Blob Blame History Raw
a52dec-0.7.4 Sat Jul 27 20:44:00 PDT 2002

The library is now fully reentrant.

Added win32 output module, al file output, gain control.

A few additional portability enhancements.

a52dec-0.7.3 Wed Feb 20 23:38:22 PST 2002 

Performance enhancements, from 40% to 80% depending on streams.

Fixed a few embarassing bugs in liba52: one memory corruption issue
and a few minor portability problems.

Several new output modules, and fixes in the existing .wav file output.

a52dec-0.7.2 Sun Dec 16 14:39:56 PST 2001

Minor bugfixes, performance and portability enhancements.

Also added wav format output, and reduced the demux buffer size which
makes it easier to use a52dec as a pipe.

a52dec-0.7.1 Thu Aug 30 02:13:23 PDT 2001

Minor release for bugfixes. Looks like 0.7.0 was a bit rushed out.

Now compiles with gcc 3.0, made sure mlib implementation works, and
fixed a small bug in the a52dec test program.

a52dec-0.7.0 Thu Aug 23 23:18:00 PDT 2001 

First release since more than one year !

The most user-noticeable additions are the downmix to arbitrary
speaker configurations, and the implementation of dynamic range

The speed has been improved by a factor of 2 to 3, the conformance and
precision should be higher, and we also fixed a small bug when playing
stereo rematrixed streams.