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Unix build instructions

make install

If you install from CVS you'll have to run ./bootstrap first

Building for win32

There are at least three ways to do it:

- natively on Windows using Microsoft VC++ and the vc++ project
  included in this distribution.

- natively on Windows using MSYS + MINGW ( (MSYS is a
  minimal build environnement to compile unixish projects under
  windows. It provides all the common unix tools like sh, gmake...)

- or on Linux, using the mingw32 cross-compiler

Building using MSYS + MINGW on windows

First you will need to download and install the latest MSYS (version
1.0.7 as of now) and MINGW. The installation is really easy. Begin
with the MSYS auto-installer and once this is done, extract MINGW into
c:\msys\1.0\mingw. You also have to remember to remove the make
utility included with MINGW as it conflicts with the one from MSYS
(just rename or remove c:\msys\1.0\mingw\bin\make.exe).

Then you can build the package using:
# ./configure
# make

Building using the mingw32 cross-compiler

You need to install mingw32 first. For Debian GNU/Linux users, there
is a mingw32 package. Otherwise you might get it from the mingw site

The videolan project also keeps precompiled mingw32 binaries at . If you install these,
you'll have to set your PATH accordingly to include
/usr/local/cross-tools/bin too.

The build should then proceed using something like:
# CC=i586-mingw32msvc-gcc ./configure --host=i586-mingw32msvc
# make