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  * 511d05bc man/man1/papi_avail.1 man/man1/papi_clockres.1
  man/man1/papi_command_line.1...: Regenerate man pages for a pending 5.3.2

  * a07adc91 doc/Doxyfile-common papi.spec src/ Bump version
  number for a 5.3.2 release


  * 43070347 src/components/coretemp/linux-coretemp.c
  src/components/micpower/linux-micpower.c src/components/net/linux-net.c: Fix
  a warning in component initialization  A copy/paste perpetuated a multiple
  definition of available_domains


  * ea216f5a src/ src/run_tests_exclude.txt
  src/run_tests_exclude_cuda.txt: Fix excluded files for run_tests  Gary Mohr
  pointed out that in a Makefile refactor we neglected to update the tests
  eclude creteria -------------------------------- It turns out that you guys
  have made changes in the way the tests are built which have introduced errors
  when running the scripts. The script attempted to automatically remove the
  makefiles from the list of files it would execute but your build changes
  broke the makefiles up into several files and renamed all of them. So the
  script was trying to execute them.  I decided the most flexible way to handle
  this is to remove the code from the script that looks for makefiles and just
  add them to the exclude files used by the script. The script will not execute
  any file listed in the exclude file.  The attached patch implements these
  changes so the script runs correctly with the current papi build files.  Gary


  * aacf9628 man/man3/PAPI_enum_cmp_event.3 man/man3/PAPI_enum_event.3
  man/man3/PAPI_get_overflow_event_index.3...: Printf formatting change... 
  Based upon a patch by Steve Kaufmann.  I took the liberty of removing all the
  leading "0x" as part of formatting output strings. Now the "%#" syntax is
  used to print out hexidecimal values with a leading "0x" (letting the printf
  function do the work).


  * 0c93f0a1 src/components/nvml/linux-nvml.c src/components/nvml/linux-nvml.h:
  Add units to NVML component  Thanks to Brian Lemke at Bull for the patch.


  * 2c79fab8 src/configure src/ configure: respect
  --with-walltimer and virtualtimer  For whatever reason configure would not
  check for the --with-walltimer argument if we had already determined one (See
  BG/P and CLE sections also --with-mic option).  This is not desirable, kill
  this behaviour.


  * 284f25c2 src/components/lustre/linux-lustre.c
  src/components/net/linux-net.c: Use correct specification for signed and
  unsigned int  A run of cppcheck showed that some mismatches between the
  specfications for sscanf and the variables being used to store the values. 
  This corrects those minor issues.


  * 291bad11 src/components/coretemp/linux-coretemp.c
  src/components/host_micpower/linux-host_micpower.c...: Update the
  domain/granularity of many components  Many PAPI components only report
  system wide events, here we attempt to match up entries in the .cmp_info
  struct with reality by only allowing PAPI_GRAN_SYS and PAPI_DOM_ALL.


  * eeefec5c src/ctests/attach2.c src/ctests/attach3.c: ctests/attach[2,3]: Fix
  ptrace call for BSD  "The  SunOS  man page describes ptrace() as "unique and
  arcane", which it is."

  * 27d416c8 src/configure src/ Remove Bash-isms
  from comp selection  Part of a patch set by Gleb Smirnoff

  * 52f8979f src/configure src/ Correctly detect
  FreeBSD OS version  The script incorrectly parsed "FreeBSD 10" as "FreeBSD
  1". Part of a series of patches by Gleb Smirnoff