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2017-02-07  k  <>

	* release 2.18

	* Makefile.PL changes to support perls without "." in @INC (Todd
	Rinaldo); no functional change

2016-04-19  k  <>

	* release 2.17

	* address #113886: unlist Compress::Zlib as a prereq, it was and
	still is only used by a test that won't run for normal user
	installs (Thanks to Graham Knop for reporting)

2016-04-11  k  <>

	* release 2.16

	* docs only change: create a real link to perlref.pod (Slaven Rezić)

2015-06-11  k  <>

	* release 2.15

	* In the tests, always check for exists before checking for
	definedness (Reini Urban)

2014-12-16  k  <>

	* release 2.14

	* no change to 2.14-TRIAL

2014-12-08  k  <>

	* release 2.14-TRIAL

	* support for fileno() on directory handles (perl commit v5.21.6-337-g67f2cc7)

2014-07-26  k  <>

	* release 2.13-TRIAL

	* support for telldir (Brian Fraser)

2014-06-20  k  <>

	* release 2.12

	* test rewrite: v5.21.0-424-ge35475d stopped supporting
	defined(@$ref) which was used in t/symdump.t (thanks to Aaron
	Crane for spotting)

2013-10-30  k  <>

	* release 2.11

	* v5.19.5-71-gd456e3f stopped producing the %@ hash at startup

2013-03-27  k  <k@k83.linux.bogus>

	* release 2.10

	* no change to 2.10-TRIAL

2013-03-24  k  <k@k83.linux.bogus>

	* release 2.10-TRIAL

	* release 2.09-TRIAL

	* address RT#84139: fix test to work with upcoming perl 5.18
	(Thanks to ZEFRAM)

	* fixed the autogen.t test again, this time for perl 5.8.9

2012-05-20  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.08_53

	* apply doc patch by Nick Stokoe from ticket #77102

	* declare dependency on Compress::Zlib

2009-03-01  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.08_51

	* added a test by Jason M. Mills to chase down the bug he reports

2007-10-11  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.08

	* skip the recurse test on 5.005

2007-01-05  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.07

	* rewrite symdump.t using Test::More

	* adjust test suite to accept main::- also introduced for named

2006-10-08  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.0604

	* adjust test suite to accept main::+ introduced by named captures

2006-09-20  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* relase 2.0603

	* add LICENSE field to Makefile.PL to also have it in the META.yml

2006-07-19  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.0602

	* adjust test suite to accept new variable in bleadperl, the hash

2006-05-03  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.0601

	* add copyright and license

2006-01-18  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.06

	* New warnings in bleadperl now suppressed; minor pod issues fixed

2006-01-02  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.05

	* fix the testcase for recursion so that it compiles and works
	also after patch 26370 to perl after which stashes are not
	autovivified anymore.

2005-12-25  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* release 2.04

	* now strict clean

	* Makefile.PL up to date

	* added ChangeLog.svn

	* added tests for recursion, pod, podcover

	* Fixed #8766--recursion

2002-03-01  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* lib/Devel/ perl 5.6.1 introduced a package name of
	"<none>" to work around a bug if somebody uses the deprecated
	C<package> without an argument. I believe we need to ignore that
	symbol completely so that at least we follow the lead of the B::
	extensions. Thanks to Sreeji K Das /sreeji_k at for the

2000-10-31  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* Typo fix: hashs --> hashes. Thanks to Sebastien Blondeel
	<> for the report.

2000-06-14  Andreas J. Koenig  <>

	* Fixed my email address in and made a few tiny editorial changes
	to the manpage.

	* Replaced Changes file with this ChangeLog file, appended the
	full Changes file below.

	* Fixed the test 6 in t/symdump.t. This test was broken by
	perl-5.6.0 but not Devel::Symdump itself.

1997-05-16  Andreas Koenig

	* Release 2.00

	* Fixed typos in the manpage, added a test for tree, no functional
	change, released 2.00.

1997-03-31  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.99_01

	* 1.99_01 is the designated 2.00.

	* Between 1.20 and 1.23 the method as_HTML was introduced and a
	few code cleanups happened.

	* 2.00 switches implementation to use *ENTRY{XXX} internally. This
	means that we can determine scalarness even for undefined scalars.
	We don't expect unknowns anymore.

	* 2.00 introduces the new ios() method which should replace the
	older filehandles() and dirhandles() methods. For backwards
	compatibility the old methods continue to work as they used to.

	* 2.00 comes with isa_tree and inh_tree utility methods for
	analysing the inheritance tree. Devel::Symdump objects may be used
	to create snapshots, but their typical use would be as class

1995-08-16  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.20

	* test 7 of t/symdump.t was too capricious. In fact the test was
	based on wrong assumptions about loaded packages in the perl
	binary. Static perls and dynamic perls have different symbol
	tables when they run thetests. So test 7 is gone.

	* test 4 of t/symdump.t relied on $@ being set like in perl5.001m.
	This might not be a correct assumption. So test 4 is replaced with
	a dummy 'print ok' until the $@ problem is sorted out

1995-07-03  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.19

	* Added an as_string method.

	* Rewrote the test scripts so they output standard test strings
	"ok nnn". This is dangerous for new perl releases, but will help
	me do get bug reports early.

	* Renamed the exporting example package to Devel::Symdump::Export.

1995-05-29  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.16

	* Changed '${pack}::' and relatives back to "$pack\:\:" to make
	the package "-w" safe. Deleted the debug statement in _doit()
	after Gurusamy Sarathy fixed the bug in perl5.001, but left a
	comment there.

	* Changed the AUTHORS section to plain "Andreas & Tom".

	* Added this Changes file :)

1995-05-28  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.14

	* After a considerable amount of mail exchange between Tom and me,
	we now have a unknowns() method for all the rest in the symbol
	table that we currently don't follow further. new() is renamed to
	rnew() which stands for recursive new. new() now does not go into
	recursion which becomes the default behaviour for people calling
	directly Devel::Symdump->arrays etc.

	* Added a Devel::Symdump::Exp package for Tom who wanted the
	methods exported. Tom had tried to add Exporter to the package and
	to export the undefined methods directly. Andreas didn't trust
	this trick although it seemed to work fine. So they are still
	considering if it can be done.

1995-05-27  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.09

	* Drops all prettyprint functionality and becomes a primitiv
	package after some talk with Tom Christiansen and Gurusamy
	Sarathy. Moreover, Dean Roehrich's additions to the perlbot
	manpage gave me (Andreas) some hints about package globals which
	now get a new dress within the object.

1995-05-xx  Andreas Koenig

	* 1.05

	* First release of the formerly Devel::Debug called package.

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