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OSBuild Composer - Operating System Image Composition Services


  • Previously, the guest image for RHEL 8.4 was only usable by QEMU 1.1 and newer. However, this image should be usable on RHEL 6 that ships an older version of QEMU. This is now fixed and the guest image can be now used by QEMU 0.10 and newer.

Contributions from: Aleksandar Todorov, Christian Kellner, Ondřej Budai

— Liberec, 2021-04-08


  • Version 28.1 introduced a regression causing logs from osbuild to be improperly decoded. As a result, all API log routes were returning empty logs. This is now fixed and all logs should be available as before.

Contributions from: Ondřej Budai

— Liberec, 2021-03-19


  • The new image type introduced in 28.1 ignores the ostree ref supplied by the user and always uses the default rhel/8/edge instead. This is now fixed.

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou

— Liberec, 2021-03-18


  • OSBuild Composer can now generate Manifests that conform to the new OSBuild schema. Two new image types are added that take advantage of the new schema:

    • rhel-edge-container: Creates an OCI container with an embedded rhel-edge-commit. Running the container starts a web server that serves the commit.

    • rhel-edge-installer: Creates a boot ISO image that embeds a rhel-edge-commit. The commit is pulled from a URL during the compose of the boot ISO.

Requesting a rhel-edge-installer requires specifying a URL, otherwise the request will fail. Blueprint customizations have no effect on the boot ISO and also cause the request to fail if any are specified.

  • RHEL 8.4: By marking the kernel we install as the saved_entry, we make sure that installing additional/subsequent kernels do not unintentienally change the default kernel to be booted into.

  • RHEL 8.4: The default language is now correctly set to en_US.UTF-8 instead of en_US.

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou, Aleksandar Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Christian Kellner, David Rheinsberg, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen, Xiaofeng Wang

— Liberec, 2021-03-17


  • OSBuild Composer can now build CentOS Stream 8 images!

  • OSBuild Composer can now upload images to VMWare!

  • Cloudapi contains new /openapi.json and /version endpoints. The already existing POST /compose endpoint now supports specification of additional packages.

  • Blueprints now support definition of alternative kernels, such as kernel-rt, using the customizations.kernel.name key.

  • Attempt to use the customization.kernel.append key in a blueprint for the OSTree image type now results in error, because the customization was ignored.

  • OSBuild dependency now requires version 24 because of its new sysconfig and RHSM stages.

  • RHEL qcow2 images now come with disabled product-id and subscription-manager plugins in dnf to make them consistent with images produced by imagefactory.

  • OSTree parent can now be replaced with url pointing to a repository that contains the parent commit.

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou, Alexander Todorov, Antonio Murdaca, Brian C. Lane, Chloe Kaubisch, Jacob Kozol, Jozef Mikovic, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Sanne Raymaekers, Tomas Hozza, Tom Gundersen

— Brno, 2021-02-20


  • Starting from this release, we are putting longer news posts in docs/news/*/. We strongly encourage everyone to take a look at them!

  • OSBuild Composer now ships with a new osbuild-composer-core subpackage. It neither requires systemd nor a local worker, so it's perfect to use in a container. Just connect a remote worker to it and you are good to go!

  • The RHEL 8.4 guest image is now much closer to its original kickstart definition.

  • The API for Koji now supports retrieving manifests.

  • Uploaded AMIs now have a name tag, making them easier to search for in the AWS console.

  • The repository now contains a Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml for a quick setup of a development environment. Feel free to use it and let us know if you find it useful. We strongly recommend reading HACKING.md to learn about some caveats of this setup.

  • The bug allowing users to override a system repository in the Weldr API is now fixed.

  • The project now requires Go 1.14.

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou, Brian C. Lane, David Rheinsberg, Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai, Sanne Raymaekers, Tomas Hozza, Tom Gundersen

— Kořenov, 2020-02-04


  • RHEL 8.4 images got plenty of updates:

    • Image building for aarch64, ppc64le and s390x is fixed.

    • The root XFS partition now has a random UUID. This change fixes image builds on an image built by osbuild-composer.

    • QCOW2 images are now closer to the old official ones:

    • The default size is now set to 10 GiB.

    • rng-tools are no longer installed.

    • kernel options are now aligned to the old official images.

    • org.osbuild.rhel84 runner is now used to build these images.

  • Worker crashed in a koji-finalize job when a previous koji-init job failed. This is now fixed.

  • Composer API has now support for mirrorlist and metalink.

  • Composer API now supports sharing an Amazon Machine Image with an another account.

  • Upload of aarch64 images to AWS is now fixed.

  • Composer API for Koji returns pending status until all images are finished. Previously, it returned failed as soon as the first image build failed.

  • Composer API for Koji and Worker API now log errors. This should very much simplify debugging.

  • osbuild-composer(7) man page is now included in the RPM.

  • The testing got some very nice updates too:

    • The CI now runs a subset of tests on Fedora 33 aarch64.

    • The CI now runs reverse dependency tests against koji-osbuild.

Contributions from: Chloe Kaubisch, Christian Kellner, Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Ondřej Budai, Sanne Raymaekers, Tomas Hozza

— Liberec, 2020-12-16


  • Composer now supports RHEL 8.4! Big thanks to Jacob Kozol! If you want to build RHEL 8.4 using Composer API or Composer API for Koji, remember to pass "rhel-84" as a distribution name.

  • Composer can now be started without Weldr API. If you need it, start osbuild-composer.socket before osbuild-composer.service is started. Note that cockpit-composer starts osbuild-composer.socket so this change is backward compatible.

  • When Koji call failed, both osbuild-composer and osbuild-worker errored. This is now fixed.

  • The dependency on osbuild in the spec file is now moved to the worker subpackage. This was a mistake that could cause the worker to use an incompatible version of osbuild.

  • As always, testing got some upgrades. This time, mostly in the way we build our testing RPMs.

Contributions from: Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-11-19


  • Composer now internally supports multi-build composes. A big part of the jobqueue and worker was rewritten to support this feature.

  • Composer API for Koji was adjusted to use the new multi-build feature. All communication with Koji was moved to the worker so there's no need to have Koji credentials in composer (it's sufficient to have them in the worker). Additionally, the API can now correctly handle requests with multiple images.

  • Composer API for Koji has now /compose/{id}/logs route exposing logs to a caller. Keep in mind that the API specification doesn't guarantee the field structure, so it may change at any point in the future.

  • Composer API returned statuses that were not defined in the API specification. This is now fixed.

  • As always, there we are improvements in the testing pipeline. The biggest change is the introduction of Fedora 33 in composer's CI.

Contributions from: Chloe Kaubisch, Lars Karlitski, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-11-11


  • Support for building Fedora 31 images was removed.

  • Metadata sent from Composer to Koji were adjusted based on a feedback from Koji maintainers. More fixes will definitely come in a future release.

  • Composer is now easier to deploy to OpenStack with a new deploy-openstack script available in the source tree. Note that the previous version introduced a similar tool for deploying a local qemu VM.

  • The testing setup is still being reworked massively. With the help of deploy-qemu, it should be now very simple to replicate the Schutzbot tests on a local machine.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Lars Karlitski, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen, Xiaofeng Wang

— Liberec, 2020-11-04


  • Support for building Fedora 33 images is now available as a tech preview.

  • The osbuild-composer-cloud binary is gone. The osbuild-composer binary now serves the Composer API along with Weldr and Koji APIs.

  • The testing setup was reworked. All files related to tests are now shipped in the tests subpackage. A script to run the test suite locally is now also available. See HACKING.md for more details.

  • GPG keys in Koji API are no longer marked as required.

  • Osbuild-composer RPM is now buildable on Fedora 33+ and Fedora ELN.

  • Osbuild-composer for Fedora 34 and higher now obsoletes lorax-composer.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-10-16


  • Composer API is now available as a tech preview in the osbuild-composer-cloud subpackage. It's meant to be a simple API that allows users build an image and push it to a cloud provider. It doesn't support advanced features like storing blueprints as Weldr API does. This is not stable API, and is subject to incompatible change.

  • Koji API is now available in the -koji subpackage. It can be used to perform an image build and push the result directly to a Koji instance.

  • Worker API is now completely overhauled. Support for distinguishing architectures is added and the whole API is generated from an OpenAPI spec.

  • Weldr API's /projects/source/new route now explicitly requires the url field.

  • The project now requires Go 1.13.

  • Testing of vmware and ostree images is now greatly improved.

  • All bash scripts are now checked with shellcheck on the CI.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Peter Robinson, Sanne Raymaekers, Tom Gundersen, Xiaofeng Wang

— Liberec, 2020-09-24


  • VMDK images are now stream optimized to be compatible with vCenter by defult.

  • RPMs are pulled from the correct repositories on RHEL, depending on whether the host is running on Beta or GA.

  • Cloud credentials can now no longer be returned by the API.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Tom Gundersen

— London, 2020-08-23


  • Bug fixes to the weldr API.

  • Default image size was increased to be able to build empty blueprints by default.

  • OpenStack images are now tested on the target footprint in CI.

  • Other test improvements.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Jenn Giardino, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka

— London, 2020-08-10


  • Qcow and openstack images for Fedora have now cloudinit service enabled by default. This change leads to a higher consistency with the official images.

  • Fedora 32 image builds were failing if an installed package shipped a custom SELinux policy. This is now fixed.

  • The DNF integration now uses the fastestmirror plugin. This should lead to faster and more reliable depsolves.

  • Tar archives returned from Weldr routes could have contained files with a timestamp newer than the current time. This led to warnings when untarring these archives. The timestamps are now fixed.

  • The RCM subpackage was removed. It was never properly finished and will be superseded by a Koji integration at some point.

Contributions from: Chloe Kaubisch, Christian Kellner, David Rheinsberg, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-07-22


  • AWS images are now built in the raw format. Previously used vhdx was space-efficient but actually caused about 30% of uploads to fail.

  • The spec file had a wrong version of lorax-composer to obsolete, causing upgrades to fail. This is now fixed.

Contributions from: Major Hayden, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-07-08


  • osbuild-composer now obsoletes lorax-composer on RHEL.

  • An upload failure (e.g. due to invalid credentials) now causes the compose to appear as failed.

  • RHEL 8 repositories are switched to the beta ones to allow composer to be tested on 8.3 Beta. This will be reverted when GA comes.

  • OSTree images no longer contains /etc/fstab. The filesystem layout is determined by the installer and thus it doesn't make any sense to include it.

  • If both group and user customizations were used, the user would be created before the group, causing a build to fail. This is now fixed.

  • Composer now correctly passes UID and GID to org.osbuild.{users,groups} stages as ints instead of strings.

  • The subpackages (worker, tests and rcm) now require a matching version of osbuild-composer to be installed. Previously, they would be happy with just an arbitrary one.

  • Support for testing OpenStack images in actual OpenStack is now available. Note that upload to OpenStack is still not available for the end users (it's on the roadmap though).

  • Worker now logs not only job failures but also job successes.

  • All DNF errors were mistakenly tagged as RepoError, this is now fixed.

  • As always, a lot of test and CI improvements are included in this release.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Christian Kellner, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-06-29


  • Support for building RHEL for Edge is now available.

  • Composer has now support for building QCOW2 and tar images for ppc64le and s390x architectures.

  • Tar images for RHEL have returned. The Image Builder team found out that they are used as a way to install RHEL for Satellite.

  • Blueprints containing packages with a wildcard version no longer causes the built image to have both x86_64 and i686 versions of one package installed.

  • GPG check is now disabled by default. If you have a custom repository in /etc/osbuild-composer/repositories, just set gpg_check to true to enable the check. Note that all the pre-defined repositories have GPG check enabled.

  • Composer now supports a cancellation of jobs. This can be done by calling /compose/cancel route of Weldr API.

  • osbuild-composer previously crashed when osbuild didn't return the right machine-readable output (e.g. because of a disk being out of space). This is now fixed.

  • Because of the GPG check change and RHEL for Edge support, composer now requires osbuild 17 or higher.

  • osbuild-composer previously required the python package to be installed on RHEL. Now, it uses the always-installed platform-python.

  • The buildroot for RHEL 8 didn't have selinux labels before. This is now fixed.

  • When Composer crashed, it left temporary directories in /var/cache. The temporary directories are now moved to /var/tmp, which is managed by systemd with PrivateTmp set to true, so they're now correctly removed after a crash.

  • Several weldr API routes were aligned to work in the same way as with Lorax. /blueprints/freeze now correctly supports option to output TOML. Projects and modules routes return all fields as Lorax returns.

  • AWS upload now logs the current state to the system journal. Emojis are of course included. 🎉

  • As always, amazing improvements in the CI infrastructure happened. Also, the test coverage went up. Thanks all for doing this!

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Christian Kellner, Jakub Rusz, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Peter Robinson, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-06-12


  • AWS uploads doesn't anymore report to AWS that composer uploads the image in vhdx format. This surprisingly makes the upload process more stable.

  • Uploads were always in WAITING state. This is now fixed.

  • The /projects/source/* routes now correctly supports all the features of Weldr API v1.

  • AWS upload now logs the progress to journal. Even better logging is hopefully coming soon.

  • AWS upload's status is now correctly set to FAILED when ImportSnapshot fails. Before, this hanged the upload indefinitely.

  • Store unmarshalling is now safer in some cases. For example, stored manifests are now longer checked when loaded from disk. Therefore, changing of manifest schema doesn't lead to crashes when old manifests are present in the store.

  • When store loading failed in non-verbose mode of osbuild-composer, it crashed the process because of nil logger. This is now fixed.

  • The upstream spec file for building osbuild-composer package now excludes the i686 architecture. Note that composer never supported this arch.

  • The upstream spec file now correctly specifies the composer's dependency to osbuild-ostree. This was forgotten in the previous release which introduced Fedora IoT support.

  • The previous version didn't have repositories defined for s390x and ppc64le architectures. This is now fixed. Note that this only fixes some codepaths, osbuild-composer still cannot build any images on these architectures.

Contributions from: Brian C. Lane, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Stef Walter, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-06-03


  • Fedora IoT is now supported for Fedora 32 in the form of producing the commit tarball. Feel free to test it and report any issues you find.

  • Support for RHEL was completely revamped. Now, osbuild-composer supports building images only for the latest RHEL 8. The separate minor versions are no longer available. Additionally, it now uses the Red Hat CDN which requires the host system to be properly subscribed. If you need to use different package repositories to build RHEL from, use a repository override in /etc/osbuild-composer/repositories.

  • Several image types were removed: ext4-filesystem, partitioned-disk, and tar. The use-cases for these image types were not clearly defined and without a clear definition, it was very hard to define test cases for them.

  • Support for Fedora 30 was dropped as it is now EOL. So long and thanks for all the fish!

  • The timeout for AWS upload is removed. It's very hard to predict how long will the AWS upload take. With the timeout in place, it caused the test suite to produce a lot of false positives.

  • Build logs were broken in the previous release, this release fixes it. This time, they were properly saved but weldr API read them from a wrong location. This is now fixed and covered with basic tests.

  • Weldr API has now support for /compose/metadata and /compose/results routes. This allows users to easily access a manifest used to build an image.

  • Preliminary support for ppc64le and s390x is added to RHEL distribution. No images cannot be built yet but at least it won't crash on startup.

  • The weldr API socket has now correct permissions. As the result, it can be read and written only by root and the weldr group. This is the same behaviour as Lorax has.

  • By mistake, workers incorrectly used the default store for every build. However, this can currently cause the store to grow indefinitely, so this release switched the osbuild store to use a temporary directory again.

  • /status route in weldr API now correctly returns msgs field.

  • Handling of json (un)marshalling in store is revamped. It should make it more stable and simplify the maintenance of the store backwards compatibility.

  • Initial support for koji is now added. It's currently not hooked up to composer and only supports password authentication. More coming soon.

  • Again, the automated testing was greatly improved during this cycle, big thanks to everyone involved!

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, David Rheinsberg, Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-05-28


  • In previous versions support for running remote workers was broken. This is now fixed and running remote workers is once again possible. See #568 for more information.

  • The job queue and the store are now two separate Go packages. One of the benefits is that it is now possible to build images without using the store which is too complicated for some usecases.

  • A blueprint name is now checked against the regex ^[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+$. This is the same limitation as in lorax-composer.

  • All osbuild calls now use the new --output-directory argument. This change is a must because the old way of retrieving images from the osbuild store will soon be deprecated.

  • Some routes from the weldr API are now implemented in a more efficient way.

  • As always, the team worked hard on improving the tests and the CI.

Contributions from: Brian C. Lane, David Rheinsberg, Jiri Kortus, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai

— Liberec, 2020-05-13


  • The support for uploading VHD images to Azure is now available.

  • AMI images are now produced in the vhdx format. This fixes the issue that those images couldn't be previously booted in EC2.

  • In version 10 the logs weren't saved when osbuild failed. This is now fixed.

  • The warnings when upgrading/removing the RPM package are now fixed. Note that updating to version 11 still produces them because the upgrade process runs also the scriptlets from version 10.

  • The size calculation for Fedora 31 vhd images is fixed.

  • The size field was removed from the tar assembler struct. The field has actually never been supported in osbuild and it doesn't make any sense.

  • The minimal required version of osbuild is bumped to 12.

  • This release also got big upgrades to the testing infrastructure, more tests are run on a CI and they now run faster. Also, the unit test coverage is improved.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Jiri Kortus, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-04-29


  • The correct metadata_expire value is now passed to dnf. In the past, this led to a lot of failed builds, because dnf has the default expire time set to 48 hours, whereas the Fedora updates repos have the expire time of 6 hours.

  • A decision was made that the minimal Go version required for building the project is 1.12. This is now enforced by the CI.

  • The intermediate s3 object is now deleted after the upload to AWS is finished. It has no value for users.

  • The upload to AWS has now a bigger timeout. The current coronavirus situation is affecting the AWS responsiveness in a negative way.

  • The weldr API has better test coverage. In the process, several bugs in sources and composes were fixed.

  • Worker and jobqueue packages are receiving a big refactoring. This is the prerequisite for having multiple job queues for building images for different distributions and architectures.

  • The image tests now boot the AWS images in the actual EC2.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-04-15


  • Fedora is now build with updates and modules repositories enabled, therefore up-to-date images are now produced.

  • A new man-page osbuild-composer(7) with high-level description of the project is now available. It can be built by the new man target in the Makfile.

  • All Fedora images have now a generic initramfs. This should make the images more reproducible and less likely failing to boot if the image build was done in a less usual environment.

  • Metalink is now used to access the Fedora repositories. This change should hopefully lead to more stable builds.

  • Composer is now released to Fedora 32 and 33 in a new osbuild-composer package. The old golang-github-osbuild-composer package will be automatically upgraded to the new one.

  • The internal osbuild-pipeline command now has a more user-friendly interface.

  • The RCM API (in development, experimental) is reworked to allow any distribution-architecture-image type combination.

  • The work on a high-level description of image types began. See image-types directory.

  • The osbuild-worker arguments are reworked, they are now much more flexible.

  • The image-info tool used in the integration tests can be now run on Fedora 32.

  • The unit test coverage is now much bigger, thanks to all contributors!

  • Internal distribution representation is significantly reworked, this simplifies the process of adding the support for all currently missing architectures.

  • Integration tests were also improved, the image tests are fully switched to the new Go implementation and an automatic way of generating test cases is added. The weldr API coverage is also much better. Several bugs in it were fixed in the process.

  • Codecov.io is now used to monitor the test coverage of the code.

  • As always, minor fixes and improvements all over the place.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, David Rheinsberg, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Jiri Kortus, Lars Karlitski, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-04-01


  • All generated pipelines now use the org.osbuild.rpm stage of osbuild, rather than org.osbuild.dnf. This improves on splitting resource acquisition from image building and should make image composition more reliable and faster.

  • The STATE_DIRECTORY environment variable now allows changing the state directory path of osbuild-composer. This is to support older systemd versions that do not pass in StateDirectory= to the service executable.

  • Minor fixes and improvements all over the place.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Berlin, 2020-03-18


  • Support for RHEL 8.1 as image type is now available.

  • Semantic versioning of blueprints in the lorax API is now enforced. This was always the case for the original lorax API, and Composer now follows this as well.

  • Lots of internal improvements, including many automatic tests, improved error handling, better cache directory management, as well as preparations to move over from org.osbuild.dnf to org.osbuild.rpm in all build pipelines.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Jacob Kozol, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Berlin, 2020-03-05


  • Initial implementation of 'osbuild-composer'.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Christian Kellner, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Lars Karlitski, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen