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acl 2.2.49 (19 November 2009)
* Add missing files to tarball: tests/sort-getfacl-output and examples/copyperm.c
* Update docs/CHANGES for 2.2.48 release

acl 2.2.48 (31 July 2009)
* Make sure that getfacl -R only calls stat(2) on symlinks when it needs to.
  This fixes "getfacl follows
  symlinks, even without -L".
* Stop quoting nonprintable characters in the getfacl output: what is printable
  or not depends on the locale settings, and getfacl often gets it wrong. We
  still need to quote a few special characters like newlines so that setfacl
  can always parse getfacl's output.
* Fix in acl_equiv_mode(): Return the mode that the acl corresponds to even
  when the acl has more than three entries (i.e., it is not equivalent to
  this mode).
* When restoring acls and the file ownership from the output of getfacl
  with setfacl --restore, make sure to only chown(2) files when the
  owner or owning group does not match the current owner or owning group:
  otherwise, if the caller does not have the appropriate privilege,
  chown(2) will implicitly clear the suid and sgid flags.
* Fix attr/acl code for handling of recursive walking without following symlinks
  Patch contributed by Brandon Philips <>.
* Fix NULL pointer access / segmentation fault in setfacl.
  When invoked as ``setfacl -- ...'', setfacl segfaults. Reported
  by Peng Haitao; fix based on patches by Peng Haitao and Jiri
  Moskovcak.  Final fix from Andreas Gruenbacher <>.
  Red Hat Bugzilla Bug 430458.
* Avoid unnecessary but destructive chown calls when restoring acls with
  setfacl --restore
* Update to new homepage URL:
* Stop quoting nonprintable characters in the getfacl output
* Make sure that getfacl -R only calls stat(2) on symlinks when it needs to
* Include the S_ISUID, S_ISGID, S_ISVTX flags in the getfacl output, and
  restore them with "setfacl --restore=file"
* test/run: fix lt- prefix from libtool wrappers

acl 2.2.47
* From Andreas Gruenbacher:
    * fix issues for tree walking with file descriptors
	- fd duplicates and running out

acl 2.2.46 (21 November 2007)
* From Andreas Gruenbacher:
    * Update acl.5 man page to clarify the relationship between
      the file permissions and the *OBJ ACL entries.
    * In some cases, gcc does not link in functions from libmisc.a
      unless libmisc is specified before the dynamic libraries on
      the command line.
    * Rip out nftw tree walking, it is broken and hopeless to fix.
      The replacement walk_tree() function does exactly what we
      want, and is much simpler to use.

acl 2.2.45 (11 September 2007)
* Fix symlink handling with getfacl and setfacl, thanks to Utako Usaka.

acl 2.2.44 (27 March 2007)
* Add Spanish and Galician translation
  (thanks to Antonio Trueba)

acl 2.2.43 (23 January 2007)
* Fix a build issue with cross-compiling, thanks to Diego Petten´┐Ż

acl 2.2.42 (08 December 2006)
* Fix a build issue on GNU/kFreeBSD, thanks to Petr Salinger.

acl 2.2.41 (14 July 2006)
* Fix issues with makedepend on libtool libraries.
* Fix issues with install using named ids instead of numeric ones.

acl 2.2.40 (03 July 2006)
* Update translation Makefile to work better with the Ubuntu
  translation system.  Thanks to feedback from Martin Pitt.
* Fix annoying "ignores datarootdir" warning from configure.
* Fix issues with makedepend build infrastructure.

acl 2.2.39 (06 June 2006)
* Fix a segfault in getfacl/setfacl when handling non-existent
  files, related to previos nftw-related workarounds.  Thanks
  to Daniel Kahn Gillmor for the fix.

acl 2.2.38 (23 May 2006)
* Add Swedish translation from the debian localisation folks
  (thanks to Daniel Nylander)

acl 2.2.37 (02 May 2006)
* Fix handling of symbolic links in setfacl/getfacl, and resulting
  nftw-related oddities.

acl 2.2.36 (28 March 2006)
* Debian packaging updates (libc-dev dependency fixed)
* Enable -O2 optimised builds by default

acl 2.2.35 (15 February 2006)
* Debian packaging updates (debmake out, debhelper in)
* Fix GNU/Hurd builds (no PATH_MAX macro)

acl 2.2.34 (05 December 2005)
* Debian packaging updates

acl 2.2.33 (10 November 2005)
* Sync up build system (m4 macros, etc) with other projects
* Update SGI copyright/licence notices

acl 2.2.32 (29 September 2005)
* Add French translation from the debian-l10n-french folks
  (thanks to Sylvain Archenault)

acl 2.2.31 (11 March 2005)
* Fix setfacl builds when compiling without gettext support
  (thanks to

acl 2.2.30 (21 February 2005)
* Allocate the line buffer dynamically when reading from a file.
* This mainly fixes restoring of large ACLs.

acl 2.2.29 (31 January 2005)
* Replace use of _POSIX_PATH_MAX with the larger PATH_MAX
  (thanks to Andree Leidenfrost).

acl 2.2.28 (30 November 2004)
* Licensing fixes and clarifications.
* Update outdated email addresses.

acl 2.2.27 (29 September 2004)
* Update m4 macros, incorporating some portability changes.

acl 2.2.26 (8 September 2004)
* Fix email address in manual pages.

acl 2.2.25 (25 August 2004)
* Fix processing of the X pseudo permission in setfacl: Must not
  modify the sequence of commands directly or else only the first
  file is processed correctly, and X is not evaluated for any other
  file. Add test case for X pseudo permission.
* Remove support for relative permission changes; this non-standard
  feature was disabled since a while already.

acl 2.2.24 (17 May 2004)
* Update example source code.

acl 2.2.23 (02 February 2004)
* Included Polish message translations by Jakub Bogusz.

acl 2.2.22 (06 January 2004)
* Fix a permission bug in directory tree walking code.

acl 2.2.21 (10 November 2003)
* Update Debian packaging conflict with Kerberos development package.

acl 2.2.20 (13 October 2003)
* Fix build on the GNU/Hurd platform for some Debian folks.

acl 2.2.19 (07 October 2003)
* Man page tweaks

acl 2.2.18 (30 September 2003)
* Fix a documentation error in setfacl manual page, was refering to a
  non-existent getfacl option in the example section.

acl 2.2.17 (29 August 2003)
* Fix a bug in nftw worker routines' error handling code.

acl 2.2.16 (27 August 2003)
* Fix issues in the libmisc quote routine (from Ben Escoto).

acl 2.2.15 (08 August 2003)
acl * Somehow the SEGV fix from 2.2.14 got lost, reinstate it.

acl 2.2.14 (04 August 2003)
* Fix chacl argument count checking in one or two places.
* Fix libmisc quote/unquote routines so they handle NULL as input,
  was causing some SEGV's inside libacl routines.

acl 2.2.13 (29 July 2003)
* Add internal library for misc. functions: quote, unquote, high_water_alloc.
* Quote special characters in path names and user names.
* Fix examples/get-acl.c: Retrieving the default ACL of a plain file used
  to result in an empty ACL, but fails now.
* Update the test scripts.

acl 2.2.12 (03 July 2003)
* Tweak the build so we don't always run msgmerge, fix from
  Steve Langasek originally.

acl 2.2.11 (04 June 2003)
* More Debian-specific packaging changes.

acl 2.2.10 (26 May 2003)
* Some Debian-specific packaging changes.

acl 2.2.9 (26 April 2003)
* Rework to make use of shared macros.

acl 2.2.8 (14 April 2003)
* Fix configure tests that used AC_PATH_PROG incorrectly.
* Minor cosmetic cleanups to
* Some dependency fixes to the Debian packaging.

acl 2.2.7 (27 March 2003)
* Cleanups to the build process, in particular the automatic rpm
  package generation Makefile and spec file template.
* Makepkgs script can now propagate failures back up from make.
* Change default --prefix to /usr.

acl 2.2.6 (26 February 2003)
* Add symbol level versioning to libacl. This improves link time
  consistency checks. The library versions are also honored by RPM, so
  an RPM package built against say, won't link
  against, which was not checked before.
* Added routines to libattr for copying extended attributes -
  perm_copy_file and perm_copy_fd.
* Increment the libacl version number, so that the presence of
  those functions can be checked.

acl 2.2.5 (20 February 2003)
* Merge symbol visibility patch from Andreas for hiding symbols
  in libacl which we don't want exported, provided the compiler
  supports that (added a new configure check too).

acl 2.2.4 (10 February 2003)
* Merge several patches from Andreas - note that the library minor
acl   version number has been incremented ( -> 1.0.4)
* A minor acl.5 update.
* Fix memory leak in libacl (reported by
  Leo Qiu <> -- thanks!).
* Preallocation of ACL entries in acl_init() to avoid calling
  malloc() repeatedly.
* Moved ACL entry reordering outside of loops to avoid O(n^2)
  behavior (where n = #entries).
* Fixed bug in acl_get_file() when the guessed number of entries
  in a default ACL turned out to be too low (access ACL was used
* Correct a signedness issue in getfacl's handling of uid/gid.

acl 2.2.3 (06 February 2003)
* Fix order of library declarations in tools to allow linking when
  only a static libattr library is available (

acl 2.2.2 (15 January 2003)
* Add 'X' permission specification for setfacl(1) following
  the same usage as chmod(1).

acl 2.2.1 (16 December 2002)
* Clarify man page with respect to fileutils support.
* Minor Debian build update to remove a shell script "bash-ism".

acl 2.2.0 (29 November 2002)
* Complete the localisation/internationalisation support, including
  the initial German translation by Andreas.

acl 2.1.1 (31 October 2002)
* Minor updates to the Debian packaging.

acl 2.1.0 (19 October 2002)
* Remove the -s and -S short options from setfacl, since it confuses
  many users (--set and -set-file still exist).
* Update the setfacl(1) manual page.
* Improve the wording of some error messages, and update the pot/po
  files. Also update the setfacl.test script.
* Change the devel .rpm and .deb package names so that they now use
  a "lib" prefix.
* Several packaging changes related to this to ensure upgrades work
  and depenency information isn't lost.

acl 2.0.19 (04 September 2002)
* Correct the description of the access check algorithm in acl(5).
* Add --numeric option to getfacl (so all uid's/gid's are displayed
  numerically rather than by symbolic name). Also enlarge the static
  buffer used for numeric identifiers from 12 to 22 characters, which
  is enough for 64 bit id's.
* Add a test case for setting just a base ACL.
* Make the test/run script return a proper status code.
* Check for ENOATTR and for ENODATA error numbers in places where
  ENOATTR is expected, so if ENOATTR is assigned a separate number
  we'll only need to rebuild.

acl 2.0.18 (21 August 2002)
* Setfacl failed to parse ACLs with whitespace around user/group
  names or ids (e.g., 'u: bin :rw', 'u: 0 :rwx').

acl 2.0.17 (12 August 2002)
* Setfacl tried to retrieve the default ACL of regular files, which
acl   resulted in errno = EACCES since 2.0.13, and broke setfacl's
  --restore operation.

acl 2.0.16 (08 August 2002)
* Fix an IA64 alignment issue affecting several libacl functions.
acl * Updated libacl version number from to

acl 2.0.15 (08 July 2002)
* Fix configure warning (autoconf 2.13) - namely:
	"AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow cross compiling"
* Fix a couple of typos in the documentation
* Fix a Debian-specific build issue

acl 2.0.14 (04 July 2002)
* Build infrastructure updates so that configure options can be used
  to specify paths rather than semi-hard-coded path names controlled
  by ROOT/ROOT_PREFIX env variables; eg. now allows /lib64 and /lib32.

acl 2.0.13 (25 June 2002)
* Make acl_get_file() fail for regular files and type ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT,
  as required by 1003.1e draft 17. Update manual page accordingly.
* Make acl_set_file() fail for regular files and type ACL_TYPE_DEFAULT,
  as required by 1003.1e draft 17. Update manual page accordingly.
acl * Updated libacl version number from to
* Updated chacl(1) command to behave correctly with this libacl change.

acl 2.0.12 (25 June 2002)
* Increment the libacl version so that its possible for other packages
  like Samba to easily tell which library version has the libacl build
  bug fixed (without having to play configure games, etc).
acl * In other words, is now; nothing else
  has changed in this release.

acl 2.0.11 (30 April 2002)
* Fix a bug when reallocating space in __acl_to_any_text.c
  (the bug causes ACL entries to get skipped!)
* Minor clean-up in the test/setfacl.test script

acl 2.0.10 (22 April 2002)
* Add accidentally removed dependency of libacl on libattr.

acl 2.0.9 (16 April 2002)
* Fix a struct alignment issue in libacl on 64 bit platforms.

acl 2.0.8 (13 April 2002)
acl * Fix a minor issue in build macro handling introduced in 2.0.7.

acl 2.0.7 (10 April 2002)
* Fix a bug in the --tabular format of getfacl where user/group names
  without a symbolic name did not get printed
* Remove setfacl/user_group.[ch] as these are no longer used
* Added configure check for libattr -- uses libtool archive if found

acl 2.0.6 (08 April 2002)
* Fix a bug that causes setfacl not to report error messages if
acl   acl_set_file() fails (the bug was introduced in version 2.0.3).

acl 2.0.5 (26 March 2002)
* Fix up acl_to_text compliance with POSIX draft.
* Add the new acl(5) manual page.
* Add a manual section 3 directory and Makefile.
* Add the libacl manual pages.
* Rename the existing acl_to_any_text function to __acl_to_any_text, and
  add a new acl_to_any_text function that only contains parameters that
  are actually useful.  Make acl_to_text and acl_to_any_text invoke
  __acl_to_any_text internally.  Update all uses of acl_to_any_text in
  getfacl/getfacl.c, setfacl/do_set.c, and chacl/chacl.c.
* Move the acl_size function form the LIBACL_CFILES to the POSIX_CFILES
  section (it is a POSIX function)
* Rearrange libacl routines so that several non-POSIX routines which
  were being exported are no longer exported (eg. acl_entry_to_any_str,
  acl_get_file_mode, acl_get_fd_mode, acl_set_file_mode, acl_set_fd_mode).

acl 2.0.4 (12 March 2002)
* Man page updates from Andreas
* Test script updates from Andreas

acl 2.0.3 (05 March 2002)
* Clean up the --default option handling in setfacl. The old
  workarounds caused a bug for unusual input.
* Changes to the --test output format setfacl generates: ACLs that
  are not changed are now displayed as `*'.
* Fix a bug in setfacl/sequence.c:seq_delete_cmd().
* Minor changes to test scripts

acl 2.0.2 (01 March 2002)
* Apply several patches from Andreas, namely:
* man page fixes
* libacl code reformatting
* acl_from_text errno handling

acl 2.0.1 (27 February 2002)
* Apply Andreas Gruenbacher's diffs.
* Fix up chacl for deletion of access ACL to be in line with Andreas.
* Incorporate the Debian packaging again.

acl 2.0.0 (21 February 2002)
* Reworked to use the new official system call API.
* Sync up with the XFS project, the SGI folk now use this source.
* Jumped to version 2 to allow XFS users to upgrade
  (Rationale: the XFS ACL user tools were at version 1.1.X, and
  packaging tools like rpm, dpkg, etc. must be presented with a
  greater version number to allow an upgrade to proceed).
* Added the chacl command to ease migration for existing XFS users,
  and for compatibility with IRIX.
* Added a flag to allow acl_print to produce a single-line ACL, in
  addition to the multi-line format.
* Extended attribute documentation has moved into the extended
  attribute package from SGI ("attr"), this ACL package now deals
  exclusively with ACLs.
* acl_from_text sometimes did not set errno when failing.
* Moved files and simplified #includes in libacl

acl 0.7.22
* Create a shared version of libacl, instead of linking statically.
* Added missing error reporting to getfacl do_print() function.

acl 0.7.16
* Minor cleanups/fixes in the make files
* The test cases in test/src have been updated to match the
acl   corrected ACL entry syntax (see the 0.7.15 changes).

acl 0.7.15
* acl_from_text() now accepts mask and other entries with either two
  or three fields (`other:rwx' or `other::rwx'). Posix 1003.1e specifies
  that these entries should have three entries, while under Solaris,
  they have only two fields.
* setfacl now parses mask and other entries with two or three entries.
* getfacl now produces mask and other entries with three fields
  (`mask::rwx' instead of the previous `mask:rwx').
* acl_get_fd(), acl_get_file(), acl_set_fd(), acl_set_file() now only
  fail with errno=ENOSYS if the underlying filesystem doesn't support
  ACLs. acl_get_fd() and acl_get_file() construct ACLs from the file
  mode permission bits if the kernel supports ACLs, but no ACL extended
  attributes are defined for the file (errno=ENOATTR).
* acl_to_text() wrongly separated ACL entires with ',' instead of '\n'.
* acl_from_text() only accepted three-letter permission strings
  (rwx, ---, rw-, etc.). Now also short strings (rw, -, etc.) are

acl 0.7.10
* acl_get_fd(), acl_get_file() now don't return basic ACL's anymore.
* acl_set_fd(), acl_set_file() fail on filesystems that don't support
  ACLs, even if the ACL to be set is a basice ACL.
* If msgfmt is not present on a system, the message catalog(s) are
  no longer being built.

acl 0.7.8 (19 February 2001)
* Buffer overflow bug in ACL library (acl_to_any_text).
  (Reported by Charles Bertsch <>)

acl 0.7.2 (22 November 2000)
* Replace rman with groff for building HTML versions of the
  manual pages.
* Add descriptions of the permissions required for manipulating
  ACLs to the manual pages.
* Add long options to getfacl and setfacl, update the manual pages.
* Remove some small bugs from the src/showacl Perl script.
* showacl is now integrated in getfacl.
* Bug in acl_to_any_text() for ACLs with 0 entries fixed.
* Bug in acl_to_text(): Used '\n' as the ACL entry separator.
* German messages updated.

acl 0.7.1 (23 October 2000)
* Basic GNU gettext support and a German translation of messages

acl 0.7.0 (22 October 2000)
* Updates to the documentation
* Now an ACL_MASK entry is cloned from the ACL_GROUP_OBJ entry
  when needed also when the ACL_MASK entry is not re-calculated
  (-n option), so setfacl doesn't complain about an invalid ACL.

acl 0.6.8 (11 October 2000)
* src/walk_tree.c was stat()ing the targets of symbolic links in
* Removed spurious definitions from src/gettext.h that caused
  problems with several versions of GNU gettext headers
* setfacl calls acl_delete_def_file() if removing the default ACL
  of a directory that doesn't have a default ACL. i(If the user lacks
  appropriate permissions, that no-operation fails.) Fixed.
* Tiny bug in src/showacl script (mask entry not applied to owning
  group entry)

acl 0.6.5 (10 September 2000)
* Command line options revised for POSIX compatibility (now defaults to
  -H half-logical walk, added -L logical walk, -P physical walk).
* Funny post-order option no longer documented.

acl 0.6.0 (24 March 2000)
* Permissions were not set to the union of the ACL_GROUP_OBJ and
  ACL_MASK_OBJ entries for `setfacl -b'.
* getfacl didn't display the default ACL for links do directories.

acl 0.5.6 (31 Jan 2000)
* Cleaned up the ACL entry ring handling in the library
* Fixed a few minor issues with setfacl
* Fixed a bug in acl_equiv_mode
* Added acl_{get,set}_{file,fd}_mode functions

acl 0.5.5 (19 October 1999)
* Updates to the documentation
* Some other things (?)

acl 0.5.4 (up to 14 October 1999)
* Fixed an incompatibility with more recent GNU getopt
* Fixed a problem with errno handling in lib/text.c
* Some cosmetic changes to streamline the distribution process
* setfacl now implies `user:' if neither of `user', `group:',
  `other:' and `mask:' is given. Was a major annoyance (to me).
* errno not set when acl_read was presented with an empty file.
* some missing '\n' chars in setfacl

acl 0.5.3
* Fixed a bug in setfacl.c that caused the default mask to
  be recalculated wrong.
* Fixed a bug in acl_kernel.c:acl_check_one() that caused
  invalid ACLs to be accepted

acl 0.5.2 (25 September 1999)
* Added doc/Implementation.txt (some internals and ideas)
* Fixed a bug in lib/manip.c that caused setfacl to reject
  some valid ACLs
* Fixed a bug that caused setfacl to produce duplicate ACL
* Fixed a bug/feature that caused `sefacl -s' to include the
  current base ACL entries in results. This is not done with
  `setfacl -bm'.