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\author Jaroslav Kysela <>
\author Abramo Bagnara <>
\author Takashi Iwai <>
\author Frank van de Pol <>

<P>The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (\e ALSA) comes with a kernel
API and a library API. This document describes the library API and how
it interfaces with the kernel API.</P>

<H2>Documentation License</H2>

<P>This documentation is free; you can redistribute it without
any restrictions. Modifications or derived work must retain
the copyright and list all authors.</P>
<P>This documentation is distributed in the hope that it will be
useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

<H2>API usage</H2>
<P>Application programmers should use the library API rather than the
kernel API. The library offers 100% of the functionality of the kernel API,
but adds major improvements in usability, making the application code simpler
and better looking. In addition, future fixes or compatibility code
may be placed in the library code instead of the kernel driver.</P>

<H2>API links</H2>

  <LI>Page \ref control explains the primitive controls API.
  <LI>Page \ref hcontrol explains the high-level primitive controls API.
  <LI>Page \ref mixer explains the mixer controls API.
  <LI>Page \ref pcm explains the design of the PCM (digital audio) API.
  <LI>Page \ref pcm_plugins explains the design of PCM (digital audio) plugins.
  <LI>Page \ref pcm_external_plugins explains the external PCM plugin SDK.
  <LI>Page \ref ctl_external_plugins explains the external control plugin SDK.
  <LI>Page \ref rawmidi explains the design of the RawMidi API.
  <LI>Page \ref timer explains the design of the Timer API.
  <LI>Page \ref seq explains the design of the Sequencer API.
  <LI>Page \ref ucm explains the use case API.
  <LI>Page \ref topology explains the DSP topology API.


  <LI>Page \ref conf explains the syntax of library configuration files.
  <LI>Page \ref confarg explains the run-time argument syntax.
  <LI>Page \ref conffunc explains run-time function definitions and their usage.
  <LI>Page \ref confhooks explains run-time hook definitions and their usage.