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Future Enhancements

* systemd support
  - Support receiving unix sockets from systemd.
  - Make daemonize() do what's right for systemd.
  - Can we auto-detect systemd?  Maybe the presence of the environment vars
    for the unix sockets?
  - Maintain compatibility with upstart, etc...

* Look into using libnl for netlink
  - Can this be done?  Is it a good idea?


* DBUS support
  - Do we really need DBUS support?  Probably not.
  - Tim says this would be easy to implement.  He mentioned "mced" which
    is similar to acpid and handles DBUS.
  - Everyone seems to agree that the whole point of acpid is
    to avoid the big desktop stuff, and therefore, this is probably
    not a good idea.
  - However, there are still pieces of those big desktop environments that
    connect to acpid via sockets.  DBUS should be a nicer interface.
  - Implement with a build-time option to turn it on/off?  This way users
    can reduce the dependencies if they want.  Or can we detect the presence 
    of DBUS at runtime?

* Allow socket-connected clients to filter incoming events
  - This might be useful on older laptops that used to generate a slew
    of events. I think that on modern hardware, this is not needed.