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acpixtract \- ACPICA source code conversion utility
.B acpixtract
.RI [ <option> ... ]
.RI <acpidump-file>

This manual page briefly documents the
.B acpixtract
command. The option list is taken from the acpixtract interactive help.
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.B acpixtract
extracts binary ACPI tables from the output of the
.B acpidump
command (see the
.B pm-tools
package).  A default invocation will extract the DSDT and
all SSDTs.
Much more detailed documentation may be found at


.B \-a
Extract all tables, not just DSDT/SSDT
.B \-l
List table summaries, do not extract
.B \-s <signature>
Extract all tables with <signature>

acpixtract was written by Robert Moore <>.
This manual page was written by Al Stone <> for the
Fedora project (but may be used by others).