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IlmImf is our "EXR" file format for storing 16-bit FP images.  Libraries in
this package depend on the IlmBase library.

See the IlmImfExamples directory for some code that demonstrates how
to use the IlmImf library to read and write OpenEXR files.  The doc
directory contains some high-level documentation and history about the
OpenEXR format.

If you have questions about using the OpenEXR libraries, you may want
to join our developer mailing list.  See for


The OpenEXR source code distribution is free software.  See the file
named COPYING (included in this distribution) for details.


Building OpenEXR requires the IlmBase and the zlib library.

You can obtain the source code for zlib from:

If you're building OpenEXR on a Windows platform, see README.win32 for
instructions on how to build OpenEXR.  The remainder of this file
applies only to GNU/Linux or other UNIX-like systems.

After installing the required libraries, to build OpenEXR on
GNU/Linux or other UNIX-like systems, do this:

make install

unless you obtained IlmBase directly from git, in which case you
should first read README.git

Please type :

./configure --help

for a list of options in relation to building IlmBase libraries. In 
particular, peruse README.namespaces for information regarding the 
use of namespaces in IlmBase and OpenEXR.

See README.OSX for details on building OpenEXR in MacOS X.

Do `make check` to run the OpenEXR confidence tests.  They should all
pass; if you find a test that does not pass on your system, please let
us know.

Other UNIX variants haven't been tested, but should be easy to build.
Let us know if you're having problems porting OpenEXR to a particular

All include files needed to use the OpenEXR libraries are installed in the 
OpenEXR subdirectory of the install prefix, e.g. /usr/local/include/OpenEXR.


On systems with support for pkg-config, use `pkg-config --cflags
OpenEXR` for the C++ flags required to compile against OpenEXR
headers; and `pkg-config --libs OpenEXR` for the linker flags required
to link against OpenEXR libraries.