL) ./config.status $(subdir)/$@

# Make sure that the documentation will always have been generated before
# executing commands of a rule that depends on files in $(doc_outdir)/html/.
$(doc_outdir)/html/%: | $(doxytagfile)

# Run Doxygen to build the reference documentation. The generated tag file
# also functions as time stamp target for the documentation as a whole.
$(doxytagfile): $(doc_dependencies) | $(doc_config)
	-$(AM_V_at)rm -f $@
	-$(AM_V_at)rm -fr $(doc_outdir)/html
	$(AM_V_GEN)(echo '@INCLUDE =' $(doc_config) && echo 'INPUT =' $(doc_input)) | "$(DOXYGEN)" -
	$(AM_V_at)$(doc_postprocess) '$(doc_outdir)/html/*.html'

# Run XSL transformation to generate a Devhelp book from a Doxygen tag file.
%.devhelp2: %.tag
	$(AM_V_GEN)$(XSLTPROC) $(dh_xsl_params) -o $@ $(tagfile_to_devhelp2) $<

.PHONY: install-htmlref uninstall-htmlref install-devhelp uninstall-devhelp

# Instruct GNU make to delete the targets of a rule after it failed, in
# order to avoid the complication of handling that situation manually.