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Revision history for Test::MockModule

    - Added the `redefine()` function. It works just like `mock()`, except if the
      method being mocked doesn't exist, it causes a panic. Many thanks to Felipe
      Gasper for this feature!

    - Added the `noop()` function to make mocking noops easier. Thanks for the PR,
      Ali Zia!

v0.11 2016-10-27
    - Various housekeeping, testing and minor fixes, courtesy of Paul Cochrane, thanks!

v0.10 2015-05-30
    - Updated docs for mocking when using exported functions

v0.09 2015-03-15
    - Ensure LICENSE autogenerates for distribution, fixed license issues in Build.PL

v0.08 2015-03-14
    - Updated README with correct instructions now that we use Build.PL

v0.07 2015-03-14
    - Updated docs for more clarity when handling objects of mocked classes.

v0.06 2015-03-07
    - unmock() on inherited subroutines will dispatch to the parent module,
      rather than replace the local subroutine with the parent's subroutine
      from the time of mocking (RT77439)

v0.05 2004-03-24
    - unmock() accepts a list of subroutines to unmock. Thanks to David Wheeler
      for the suggestion and patch
    - Added t/pod_coverage.t

v0.04  2004-12-12
    - You can now mock a subroutine with a scalar value or a reference
      (install sub that returns the value). Thanks to Ovid for the suggestion.

v0.03  2004-12-05
    - Restores subs/methods that previously didn't exist (undefine them)

v0.02  2004-11-28
    - Fixed restoring inherited methods

v0.01  2004-11-28
    - Initial revision