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Oniguruma is a modern and flexible regular expressions library. It
encompasses features from different regular expression implementations
that traditionally exist in different languages. It comes close to
being a complete superset of all regular expression features found
in other regular expression implementations.

Its features include:
* Character encoding can be specified per regular expression object.
* Several regular expression types are supported:
  * Oniguruma (native)
  * Grep
  * GNU Regex
  * Perl
  * Java
  * Ruby
  * Emacs

Supported character encodings:

  Shift_JIS, Big5, GB18030, KOI8-R, CP1251,
  ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-4, ISO-8859-5,
  ISO-8859-6, ISO-8859-7, ISO-8859-8, ISO-8859-9, ISO-8859-10,
  ISO-8859-11, ISO-8859-13, ISO-8859-14, ISO-8859-15, ISO-8859-16

* GB18030: contributed by KUBO Takehiro
* CP1251:  contributed by Byte

New feature of version 6.8.2

* Fix: #80 UChar in header causes issue
* NEW API: onig_set_callout_user_data_of_match_param()  (* omission in 6.8.0)
* add doc/CALLOUTS.API and doc/CALLOUTS.API.ja

New feature of version 6.8.1

* Update shared library version to 5.0.0 for API incompatible changes from 6.7.1

New feature of version 6.8.0

* Retry-limit-in-match function enabled by default
* NEW: configure option --enable-posix-api=no  (* enabled by default)
* NEW API: onig_search_with_param(), onig_match_with_param()
* NEW: Callouts of contents  (?{...contents...}) (?{...}\[tag]\[X<>]) (?{{...}})
* NEW: Callouts of name      (*name) (*name\[tag]{args...})
* NEW: Builtin callouts  (*FAIL) (*MISMATCH) (*ERROR{n}) (*COUNT) (*MAX{n}) etc..
* Examples of Callouts program: [callout.c](sample/callout.c), [count.c](sample/count.c), [echo.c](sample/echo.c)

(* Callout function API is experimental level and isn't fixed definitely yet. Undocumented now)

New feature of version 6.7.1

* NEW: Mechanism of retry-limit-in-match (* disabled by default)

New feature of version 6.7.0

* NEW: hexadecimal codepoint \uHHHH
* Disabled \N and \O on ONIG_SYNTAX_RUBY
* Reduced size of object file

New feature of version 6.6.0

* NEW: ASCII only mode options for character type/property (?WDSP)
* NEW: Extended Grapheme Cluster boundary \y, \Y (*original)
* NEW: Extended Grapheme Cluster \X
* Range-clear (Absent-clear) operator restores previous range in retractions.

New feature of version 6.5.0

* NEW: \K (keep)
* NEW: \R (general newline) \N (no newline)
* NEW: \O (true anychar)
* NEW: if-then-else   (?(...)...\|...)
* NEW: Backreference validity checker (?(xxx)) (*original)
* NEW: Absent repeater (?~absent)  \[is equal to (?\~\|absent|\O*)]
* NEW: Absent expression   (?~|absent|expr)  (*original)
* NEW: Absent stopper (?~|absent)     (*original)

New feature of version 6.4.0

* Fix fatal problem of endless repeat on Windows
* NEW: call zero (call the total regexp) \g<0>
* NEW: relative backref/call by positive number \k<+n>, \g<+n>

New feature of version 6.3.0

* NEW: octal codepoint \o{.....}
* Fixed CVE-2017-9224
* Fixed CVE-2017-9225
* Fixed CVE-2017-9226
* Fixed CVE-2017-9227
* Fixed CVE-2017-9228
* Fixed CVE-2017-9229

New feature of version 6.1.2

* allow word bound, word begin and word end in look-behind.

New feature of version 6.1

* improved doc/RE
* NEW API: onig_scan()

New feature of version 6.0

* Update Unicode 8.0 Property/Case-folding
* NEW API: onig_unicode_define_user_property()


  BSD license.


### Case 1: Unix and Cygwin platform

   1. autoreconf -vfi   (* case: configure script is not found.)

   2. ./configure
   3. make
   4. make install

   * uninstall

     make uninstall

   * configuration check

     onig-config --cflags
     onig-config --libs
     onig-config --prefix
     onig-config --exec-prefix

### Case 2: Windows 64/32bit platform (Visual Studio)

   execute make_win64 or make_win32

      onig_s.lib:  static link library
      onig.dll:    dynamic link library

   * test (ASCII/Shift_JIS)

      1. cd src
      2. copy ..\windows\testc.c .
      3. nmake -f ctest

   (I have checked by Visual Studio Community 2015)

Regular Expressions

  See [doc/RE](doc/RE) or [doc/RE.ja](doc/RE.ja) for Japanese.


  Include oniguruma.h in your program. (Oniguruma API)
  See doc/API for Oniguruma API.

  If you want to disable UChar type (== unsigned char) definition
  in oniguruma.h, define ONIG_ESCAPE_UCHAR_COLLISION and then 
  include oniguruma.h.

  If you want to disable regex_t type definition in oniguruma.h,
  define ONIG_ESCAPE_REGEX_T_COLLISION and then include oniguruma.h.

  Example of the compiling/linking command line in Unix or Cygwin,
  (prefix == /usr/local case)

    cc sample.c -L/usr/local/lib -lonig

  If you want to use static link library(onig_s.lib) in Win32,
  add option -DONIG_EXTERN=extern to C compiler.

Sample Programs

|File                  |Description                               |
|sample/simple.c       |example of the minimum (Oniguruma API)    |
|sample/names.c        |example of the named group callback.      |
|sample/encode.c       |example of some encodings.                |
|sample/listcap.c      |example of the capture history.           |
|sample/posix.c        |POSIX API sample.                         |
|sample/scan.c         |example of using onig_scan().             |
|sample/sql.c          |example of the variable meta characters.  |
|sample/user_property.c|example of user defined Unicode property. |
|sample/callout.c      |example of callouts.                      |

Test Programs

|File               |Description                            |
|sample/syntax.c    |Perl, Java and ASIS syntax test.       |
|sample/crnl.c      |--enable-crnl-as-line-terminator test  |

Source Files

|File               |Description                                             |
|oniguruma.h        |Oniguruma API header file (public)                      |
|     |configuration check program template                    |
|regenc.h           |character encodings framework header file               |
|regint.h           |internal definitions                                    |
|regparse.h         |internal definitions for regparse.c and regcomp.c       |
|regcomp.c          |compiling and optimization functions                    |
|regenc.c           |character encodings framework                           |
|regerror.c         |error message function                                  |
|regext.c           |extended API functions (deluxe version API)             |
|regexec.c          |search and match functions                              |
|regparse.c         |parsing functions.                                      |
|regsyntax.c        |pattern syntax functions and built-in syntax definitions|
|regtrav.c          |capture history tree data traverse functions            |
|regversion.c       |version info function                                   |
|st.h               |hash table functions header file                        |
|st.c               |hash table functions                                    |
|oniggnu.h          |GNU regex API header file (public)                      |
|reggnu.c           |GNU regex API functions                                 |
|onigposix.h        |POSIX API header file (public)                          |
|regposerr.c        |POSIX error message function                            |
|regposix.c         |POSIX API functions                                     |
|mktable.c          |character type table generator                          |
|ascii.c            |ASCII encoding                                          |
|euc_jp.c           |EUC-JP encoding                                         |
|euc_tw.c           |EUC-TW encoding                                         |
|euc_kr.c           |EUC-KR, EUC-CN encoding                                 |
|sjis.c             |Shift_JIS encoding                                      |
|big5.c             |Big5      encoding                                      |
|gb18030.c          |GB18030   encoding                                      |
|koi8.c             |KOI8      encoding                                      |
|koi8_r.c           |KOI8-R    encoding                                      |
|cp1251.c           |CP1251    encoding                                      |
|iso8859_1.c        |ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1)                                    |
|iso8859_2.c        |ISO-8859-2 (Latin-2)                                    |
|iso8859_3.c        |ISO-8859-3 (Latin-3)                                    |
|iso8859_4.c        |ISO-8859-4 (Latin-4)                                    |
|iso8859_5.c        |ISO-8859-5 (Cyrillic)                                   |
|iso8859_6.c        |ISO-8859-6 (Arabic)                                     |
|iso8859_7.c        |ISO-8859-7 (Greek)                                      |
|iso8859_8.c        |ISO-8859-8 (Hebrew)                                     |
|iso8859_9.c        |ISO-8859-9 (Latin-5 or Turkish)                         |
|iso8859_10.c       |ISO-8859-10 (Latin-6 or Nordic)                         |
|iso8859_11.c       |ISO-8859-11 (Thai)                                      |
|iso8859_13.c       |ISO-8859-13 (Latin-7 or Baltic Rim)                     |
|iso8859_14.c       |ISO-8859-14 (Latin-8 or Celtic)                         |
|iso8859_15.c       |ISO-8859-15 (Latin-9 or West European with Euro)        |
|iso8859_16.c       |ISO-8859-16 (Latin-10)                                  |
|utf8.c             |UTF-8    encoding                                       |
|utf16_be.c         |UTF-16BE encoding                                       |
|utf16_le.c         |UTF-16LE encoding                                       |
|utf32_be.c         |UTF-32BE encoding                                       |
|utf32_le.c         |UTF-32LE encoding                                       |
|unicode.c          |common codes of Unicode encoding                        |
|unicode_fold_data.c|Unicode folding data                                    |
|win32/Makefile     |Makefile for Win32 (VC++)                               |
|win32/config.h     |config.h for Win32                                      |