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Support new OSBuild pipelines and new RHEL for Edge image types

OSBuild Composer can now generate Manifests that conform to the new OSBuild schema. Two new image types are added that take advantage of the new schema:

  • rhel-edge-container: Creates an OCI container with an embedded rhel-edge-commit. Running the container starts a web server that serves the commit.

  • rhel-edge-installer: Creates a boot ISO image that embeds a rhel-edge-commit. The commit is pulled from a URL during the compose of the boot ISO.

Requesting a rhel-edge-installer requires specifying a URL, otherwise the request will fail. Blueprint customizations have no effect on the boot ISO and also cause the request to fail if any are specified.

Relevant PR: https://github.com/osbuild/osbuild-composer/pull/1244