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use strict;
use warnings;

use Test::More tests => 28;

BEGIN { use_ok('Data::UUID'); }

my $ug = Data::UUID->new;
isa_ok($ug, 'Data::UUID');

ok(my $uuid1 = $ug->create(),             "create a new uuid");
ok(length($uuid1) eq 16, 'correct length of uuid');
ok(my $uuid2 = $ug->to_hexstring($uuid1), "hexstringify it");
ok(my $uuid3 = $ug->from_string($uuid2),  "create a uuid from that string");
ok(!$ug->compare($uuid1, $uuid3),         "they compare as equal");

ok(my $uuid4 = $ug->to_b64string($uuid1), "get base64 string of original uuid");
ok(my $uuid5 = $ug->to_b64string($uuid3), "get base64 string of from_string");
is($uuid4, $uuid5,                        "those base64 strings are equal");

ok(my $uuid6 = $ug->from_b64string($uuid5), "make uuid from the base64 string");
ok(!$ug->compare($uuid6,$uuid1),            "and it compares at equal, too");

# some basic "all unique" tests
my $HOW_MANY = 15;

my %uuids;
$uuids{ $ug->to_b64string($ug->create) } = 1 for 1 .. ($HOW_MANY);

  scalar keys %uuids,
  "we get all unique UUIDs",

for my $uuid (keys %uuids) {
    index($uuid, "\n") == -1,
    "no carriage return in base64 version",