today at noon
at 3:00 PM

each thursday at noon
at noon each day
each month
every thursday at noon
at noon every day
every month

year, years
month, months
week, weeks
day, days
hour, hours
minute, minutes
second, seconds

last day of the month
last thursday
final day of the month

exactly 5 minutes
approximately 5 minutes
5 business days

next week
following week
last week
previous week

1st, one, first
2nd, two, second
3rd, three, third
4th, four, fourth
5th, five, fifth
6th, six, sixth
7th, seven, seventh
8th, eight, eighth
9th, nine, ninth
10th, ten, tenth
11th, eleven, eleventh
12th, twelve, twelfth
13th, thirteen, thirteenth
14th, fourteen, fourteenth
15th, fifteen, fifteenth
16th, sixteen, sixteenth
17th, seventeen, seventeenth
18th, eighteen, eighteenth
19th, nineteen, nineteenth
20th, twenty, twentieth
21st, twenty-one, twenty-first
22nd, twenty-two, twenty-second
23rd, twenty-three, twenty-third
24th, twenty-four, twenty-fourth
25th, twenty-five, twenty-fifth
26th, twenty-six, twenty-sixth
27th, twenty-seven, twenty-seventh
28th, twenty-eight, twenty-eighth
29th, twenty-nine, twenty-ninth
30th, thirty, thirtieth
31st, thirty-one, thirty-first
32nd, thirty-two, thirty-second
33rd, thirty-three, thirty-third
34th, thirty-four, thirty-fourth
35th, thirty-five, thirty-fifth
36th, thirty-six, thirty-sixth
37th, thirty-seven, thirty-seventh
38th, thirty-eight, thirty-eighth
39th, thirty-nine, thirty-ninth
40th, forty, fortieth
41st, forty-one, forty-first
42nd, forty-two, forty-second
43rd, forty-three, forty-third
44th, forty-four, forty-fourth
45th, forty-five, forty-fifth
46th, forty-six, forty-sixth
47th, forty-seven, forty-seventh
48th, forty-eight, forty-eighth
49th, forty-nine, forty-ninth
50th, fifty, fiftieth
51st, fifty-one, fifty-first
52nd, fifty-two, fifty-second
53rd, fifty-three, fifty-third

second day in march
second day of march



on may 1st


5 years ago
5 years in the past
5 years past
5 years earlier
5 years before now
in 5 years
5 years later
5 years in the future
5 years future
5 years from now