acpid for netlink

This branch of the acpid project includes support for netlink and the input 
layer.  The latest version can be found here:

Previous (1.x) versions of acpid relied on /proc/acpi/event which is a 
deprecated kernel interface for ACPI events.  Newer kernels use netlink and 
the input layer to send ACPI-related events.  This branch of acpid uses these
new interfaces.


Before installing, the chances are pretty good that you are already running
acpid.  You'll want to kill it before installing the new version.  While
"sudo killall acpid" might work, it is likely that you'll need to work with
init (e.g. upstart, systemd, ...) on your particular setup to stop acpid 
completely.  For example, with systemd, the proper incantation is usually:

  $ sudo systemctl stop acpid acpid.socket

acpid version 2.0.15 introduced autoconf.  To build versions >= 2.0.15:

  $ ./configure --prefix=/usr
  $ make
  $ sudo make install

If you want to start from scratch, use autoreconf to regenerate the configure
script from and  This is not normally needed, so
be sure you understand autoreconf before using it.

  $ autoreconf --install --force

Older versions (<= 2.0.14) of acpid simply required "make" to build:

  $ make
  $ sudo make install


Any comments or patches for this branch should be sent to Ted Felix:  ( ted -at- tedfelix -dot- com )

You can also fork the git repo on sourceforge and submit changes that way:


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Feb 13, 2004


  ACPID used to try to handle events internally.  Rather than try to climb
  an ever-growing mountain, ACPID now lets YOU define what events to handle.
  Any event that publishes itself to /proc/acpi/event can be handled.

  ACPID reads a set of configuration files which define event->action pairs.
  This is how you make it do stuff. See the man page for details.

Implementation status

  This version should have complete support for generic handling of events.


  For 2.6 and newer 2.4 kernels, ACPI seems to be fully integrated.  That
  should be all you need.

  The ACPI kernel driver should be working on your system before trying
  ACPID.  Verify ACPI is loaded by verifying the existence of

Compiling ACPID

  type "make"