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Building the OPAE Intel FPGA driver (out-of-tree)

The Intel FPGA driver included with OPAE SDK releases is packaged as an RPM or DEB package as well as a source tarball. Starting with OPAE SDK release of 1.4, the driver can be built from source out-of-tree but requires the following packages:

For RPM package managers (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, etc.) kernel-headers kernel-devel gcc make

For DEB package managers (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.) kernel-headers-generic gcc * make

After installation of necessary distribution packages, follow the steps in the example below to build the Intel Kernel driver. NOTE The example below references Intel FPGA Kernel driver version 2.0.2. but can be applied to later versions.

tar zxf opae-intel-fpga-driver-2.0.2-1.tar.gz
cd opae-intel-fpga-driver-2.0.2