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Term::ANSIColor is written in pure Perl and has no module dependencies
that aren't found in Perl core.  It should work with any version of Perl
after 5.6, although it hasn't been tested with old versions in some time.

In order to actually see color, you will need to use a terminal window
that supports the ANSI escape sequences for color.  Any recent version of
xterm, most xterm derivatives and replacements, and most telnet and ssh
clients for Windows and Macintosh should work, as will the MacOS X
Terminal application (although reportedly doesn't support 256
colors).  The console windows for Windows NT and Windows 2000 will not
work, as they do not even attempt to support ANSI X3.64.

For a complete (to my current knowledge) compatibility list, see the
Term::ANSIColor module documentation.  If you have any additions to the
table in the documentation, please send them to me.

The test suite requires Test::More (part of Perl since 5.6.2).  The
following additional Perl modules will be used by the test suite if

* Devel::Cover
* Test::MinimumVersion
* Test::Perl::Critic
* Test::Pod
* Test::Pod::Coverage
* Test::Spelling
* Test::Strict
* Test::Synopsis
* Test::Warn

All are available on CPAN.  Those tests will be skipped if the modules are
not available.