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# Maintenance Helpers
# This makefile contains targets used for development, as well as helpers to
# aid automatization of maintenance. Unless a target is documented in
# `make help`, it is not supported and is only meant to be used by developers
# to aid their daily development work.
# All supported targets honor the `SRCDIR` variable to find the source-tree.
# For most unsupported targets, you are expected to have the source-tree as
# your working directory. To specify a different source-tree, simply override
# the variable via `SRCDIR=<path>` on the commandline. By default, the working
# directory is used for build output, but `BUILDDIR=<path>` allows overriding
# it.


RST2MAN ?= rst2man

# Automatic Variables
# This section contains a bunch of automatic variables used all over the place.
# They mostly try to fetch information from the repository sources to avoid
# hard-coding them in this makefile.
# Most of the variables here are pre-fetched so they will only ever be
# evaluated once. This, however, means they are always executed regardless of
# which target is run.
#     VERSION:
#         This evaluates the `Version` field of the specfile. Therefore, it will
#         be set to the latest version number of this repository without any
#         prefix (just a plain number).
#     COMMIT:
#         This evaluates to the latest git commit sha. This will not work if
#         the source is not a git checkout. Hence, this variable is not
#         pre-fetched but evaluated at time of use.

VERSION := $(shell (cd "$(SRCDIR)" && grep "^Version:" osbuild-composer.spec | sed 's/[^[:digit:]]*\([[:digit:]]\+\).*/\1/'))
COMMIT = $(shell (cd "$(SRCDIR)" && git rev-parse HEAD))

# Generic Targets
# The following is a set of generic targets used across the makefile. The
# following targets are defined:
#     help
#         This target prints all supported targets. It is meant as
#         documentation of targets we support and might use outside of this
#         repository.
#         This is also the default target.
#     $(BUILDDIR)/
#     $(BUILDDIR)/%/
#         This target simply creates the specified directory. It is limited to
#         the build-dir as a safety measure. Note that this requires you to use
#         a trailing slash after the directory to not mix it up with regular
#         files. Lastly, you mostly want this as order-only dependency, since
#         timestamps on directories do not affect their content.

.PHONY: help
	@echo "make [TARGETS...]"
	@echo "This is the maintenance makefile of osbuild. The following"
	@echo "targets are available:"
	@echo "    help:               Print this usage information."
	@echo "    man:                Generate all man-pages"

	mkdir -p "$@"

	mkdir -p "$@"

# Documentation
# The following targets build the included documentation. This includes the
# packaged man-pages, but also all other kinds of documentation that needs to
# be generated. Note that these targets are relied upon by automatic
# deployments to our website, as well as package manager scripts.

MANPAGES_RST = $(wildcard $(SRCDIR)/docs/*.[0123456789].rst)

$(MANPAGES_TROFF): $(BUILDDIR)/docs/%: $(SRCDIR)/docs/%.rst | $(BUILDDIR)/docs/
	$(RST2MAN) "$<" "$@"

.PHONY: man

# Maintenance Targets
# The following targets are meant for development and repository maintenance.
# They are not supported nor is their use recommended in scripts.

.PHONY: build
	go build -o osbuild-composer ./cmd/osbuild-composer/
	go build -o osbuild-worker ./cmd/osbuild-worker/
	go build -o osbuild-pipeline ./cmd/osbuild-pipeline/
	go build -o osbuild-upload-azure ./cmd/osbuild-upload-azure/
	go build -o osbuild-upload-aws ./cmd/osbuild-upload-aws/
	go test -c -tags=integration -o osbuild-tests ./cmd/osbuild-tests/main_test.go
	go test -c -tags=integration -o osbuild-weldr-tests ./internal/client/
	go test -c -tags=integration -o osbuild-dnf-json-tests ./cmd/osbuild-dnf-json-tests/main_test.go
	go test -c -tags=integration,travis -o osbuild-image-tests ./cmd/osbuild-image-tests/

.PHONY: install
	- mkdir -p /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer
	cp osbuild-composer /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer/
	cp osbuild-worker /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer/
	cp dnf-json /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer/
	- mkdir -p /usr/share/osbuild-composer/repositories
	cp repositories/* /usr/share/osbuild-composer/repositories
	- mkdir -p /etc/sysusers.d/
	cp distribution/osbuild-composer.conf /etc/sysusers.d/
	systemd-sysusers osbuild-composer.conf
	- mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/
	cp distribution/*.service /etc/systemd/system/
	cp distribution/*.socket /etc/systemd/system/
	systemctl daemon-reload

.PHONY: ca
ifneq (/etc/osbuild-composer/ca-key.pem/etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem,$(wildcard /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-key.pem)$(wildcard /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem))
	@echo CA key or certificate file is missing, generating a new pair...
	- mkdir -p /etc/osbuild-composer
	openssl req -new -nodes -x509 -days 365 -keyout /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-key.pem -out /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem -subj "/"
	@echo CA key and certificate files already exist, skipping...

.PHONY: composer-key-pair
composer-key-pair: ca
	openssl genrsa -out /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-key.pem 2048
	openssl req -new -sha256 -key /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-key.pem	-out /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-csr.pem -subj "/CN=localhost" # TODO: we need to generate certificates with another hostname
	openssl x509 -req -in /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-csr.pem  -CA /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem -CAkey /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-key.pem -CAcreateserial -out /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-crt.pem
	chown _osbuild-composer:_osbuild-composer /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-key.pem /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-csr.pem /etc/osbuild-composer/composer-crt.pem

.PHONY: worker-key-pair
worker-key-pair: ca
	openssl genrsa -out /etc/osbuild-composer/worker-key.pem 2048
	openssl req -new -sha256 -key /etc/osbuild-composer/worker-key.pem	-out /etc/osbuild-composer/worker-csr.pem -subj "/CN=localhost"
	openssl x509 -req -in /etc/osbuild-composer/worker-csr.pem  -CA /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem -CAkey /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-key.pem -CAcreateserial -out /etc/osbuild-composer/worker-crt.pem

# Building packages
# The following rules build osbuild-composer packages from the current HEAD
# commit, based on the spec file in this directory.  The resulting packages
# have the commit hash in their version, so that they don't get overwritten
# when calling `make rpm` again after switching to another branch.
# All resulting files (spec files, source rpms, rpms) are written into
# ./rpmbuild, using rpmbuild's usual directory structure.


	mkdir -p $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild/SPECS
	(echo "%global commit $(COMMIT)"; git show HEAD:golang-github-osbuild-composer.spec) > $(OLD_RPM_SPECFILE)

	mkdir -p $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild/SPECS
	(echo "%global commit $(COMMIT)"; git show HEAD:osbuild-composer.spec) > $(RPM_SPECFILE)

	mkdir -p $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild/SOURCES
	git archive --prefix=osbuild-composer-$(COMMIT)/ --format=tar.gz HEAD > $(RPM_TARBALL)

.PHONY: srpm
	rpmbuild -bs \
		--define "_topdir $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild" \
		--with tests \

.PHONY: rpm
	rpmbuild -bb \
		--define "_topdir $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild" \
		--with tests \

.PHONY: old-srpm
	rpmbuild -bs \
		--define "_topdir $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild" \

.PHONY: old-rpm
	rpmbuild -bb \
		--define "_topdir $(CURDIR)/rpmbuild" \

# Releasing

NEXT_VERSION := $(shell expr "$(VERSION)" + 1)

.PHONY: release
	@echo "Checklist for release of osbuild-composer-$(NEXT_VERSION):"
	@echo " * Create news entry in with a short description of"
	@echo "   any changes since the last release, which are relevant to"
	@echo "   users, packagers, distributors, or dependent projects."
	@echo "   Use the following template, break lines at 80ch:"
	@echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
	@echo "  * ..."
	@echo "  * ..."
	@echo -n "Contributions from: "
# We omit the contributor list if `git log` fails. If you hit this,
# consider fetching missing tags via `git fetch --tags`, or just copy
# this command and remove the stderr-redirect.
	@echo `( git log --format='%an, ' v$(VERSION)..HEAD 2>/dev/null | sort -u | tr -d '\n' | sed 's/, $$//' ) || echo`
	@echo "— Location, YYYY-MM-DD"
	@echo "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
	@echo "   To get a list of changes since the last release, you may use:"
	@echo "        git log v$(VERSION)..HEAD"
	@echo " * Bump the project version. The canonical location so far is"
	@echo "   'osbuild-composer.spec' and"
	@echo "   'golang-github-osbuild-composer.spec'."
	@echo " * Make sure the spec-file is updated for the new release and"
	@echo "   correctly supports all new features. This should already be"
	@echo "   done by previous commits that introduced the changes, but"
	@echo "   a sanity check does not hurt."
	@echo " * Commit the version bump, specfile changes and in any"
	@echo "   order you want."
	@echo " * Tag the release via:"
	@echo "        git tag -s -m 'osbuild-composer $(NEXT_VERSION)' v$(NEXT_VERSION) HEAD"
	@echo " * Push master as well as the tag:"
	@echo "        git push origin master"
	@echo "        git push origin v$(NEXT_VERSION)"
	@echo " * Create a release on github. Use '' verbatim from the"
	@echo "   top until the end of the section for this release as release"
	@echo "   notes. Use 'v$(NEXT_VERSION)' as release name and as tag for"
	@echo "   the release."