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	By Tim...
	Now loads as10k1 bin patch files from ALSA alsa-tools AND from EMU10K1 project emu-utils.
	Fixed init_live bug. 
	Fixed bug in liblo10k1.c liblo10k1_patch_get().
	Sync with ALSA 1.0.8rc1
	ld10k1 options for pid file and log file  - Mikael Magnusson
	Script for start and end of ld10k1
	Fixed bug in liblo10k1lf_save_patch - Mikael Magnusson
	ld10k1 will exit with error code if it can not connect to ld10k1 - Mikael Magnusson
	License for liblo10k1 was changed from GPL to LGPL. Other parts are still GPLed.
	Fixed getopt_long handling - Mikael Magnusson
	Fixed free bug in liblo10k1lf_get_dsp_config - Mikael Magnusson
	Fixed (copy & paste) bug in liblo10k1lf_load_patch - thanks to Mikael Magnusson
	!!! This version of ld10k1 requires ALSA 1.0.7 - both alsa-lib and alsa-driver !!!
	!!! In current kernel is still ALSA 1.0.4 !!!
	Moved emu patch loading to liblo10k1
	Moved emu patch to ld10k1 patch transforming to liblo10k1
	DSP config can by stored and restored.
	New lo10k1 options --store, --restore, --save_patch, --load_patch, --wait
	Some source reorganization.
	Source cleaning - Mikael Magnusson
	Moved ld10k1 and dl10k1 to sbin directory - Mikael Magnusson
	Fixed bug in call to ld10k1_free_reserved_ctls - Mikael Magnusson
	Some cleanup from Mikael Magnusson
	ld10k1 not use list.h header from linux kernel - Mikael Magnusson and cleanup - Mikael Magnusson
	Init script for sb live, effect path - Mikael Magnusson
	Daemonize of ld10k1, some ideas from Mikael Magnusson.
	Aditional cleanups.
	Fixed bug in control index.
	Reworking of communication between client and server.
	Some work on liblo10k1 to support GUI.
	Support for ALSA 1.0.6rc1
	Fixed bug in connecion add
	Control indexes can be used now - see -ctrl (i option)
	Check for AC97 controls which can not be deleted.
	Corrected bug in free_comm - Mikael Magnusson
	Some cleanup from Mikael Magnusson
	Splitted lo10k1 to two parts - lo10k1 and liblo10k1.
	Fixed bug in tram allocation.
	Some effects for SB Live from Josep Andreu (holborn) in contrib subdir
	Check if ld10k1 run under root
	Corected bug in accept_comm. Thanks to Mikael Magnusson and Joachim Falk
	Corrected bug for constant registers
	Dump loader (dl10k1).
	ld10k1 can now use named socked or normal netework socket
	Simpler connecting outputs from multiple outputs to input
	Rewriten some parts (many new bugs)
	Simpler connecting
	Working TRAM on Audigy, many bugs fixed, many new bugs
	Initial release