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Summary:   Fedora AppStream metadata
Name:      appstream-data
Version:   21
Release:   3%{?dist}
BuildArch: noarch
License:   CC0 and CC-BY and CC-BY-SA and GFDL

BuildRequires: libappstream-glib

This package provides the distribution specific AppStream metadata required
for the GNOME and KDE software centers. The upstream data is built weekly using
createrepo_as and the extra data in fedora-appstream.


DESTDIR=%{buildroot} appstream-util install %{SOURCE1} %{SOURCE2}

%attr(0644,root,root) %{_datadir}/app-info/xmls/*
%dir %{_datadir}/app-info
%dir %{_datadir}/app-info/icons
%dir %{_datadir}/app-info/icons/fedora-%{version}
%dir %{_datadir}/app-info/xmls

* Thu Jun 19 2014 Richard Hughes <> 21-3
- New metadata version.

* Wed Jun 11 2014 Richard Hughes <> 21-2
- Own the correct directories
- Resolves:

* Tue Jun 10 2014 Richard Hughes <> 21-1
- Initial version for Fedora package review