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This tool generates a cloud-config user-data file from a directory containing
configuration. Its main purpose is to make it easy to include files in the
user-data, which need to be encoded in base64.

It writes the assembled user-data to standard out.

The configuration directory may contain:

* user-data.yml -- a base user-data. Anything that exists in this file will be
                   transferred as-is. Any additional configuration is appended
                   to already existing configuration.

* files/        -- a directory containing additional files to include. The
                   file's path on the target system mirrors its path relative
                   to this directore (`files/etc/hosts` → `/etc/hosts`). Its
                   permissions are copied over, but the owner will always be
                   root:root. Empty directories are ignored.

import argparse
import base64
import json
import os
import stat
import sys

def octal_mode_string(mode):
    """Convert stat.st_mode to the format cloud-init expects.

    cloud-init's write_files plugin expects file permissions in the format
    returned by python2's oct() function, for example '0644'. In python3, oct()
    returns a string in the new octal notation, '0o644'.
    return "0" + oct(stat.S_IMODE(mode))[2:]

def main():
    p = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Generate cloud-config user-data")
    p.add_argument("configdir", metavar="CONFIGDIR", help="input directory")
    args = p.parse_args()

    write_files = []

    filesdir = f"{args.configdir}/files"
    for directory, dirs, files in os.walk(filesdir, followlinks=True):
        for name in files:
            path = f"{directory}/{name}"
            with open(path, "rb") as f:
                content = base64.b64encode("utf-8")
                "path": "/" + os.path.relpath(path, filesdir),
                "encoding": "b64",
                "content": content,
                "permissions": octal_mode_string(os.lstat(path).st_mode)

    with open(f"{args.configdir}/user-data.yml") as f:
    sys.stdout.write("write_files: ")
    json.dump(write_files, sys.stdout)

if __name__ == "__main__":