Blob Blame History Raw
a52dec-0.7.4 Sat Jul 27 20:44:00 PDT 2002
-The library is now fully reentrant.
-Added win32 output module, al file output, gain control.
-A few additional portability enhancements.

a52dec-0.7.3 Wed Feb 20 23:38:22 PST 2002
-rewrite of the imdct code, making a52dec 40% to 80% faster than version 0.7.2
-fixed one memory corruption problem in parse.c
-small liba52 portability fixes
-byte order and CRLF bugfixes in wav file output
-aif file output
-IRIX al sound output (untested, tell us if it works)

a52dec-0.7.2 Sun Dec 16 14:39:56 PST 2001
-demuxer improvements, with support for TS streams.
-smaller demux buffer, making it easier to use a52dec as a pipe
-wav output
-avoid -fPIC when possible (-prefer-non-pic)
-support for vc++ and TenDRA
-portability fixes
a52dec-0.7.1b Fri Aug 31 02:37:23 PDT 2001
-removed an #include <stdint.h> that was only breaking libc5 builds

a52dec-0.7.1 Thu Aug 30 02:13:23 PDT 2001
-gcc 3.0 fixes
-mlib fixes (now passes the test suite)
-in a52dec.c, made sample_data and flags static
-removed a few statics in liba52/parse.c (still not reentrant, but closer)

a52dec-0.7.0 Thu Aug 23 23:18:00 PDT 2001
-Downmix to arbitrary speaker configurations
-Dynamic range compression
-Major speedups: 2x for 2.0 streams with 2.0 output,
                 3x for 5.1 streams with 2.0 output.
-New library interface
-Rematrixing bugfix
-Higher precision

ac3dec-0.6.1 Mon Mar 27 20:27:06 EST 2000
-Fix another 2.0 problem (rematrix was wrong).
-Fix the never resync on a bad crc bug.

ac3dec-0.6.0 Sat Mar 18 19:43:25 EST 2000
-New library interface 
-Fix bug wrt coupling channels that was causing sound quality problems. 
-Fix 2.0 mode problems (aka the I forgot to implement the phase flags bug). 
-All around speed improvements (almost twice as fast) 
-Improved robustness when fed bad data. The entire frame is checksummed before playback.

ac3dec-0.5.6 Tue Nov 16 00:37:34 EST 1999
-Irix support 
-Alpha fixes 
-Minor performance enhancements to downmix and imdct
-OpenBSD fixes 
-extract_ac3 can now read from stdin
-Change output_linux to block on write instead of using the
 ring buffer. Let me know if this causes/fixes any problems

ac3dec-0.5.5 Wed Aug 25 15:36:44 EDT 1999
-Fixed a cut and paste bug (argh!) in parse.c which potentially 
 screwed up delta bit allocation info.
-Martin Mueller <> informed me that I was missing
 some corrections from the AC-3 errata document. It turns out that 
 I used an earlier version of the errata when I initially wrote ac3dec.
 Fortunately the errata fix the outstanding bugs that I was pulling
 my hair out on for a long time. Woohoo! Thanks Martin. Kudos to Dolby
 Labs for keeping their documentation up to date as well.
-stereo downmixing (downmix.c) is now in. Matrix encoded surround 
 (Dolby Prologic Surround) should work too.
-clipping due to high level signals has been fixed. We normalize a
 block of samples by its maximum absolute value if the max exceeds 
 the %100 digital level. This shouldn't be a problem, but for some 
 reason some channels have a dynamic range that exceeds [-1.0,1.0].
 I blame the encoder :)
-Multiple track support in extract_ac3. Simply just give it the track
 number you want [1,8] after the filename.

ac3dec-0.5.4 Thu Jul 29 16:55:10 PDT 1999
-Fixed a stupid bug with the coupling channel that was causing
 high frequencies to be attenuated.
-Re-wrote the extract_ac3 tool.
-Added to a tool to verify the checksums on a given AC3 stream. 

ac3dec-0.5.3  Mon Jul 12 10:45:56 PDT 1999
-Fixed problems related to streams with coupling channel enabled.
-Minor performance enhancements

ac3dec-0.5.2  Sun Jul  4 12:00:25 PDT 1999
-output_linux.c patch provided by Michael Holzt <>

ac3dec-0.5.1  Wed Jun 30 17:48:52 PDT 1999
-Compiles and dies gracefully under Linux now.

ac3dec-0.5.0  Wed Jun 23 11:06:06 EDT 1999
-First public release of ac3dec.