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2011-10-02   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.17.

   Gisle Aas (6):
      Less noisy 'git status' output
      Merge pull request #1 from schwern/bug/require_eval
      Don't clobber $@ in Digest->new [RT#50663]
      More meta info added to Makefile.PL
      Fix typo in RIPEMD160 [RT#50629]
      Add schwern's test files

   Michael G. Schwern (5):
      Turn on strict.
      Convert tests to use Test::More
      Turn Digest::Dummy into a real file which exercises the Digest->new() require logic.
      Close the eval "require $module" security hole in Digest->new($algorithm)

2009-06-09   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.16.

   Gisle Aas (3):
      For SHA-1 try Digest::SHA before tryign Digest::SHA1 as suggested by Adam Trickett
      Support Digest->new("RIPEMD-160") as suggested by Zefram
      Use 3-arg open for fewer surprises

   Jarkko Hietaniemi (1):
      Sync up with EBCDIC changes from core perl.

2006-03-20   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.15.

   Improved documentation.

2005-11-26   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.14

   Documentation tweaks.

2005-10-18   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.13

   Fixed documentation typo.

2005-09-29   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.12

   Fix documentation typo.  Patch by <>.

2005-09-11   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.11

   Make Digest->new("SHA-224") work.  Patch by Mark Shelor

2004-11-08   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.10

   Added Digest::file module which provide convenience functions
   that calculate digests of files.

2004-11-05   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.09

   Fix trivial documentation typo.

2004-04-29   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.08

   Make Digest->new("CRC-16"), Digest->new("CRC-32") and
   Digest->new("CRC-CCITT") work.
   Patch by Oliver Maul <>.

2004-04-25   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.07

   Updated benchmark.

2004-04-01   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.06

   Added MIME::Base64 dependency.

   Minor doc tweak.

2003-12-01   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.05

   Drop Digest::MD5 dependency.  Avoids circular dependency
   now that Digest::MD5 depend on this package to inherit

   Included a section about digest speed with benchmark
   results for some implementations of this API.

2003-11-29   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.04

   Doc tweaks to unconfuse

2003-11-28   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.03

   Added add_bits() method as requested by the
   Digest::SHA author Mark Shelor.

   Added Digest::base class that Digest implementations
   can use to get default implementations of addfile(),
   add_bits(), hexdigest() and b64digest().

   Digest->new("SHA-256") and similar should work now
   given that you have either Digest::SHA or Digest::SHA2

2003-01-18   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.02

   Sync up with version bundled with perl-5.8.
   Patch by Jarkko Hietaniemi <>.

   Override INSTALLDIRS for 5.8 as suggested by
   Guido Ostkamp <>.

2003-01-04   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.01

   Document the clone() method.

2001-03-13   Gisle Aas <>

   Release 1.00

   Broken out of the Digest-MD5-2.12 distribution and made into
   a separate dist.