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package store

import (


type StateTransitionError struct {
	message string

func (ste *StateTransitionError) Error() string {
	return ste.message

// ImageBuild represents a single image build inside a compose
type ImageBuild struct {
	ID          int
	ImageType   distro.ImageType
	Manifest    distro.Manifest
	Targets     []*target.Target
	JobCreated  time.Time
	JobStarted  time.Time
	JobFinished time.Time
	Size        uint64
	JobID       uuid.UUID
	// Kept for backwards compatibility. Image builds which were done
	// before the move to the job queue use this to store whether they
	// finished successfully.
	QueueStatus common.ImageBuildState

// DeepCopy creates a copy of the ImageBuild structure
func (ib *ImageBuild) DeepCopy() ImageBuild {
	var newTargets []*target.Target
	for _, t := range ib.Targets {
		newTarget := *t
		newTargets = append(newTargets, &newTarget)
	// Create new image build struct
	return ImageBuild{
		ID:          ib.ID,
		QueueStatus: ib.QueueStatus,
		ImageType:   ib.ImageType,
		Manifest:    ib.Manifest,
		Targets:     newTargets,
		JobCreated:  ib.JobCreated,
		JobStarted:  ib.JobStarted,
		JobFinished: ib.JobFinished,
		Size:        ib.Size,
		JobID:       ib.JobID,

func (ib *ImageBuild) GetLocalTargetOptions() *target.LocalTargetOptions {
	for _, t := range ib.Targets {
		switch options := t.Options.(type) {
		case *target.LocalTargetOptions:
			return options

	return nil

// A Compose represent the task of building a set of images from a single blueprint.
// It contains all the information necessary to generate the inputs for the job, as
// well as the job's state.
type Compose struct {
	Blueprint  *blueprint.Blueprint
	ImageBuild ImageBuild

// DeepCopy creates a copy of the Compose structure
func (c *Compose) DeepCopy() Compose {
	var newBpPtr *blueprint.Blueprint = nil
	if c.Blueprint != nil {
		bpCopy := *c.Blueprint
		newBpPtr = &bpCopy
	return Compose{
		Blueprint:  newBpPtr,
		ImageBuild: c.ImageBuild.DeepCopy(),