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use base 'Alpha';
use base qw(Beta Gamma);
use base qw<Delta>;
use parent 'Epsilon';
use parent qw{Theta};

# 'Zeta', 'Iota' should not be found
use parent -norequire, qw(Zeta Iota);

use aliased "Some::Crazy::Module";

# 'ShorterName' should not be found
use aliased "Another::Crazy::Module" => "ShorterName";

use base Kappa::Lambda;

use base Mu::Nu::;

use base qw/

use base qw ( 
    One );

use parent qw[Class::Accessor::Fast];

# Two examples from perl-Sys-Info-Base
# "__PACKAGE__" should not be found
use base __PACKAGE__->load_subclass('Sys::Info::Driver::%s::Device::CPU');

# It is not possible to filter constant which is used as a module
use constant TARGET_CLASS => __PACKAGE__->load_subclass('Sys::Info::Driver::%s::OS');
use base TARGET_CLASS;

# Do not ignore line which contains '->' in a coment
use base 'XML::XQL::Element';	 # L -> L

use NoCleanA;
package NoCleanA;

package NoCleanB;
require NoCleanB;

package ToRemove;
sub foo{}
package Foo;
use base 'ToRemove';