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package osbuild2

type OSTreeCommitStageOptions struct {
	// OStree ref to create for the commit
	Ref string `json:"ref"`

	// Set the version of the OS as commit metadata
	OSVersion string `json:"os_version,omitempty"`

	// Commit ID of the parent commit
	Parent string `json:"parent,omitempty"`

func (OSTreeCommitStageOptions) isStageOptions() {}

type OSTreeCommitStageInput struct {
	References OSTreeCommitStageReferences `json:"references"`

func (OSTreeCommitStageInput) isStageInput() {}

type OSTreeCommitStageInputs struct {
	Tree *OSTreeCommitStageInput `json:"tree"`

func (OSTreeCommitStageInputs) isStageInputs() {}

type OSTreeCommitStageReferences []string

func (OSTreeCommitStageReferences) isReferences() {}

// The OSTreeCommitStage (org.osbuild.ostree.commit) describes how to assemble
// a tree into an OSTree commit.
func NewOSTreeCommitStage(options *OSTreeCommitStageOptions, inputs *OSTreeCommitStageInputs) *Stage {
	return &Stage{
		Type:    "org.osbuild.ostree.commit",
		Options: options,
		Inputs:  inputs,