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changes from 0.9.8 to 0.9.9

* support spaces in attribute mapping expressions
* allow parsing longer lines in the configuration file
* allow for longer host names

changes from 0.9.7 to 0.9.8

* add a pam_authc_search option that can be used to configure the search
  operation that is performed after authentication
* add nss_uid_offset and nss_gid_offset options that can be used to
  change returned numeric user and group ids from LDAP (thanks Seth Wright)
* do not retry failed user password on second LDAP server
* fix a crash in the PAM module on FreeBSD when showing password expiration
* the validnames option now also applies to shadow lookups
* support ethernet addresses in LDAP in compact and long formats
* improvements to getent.ldap command (a few minor bug fixes and preparations
  for Python 3 support)
* log entries and lookups failing nss_min_uid at debug level
* improvements to the test suite (including tests for getent.ldap)

changes from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7

* check existence of TLS certificate and key files on start-up
* fix password policy expiration handling when password was about to expire
  (thanks Mathieu Baeumler for tracking this down)
* fix updating of shadowLastChange attribute when chasing referrals
  (thanks Vasilis Tsiligiannis)
* add an pam_authc_ppolicy option to allows completely disabling ppolicy
  handling (thanks Mathieu Baeumler)
* fix handling of nss_disable_enumeration (thanks Andrew W Elble for pointing
  this out)
* display human readable password expiry messages (thanks Mathieu Baeumler)
* fix error when changing PAM user name (thanks 依云)
* support substring expressions ${var:offset:length} in attribute mapping
  (thanks Giovanni Mascellani)
* also honor the ignorecase option in PAM

changes from 0.9.5 to 0.9.6

* fix a race condition in signal handling during start-up that would cause
  nslcd to exit if a signal (such as SIGUSR1 that can be sent when network
  status changes) is received
* fix signed integer overflow on 32bit systems when using objectSid (thanks
  Geoffrey McRae)
* allow longer configuration values (thanks Jed Liu)
* add an nss_getgrent_skipmembers option to disable retrieving group members
  to improve performance in specific environments
* add an nss_disable_enumeration option to disable full listing of all users
  and groups to improve performance in specific environments (thanks Andrew
* implement an innetgr function in the Solaris NSS module

changes from 0.9.4 to 0.9.5

* improve test suite (change IP range)
* handle situation better when server (or firewall) closed the connection
  (thanks Tim Harder)
* make daemonising a little more robust and try to log more failures
* fix integer format strings (thanks Jianhai Luan and Patrick McLean)
* documentation updates (thanks Dalibor Pospíšil)
* fix range check for search access (thanks David Binderma)
* fix a bug in the NSS library when encountering IPv6 addresses in
  the hosts map (thanks Mark R Bannister)
* allow configuring the name of the NSS and PAM modules (--with-module-name)
* adjust the Linux OOM (Out-Of-Memory) killer score to avoid killing nslcd
  (thanks Patrick McLean)
* portability improvements (thanks Tim Rice)

changes from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4

* also handle password policy information on BIND failure (this makes it
  possible to distinguish between a wrong password and an expired password)
* fix mapping the member attribute to an empty string
* any buffers that may have held passwords are cleared before the memory is
* increase buffer size for passwords to support extremely long passwords
  (thanks ushi)
* increase buffer size for DN to support very long names or names with
  non-ASCII characters
* log an error in almost all places where a defined buffer is not large
  enough to hold the provided data instead of just (sometimes silently)
* logging improvements (start-up problems, login failures)
* small improvement for Solaris

changes from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3

* make the dn2uid cache lifetime configurable with the cache configuration
* have the nslcd process only exit after the service is completely available
  to avoid race conditions in the init script
* the nslcd daemon now properly daemonises (double fork)
* support mapping the member attribute to an empty string to disable the
  functionality to do extra lookups for member DN to member uid translations
* implement deref control handling to request the LDAP server to dereference
  group member attribute values to uid values
* support getting built-in groups from Active Directory (thanks Davy Defaud)
* fix for pwdLastSet attribute value handling (thanks Joshua Shire)
* fix a possible crash in the NSS module when retrieving large networks
  entries (thanks Lukas Slebodnik)
* correct NSS h_errnop return value to indicate buffer too small (thanks
  Nalin Dahyabhai)
* fix a bug with shadow values on 64-bit architectures
* automatically detect DragonFly as using the FreeBSD NSS interface (thanks
  Francois Tigeot)
* add a build-time test to see if krb5 is thread-safe
* various minor bug fixes

changes from 0.9.1 to 0.9.2

* increase password value buffer size (by Bersl)
* avoid more broken pipe errors by using a low timeout when aborting reading
  requested information from nslcd (thanks John Sullivan)
* only log broken pipe errors in debugging mode
* fix buffer overflow on interrupted read that is hard to trigger (thanks
  John Sullivan)
* use clock_gettime() with CLOCK_MONOTONIC for timeout calculations to avoid
  clock adjustments errors (thanks John Sullivan)
* extend test suite to test for CLOCK_MONOTONIC and timed IO timeout
* increase the maximum number of base statements per map to 31
* use larger nslcd send buffers to reduce the number of write operations in
  nslcd and consequently the number of reads in the NSS and PAM modules
  (thanks John Sullivan)
* also run invalidators after first successful search
* various clean-ups, portability improvements and fixes for compiler warnings
* import configure checks of Python modules
* provide a script for setting up slapd in a test environment, automatically
  loaded with the required test data
* add script for evaluating test environment availability
* portability improvements in the test scripts and test environment

changes from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1

* rename the nscd_invalidate option to reconnect_invalidate and allow flushing
  the nfsidmap cache with the new option
* implement an -n switch to not daemonise (by Caleb Callaway)
* nslcd will now return partial shadow information to non-root users to avoid
  authorisation problems with setgid shadow authentication helpers with some
  PAM stacks
* nslcd will now retry failing LDAP connections after receiving SIGUSR1
  (SIGUSR1 could be sent after re-establishing a network connection)
* fix the way manual pages are installed in some situations
* the code for the nslcd utilities (getent.ldap and chsh.ldap) is now
  installed in {prefix}/share/nslcd-utils
* improve error and help output of the getent.ldap command
* documentation updates
* a number of tests were added and existing tests were extended
* fix for a potential, small memory leak in PAM module regarding temporary
  saving of old password
* a large number of bug fixes and improvements in pynslcd
* hide passwords from the pynslcd debug output
* support start_tls, pam_password_prohibit_message, nss_initgroups_ignoreusers
  and nss_min_uid in pynslcd
* fix rootpwmodpw handling in pynslcd
* complete a basic PAM implementation in pynslcd (some things such as shadow
  attribute checking remain to be implemented)
* clean up the caching functionality in pynslcd (functionality is still

changes from 0.8.12 to 0.9.0

* backwards incompatible change to the communications protocol between nslcd
  and NSS and PAM modules to use network byte order to be able to work on
  mixed endian multiarch systems
* netgroup lookups now makes a distinction between empty netgroups and
  non-existing netgroups
* the PAM protocol is now more consistent (cleaner support for password
  modification by root, have all request parameters in the same order and
  limit the information returned from the call)
* request and handle password policy controls on LDAP authentication
* implement support for nested groups which can be enabled with the
  nss_nested_groups option (thanks Steve Hill)
* add a log option to configure log level and logging to plain files
* add an nscd_invalidate option to invalidate the nscd cache after recovering
  from LDAP connection problems (to clear any negative cache entries)
* allow trimming expressions with ${foo#bar} syntax in attribute mapping
  expressions (thanks Thorsten Glaser)
* pynslcd supports trimming expressions with full shell glob matching
* support password modification in pynslcd
* support children search scope for systems that have it
* add a getent.ldap utility to perform nslcd queries bypassing the libc NSS
* implement functionality for changing user information and provide a
  chsh.ldap utility to allow users to change their login shell
* remove deprecated use_sasl, reconnect_tries, reconnect_maxsleeptime and
  tls_checkpeer options which have been replaced long ago
* allow names with one character in default validnames option and allow
  parentheses (taken from Fedora packages)
* fall back to updating the lastChange attribute with the normal LDAP
* dump full nslcd configuration at debug level on start-up
* export an _nss_ldap_version symbol in the NSS module to make finding version
  mismatches easier (the NSS module version is logged from nslcd)
* documentation improvements
* update the coding style for the C source code to follow a more modern and
  commonly used coding convention
* some parts of the code were refactored or rewritten to take into account the
  changes within the software (e.g. configuration file handling, reduction in
  the number of system calls for normal communication)
* numerous smaller fixes
* portability and robustness improvements to the tests
* implement lookup_netgroup and lookup_shadow test commands for systems that
  cannot use getent to query these
* guess the value for --with-pam-seclib-dir configure option if it is not
* temporary disable the caching functionality of pynslcd
* usability improvements in the pynslcd implementation
* various fixes for Solaris

changes from 0.8.11 to 0.8.12

* fix a problem with the sasl_canonicalize option that would cause errors
  on non-SASL enabled systems
* ensure that the file descriptors in the NSS and PAM modules for connecting
  to nslcd are closed on exec of the process
* allow attribute options in attribute mapping expressions
* show reconnect messages when failing over to a different LDAP server or
  re-establishing the connection to an LDAP server (the message accidentally
  got hidden in 0.7.4)
* fix a problem with the pw_class attribute in FreeBSD (fixes 0.8.11)
* more fixes and improvements for Solaris (running under nscd may still give
  problems though)
* small improvement to PAM error logging
* provide a pynslcd manual if pynslcd is built

changes from 0.8.10 to 0.8.11

* add a pam_password_prohibit_message nslcd.conf option to deny password
  change (thanks to Ted Cheng)
* add a sasl_canonicalize option to allow disabling of hostname
  canonicalisation in OpenLDAP
* have the nslcd daemon load the nslcd user's supplementary groups to have
  more flexibility with assigning group permissions
* fix logic error when falling back to getting ranged attribute values for
  possibly binary attributes (thanks scan-build)
* fix a problem when storing negative hit to dn2uid cache (thanks scan-build)
* use poll() instead of select() for checking file descriptor activity to also
  correctly work if more than FD_SETSIZE files are already open
* small portability improvements
* improve support for using Netscape LDAP libraries
* improvements and fixes to the Solaris NSS code
* grow all search filter buffers to 4096 bytes
* some improvements to the pynslcd implementation
* add an LDIF version of the ldapns.schema schema file

changes from 0.8.9 to 0.8.10

* documentation improvements
* fix a problem that causes the PAM module to prompt for a new password
  even though the old one was wrong
* log successful password change in nslcd
* install default configuration file with reduced permissions (further
  protection for CVE-2009-1073)

changes from 0.8.8 to 0.8.9

* allow the pam_authz_search option to be specified multiple times
* improvements to pynslcd adding support for pam_authz_search
* implement extra range checking of all numeric values
* make documentation up-to-date
* compatibility improvements, especially for FreeBSD

changes from 0.8.7 to 0.8.8

* fix a regression in the handling of PAM requests
* add the ldapns.schema file from pam_ldap to the tarball

changes from 0.8.6 to 0.8.7

* log the first 10 search results in debug mode to make debugging easier
  (patch by Matthijs Kooijman)
* provide more detailed logging information for LDAP errors, this should
  especially help for TLS related problems (based on a patch by Mel Flynn)
* fix logging of invalid pam_authz_search value
* when doing DNS queries for SRV records recognise default ldap and ldaps
* make whether or not to do case-sensitive filtering configurable (patch by
  Matthew L. Dailey)
* document the fact that each thread opens its own connection (patch by
  Chris Hiestand)
* some small portability improvements
* try to prevent some of the Broken pipe messages in nslcd
* increase buffer used for pam_authz_search as suggested by Chris J Arges
* pynslcd now handles privileged requests correctly
* pynslcd now supports attribute mapping using the lower() and upper()

changes from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6

* a number of code improvements by Jakub Hrozek
* fixes for FreeBSD (thanks Maxim Vetrov)
* include missing pynslcd files from tarball
* improvements to the pynslcd implementation
* implement an offline cache in pynslcd
* the Debian packaging was split from the main source tree

changes from 0.8.4 to 0.8.5

* support larger gecos values
* reduce loglevel of user not found messages to avoid spamming the logs
  with useless information (thanks Wakko Warner)
* other logging improvements
* explicitly parse numbers as base 10 (thanks Jakub Hrozek)
* implement FreeBSD group membership NSS function (thanks Tom Judge)
* fix an issue with detecting the uid of the calling process and log
  denied shadow requests in debug mode
* fix a typo in the disconnect logic code (thanks Martin Poole)
* implement configuration file handling in pynslcd and other pynslcd
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.8.3 to 0.8.4

* switch to using the member attribute by default instead of
  uniqueMember (backwards incompatible change)
* only return "x" as a password hash when the object has the shadowAccount
  objectClass and nsswitch.conf is configured to do shadow lookups using
  LDAP (this avoids some problems with pam_unix)
* fix problem with partial attribute name matches in DN (thanks Timothy
* fix a problem with objectSid mappings with recent versions of OpenLDAP
  (patch by Wesley Mason)
* set the socket timeout in a connection callback to avoid timeout
  issues during the SSL handshake (patch by Stefan Völkel)
* check for unknown variables in pam_authz_search
* only check password expiration when authenticating, only check account
  expiration when doing authorisation
* make buffer sizes consistent and grow all buffers holding string
  representations of numbers to be able to hold 64-bit numbers
* update AX_PTHREAD from autoconf-archive
* support querying DNS SRV records from a different domain than the current
  one (based on a patch by James M. Leddy)
* fix a problem with uninitialised memory while parsing the tls_ciphers
* implement bounds checking of numeric values read from LDAP (patch by
  Jakub Hrozek)
* correctly support large uid and gid values from LDAP (patch by Jakub
* improvements to the configure script (patch by Jakub Hrozek)
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3

* support using the objectSid attribute to provide numeric user and group
  ids, based on a patch by Wesley Mason
* check shadow account and password expiry properties (similarly to what
  pam_unix does) in the PAM handling code
* implement attribute mapping functionality in pynslcd
* relax default for validnames option to allow user names of only two
* make user and group name validation errors a little more informative
* small portability improvements
* general code improvements and refactoring in pynslcd
* some simplifications in the protocol between the PAM module and nslcd
  (without actual protocol changes so far)
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.8.1 to 0.8.2

* fix problem with endless loop on incorrect password
* fix a communication problem between nslcd and the NSS and PAM modules when
  running on Solaris 10
* fix a compilation issue on systems without HOST_NAME_MAX
* link to the resolv library for hstrerror() on platforms that need it
* ignore password change requests for users not in LDAP
* many clean-ups to the tests and added some new tests including some
  integration tests for the PAM functionality
* some smaller code clean-ups and improvements
* improvements to pynslcd, including implementations for service, protocol and
  rpc lookups
* implement a validnames option that can be used to filter valid user and
  group names using a regular expression
* improvements to the way nslcd shuts down with hanging worker threads

changes from 0.8.0 to 0.8.1

* SECURITY FIX: the PAM module will allow authentication for users that do not
                exist in LDAP, this allows login to local users with an
                incorrect password (CVE-2011-0438)
                the exploitability of the problem depends on the details of
                the PAM stack and the use of the minimum_uid PAM option
* include a file that was missing for Solaris support
* add FreeBSD support, partially imported from the FreeBSD port (thanks to
  Jacques Vidrine, Artem Kazakov and Alexander V. Chernikov)
* document how to replace name pam_check_service_attr and pam_check_host_attr
  options in PADL's pam_ldap with with pam_authz_search in nss-pam-ldapd
* implement a fqdn variable that can be used in pam_authz_search filters
* create the directory to hold the socket and pidfile on startup
* implement host, network and netgroup support in pynslcd

changes from 0.7.13 to 0.8.0

* include Solaris support developed by Ted C. Cheng of Symas Corporation
* include an experimental partial implementation of nslcd in Python (disabled
  by default, see --enable-pynslcd configure option)
* implement a nss_min_uid option to filter user entries returned by LDAP
* implement a rootpwmodpw option that allows the root user to change a user's
  password without a password prompt
* try to update the shadowLastChange attribute on password change
* all log messages now include a description of the request to more easily
  track problems when not running in debug mode
* allow attribute mapping expressions for the userPassword attribute for
  passwd, group and shadow entries and by default map it to the unmatchable
  password ("*") to avoid accidentally leaking password information
* numerous compatibility improvements
* add --with-pam-seclib-dir and --with-pam-ldap-soname configure options to
  allow more control of hot to install the PAM module
* add --with-nss-flavour and --with-nss-maps configure options to support
  other C libraries and limit which NSS modules to install
* allow tilde (~) in user and group names
* improvements to the timeout mechanism (connections are now actively timed
  out using the idle_timelimit option)
* set socket timeouts on the LDAP connection to disconnect regardless of LDAP
  and possibly TLS handling of connection
* better disconnect/reconnect handling of error conditions
* some code improvements and cleanups and several smaller bug fixes
* all internal string comparisons are now also case sensitive (e.g. for
  providing DN to username lookups, etc)
* signal handling in the daemon was changed to behave more reliable across
  different threading implementations
* nslcd will now always return a positive authorisation result during
  authentication to avoid confusing the PAM module when it is only used for
* Debian packaging improvement: implement configuring SASL authentication
  using Debconf, based on a patch by Daniel Dehennin

changes from 0.7.12 to 0.7.13

* fix handling of idle_timelimit option
* fix error code for problem while doing password modification

changes from 0.7.11 to 0.7.12

* set a short socket timeout when shutting down the connection to the LDAP
  server to avoid disconnect problems when using TLS

changes from 0.7.10 to 0.7.11

* grow the buffer for the PAM ruser to not reject logins for users with
  a ruser including a domain part
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.7.9 to 0.7.10

* handle errors from ldap_result() better and disconnect (and reconnect)
  in more cases

changes from 0.7.8 to 0.7.9

* fix for --with-nss-ldap-soname configure option by Julien Cristau
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.7.7 to 0.7.8

* minor portability improvements and clean-ups (thanks Alexander V.
  Chernikov and Ted C. Cheng)
* don't expand variables in rest of ${var:-rest} and ${var:+rest}
  expressions if it is not needed
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.7.6 to 0.7.7

* refactoring and simplification of PAM module which also improves logging
* implement a nullok PAM option and disable empty passwords by default
* portability improvements and other minor code improvements
* the mechanism to disable name lookups through LDAP from within the nslcd
  process has been improved
* the undocumented use_sasl option has been removed (specifying sasl_mech now
  implies use_sasl)
* the sasl_mech, sasl_realm, sasl_authcid, sasl_authzid and sasl_secprops
  configuration options are now documented
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.7.5 to 0.7.6

* fix a problem with empty attributes if expression-based attribute
  mapping is used (patch by Nalin Dahyabhai)
* make debug logging for pam_authz_search option a little more informative
* documentation improvements
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.7.4 to 0.7.5

* fix a problem in the session handling of the PAM module if the minimum_uid
  option was used
* refactor the PAM module code to be simpler and better maintainable
* perform logging from PAM module to syslog and support the debug option to
  log more information

changes from 0.7.3 to 0.7.4

* fix a buffer overflow that should have no security consequences
* perform proper fail-over when authenticating in the PAM module
* add an nss_initgroups_ignoreusers option to ignore user name to group
  lookups for the specified users
* add an pam_authz_search option to perform a flexible authorisation check on
  login (e.g. to restrict which users can login to which hosts, etc)
* implement a minimum_uid option for the PAM module to ignore users that have
  a lower numeric user id
* change the way retries are done to error out quicker if the LDAP server is
  down for some time (this should make the system more responsive when the
  LDAP server is unavailable) and rename the reconnect_maxsleeptime option to
  reconnect_retrytime to better describe the behaviour
* only log "connected to LDAP server" if the previous connection failed
* documentation improvements

changes from 0.7.2 to 0.7.3

* allow password modification by root using the rootpwmoddn configuration file
  option (the user will be prompted for the password for rootpwmoddn instead
  of the user's password)
* the LDAP password modify EXOP is first tried without the old password and if
  that fails retried with the old password
* when determining the domain name (used for some value of the base and uri
  options) also try to use the hostname aliases to build the domain name
  (patch by Jan Schampera)
* perform locking on the pidfile on start-up to ensure that  only one nslcd
  process is running and implement a --check option (patch by Jan Schampera)
* documentation improvements

changes from 0.7.1 to 0.7.2

* some attributes may be mapped to a shell-like expression that expand
  attributes from LDAP entries; this allows attributes overrides, defaults and
  much more (as a result the passwd cn attribute mapping has been removed
  because the gecos mapping is now "${gecos:-$cn}" by default)
* update the NSS module to follow the change in Glibc where the addr
  parameter of getnetbyaddr_r() was changed from network-byte-order to
* properly escape searches for uniqueMember attributes for DN with a comma in
  an attribute value
* miscellaneous improvements to the configure script implementing better (and
  simpler) library detection
* some general refactoring and other miscellaneous improvements

changes from 0.7.0 to 0.7.1

* implement password changing by performing an LDAP password modify EXOP
* fix return of authorisation check in PAM module (patch by Howard Chu)
* fix for problem when authenticating to LDAP entries without a uid attribute
  in the DN
* general code clean-up and portability improvements
* provide more information with communication error messages

changes from 0.6.11 to 0.7.0

* rename software to nss-pam-ldapd to indicate that PAM module is now a
  standard part of the software
* the PAM module is now built by default (the configure script can be
  instructed whether or not to build certain parts)
* the default configuration file name has been changed to /etc/nslcd.conf
* the default values for bind_timelimit and reconnect_maxsleeptime were
  lowered from 30 to 10 seconds
* password hashes are no longer returned to non-root users (based on a patch
  by Alexander V. Chernikov)
* a pam_ldap(8) manual page was added
* unknown options in the configuration file can now be ignored with a new
  --disable-configfile-checking configure option

changes from 0.6.10 to 0.6.11

* fix user name to groups mapping (a bug in buffer checking in initgroups()
  that was introduced in 0.6.9)
* fix a possible buffer overflow with too many uidNumber or gidNumber
  attributes (thanks to David Binderman for finding this)
* lookups for group, netgroup, passwd, protocols, rpc, services and shadow
  maps are now case-sensitive
* test suite is now minimally documented
* added --disable-sasl and --disable-kerberos configure options
* changed references to home page and contact email addresses to use
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.6.9 to 0.6.10

* implement searching through multiple search bases, based on a patch by Leigh
* fix a segmentation fault that could occur when using any of the tls_*
  options with a string parameter
* miscellaneous improvements to the experimental PAM module
* implement PAM authentication function in the nslcd daemon
* the code for reading and writing protocol entries between the NSS module and
  the daemon was improved
* documentation updates
* removed SSL/TLS related warnings during startup
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.6.8 to 0.6.9

* produce more detailed logging in debug mode and allow multiple -d options to
  be specified to also include logging from the LDAP library
* some LDAP configuration options are now initialized globally instead of per
  connection which should fix problems with the tls_reqcert option
* documentation improvements for the NSLCD protocol used between the NSS
  module and the nslcd server
* imported the new PAM module from the OpenLDAP nssov tree by Howard Chu (note
  that the PAM-related NSLCD protocol is not yet finalised and this module is
  not built by default)
* in configure script allow disabling of building certain components
* fix a bug with writing alternate service names and add checks for
  validity of passed buffer in NSS module
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.6.7 to 0.6.8

* SECURITY FIX: the nss-ldapd.conf file that is installed by the Debian
                package was created world-readable which could cause problems
                if the bindpw option is used (CVE-2009-1073)
                this has been fixed in the Debian package but other users
                should check the permissions of the nss-ldapd.conf file when
                the bindpw option is used (warnings have been added to the
                manual page and sample nss-ldapd.conf)
* clean the environment and set LDAPNOINIT to disable parsing of LDAP
  configuration files (.ldaprc, /etc/ldap/ldap.conf, etc)
* remove sslpath option because it wasn't used
* correctly set SSL/TLS options when using StartTLS
* rename the tls_checkpeer option to tls_reqcert, deprecating the old name and
  supporting all values that OpenLDAP supports
* allow backslashes in user and group names except as first or last character
* check user and group names against LOGIN_NAME_MAX if it is defined
* fix for getpeercred() on Solaris by David Bartley
* Debian packaging improvements

changes form 0.6.6 to 0.6.7

* a fix for a problem in the Debian packaging that would cause user-configured
  options be ignored

changes form 0.6.5 to 0.6.6

* Debian packaging improvements
* allow spaces in user and group names because it was causing problems in
  some environments
* if ldap_set_option() fails log the option name instead of number
* retry connecting to LDAP server in more cases

changes form 0.6.4 to 0.6.5

* Debian package configuration translation updates

changes form 0.6.3 to 0.6.4

* fix for the tls_checkpeer option
* fix incorrect test for ssl option in combination with ldaps:// URIs
* improvements to Active Directory sample configuration
* implement looking up search base in rootDSE of LDAP server

changes form 0.6.2 to 0.6.3

* retry connection and search if getting results failed with connection
  problems (some errors only occur when getting the results, not when starting
  the search)
* add support for groups with up to around 150000 members (assuming user names
  on average are a little under 10 characters)
* problem with possible SIGPIPE race condition was fixed by using send()
  instead of write()
* add uid and gid configuration keywords that set the user and group of the
  nslcd daemon
* add some documentation on supported group to member mappings
* add sanity checking to code for when clock moves backward
* log messages now include a session id that makes it easier to track errors
  to requests (especially useful in debugging mode)
* miscellaneous portability improvements
* increase buffers and time-outs to handle large lookups more gracefully
* implement SASL authentication based on a patch by Dan White
* allow more characters in user and group names

changes form 0.6.1 to 0.6.2

* all user and group names are now checked for validity are specified in the
  POSIX Portable Filename Character Set
* support retrieval of ranged attribute values as sometimes returned by Active
* added the threads keyword to configure the number of threads that should be
  started in nslcd
* handle empty netgroups properly
* change the time-out and retry mechanism for connecting to the LDAP server to
  return an error quickly if the LDAP server is known to be unavailable for a
  long time (this removed the reconnect_tries option and changes the meaning
  of the reconnect_sleeptime and reconnect_maxsleeptime options)
* increased the time-out values between the NSS module and nslcd because of
  new retry mechanism
* implement new dict and set modules that use a hashtable to map keys
* use the new set to store group membership to simplify memory management and
  eliminate duplicate members
* the uniqueMember attribute now only supports DN values
* implement a cache for DN to user name lookups (15 minute timeout) used for
  the uniqueMember attribute to save on doing LDAP searches for groups with a
  lot of members, based on a patch by Petter Reinholdtsen
* improvements to the tests
* if any of the ldap calls return LDAP_UNAVAILABLE or LDAP_SERVER_DOWN the
  connection is closed
* improve dependencies in LSB init script header to improve dependency based

changes from 0.6 to 0.6.1

* numerous small fixes and compatibility improvements
* the I/O buffers between nslcd and NSS module are now dynamically sized and
  tuned for common requests
* correctly follow referrals
* add StartTLS support by Ralf Haferkamp of SuSE
* miscellaneous documentation improvements
* remove code for handling rootbinddn/pw because it is unlikely to be
  supported any time soon
* fix a problem with realloc()ed memory that was not referenced
* fix for a crash in group membership buffer growing code thanks to Petter
* some improvements to the Active Directory sample configuration
* fix init script exit code with stop while not running
* fixes to the _nss_ldap_initgroups_dyn() function to properly handle the
  buffer and limits passed by Glibc
* fixes to the member to groups search functions to correctly handle
  uniqueMember attributes
* only return shadow entries to root users
* miscellaneous Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.5 to 0.6

* fix parsing of map option in nss-ldapd.conf
* fix bug in handling of userPassword values
* remove warning about missing loginShell attribute
* support the uniqueMember LDAP attribute that holds DN values
* support ldap as a compat service in /etc/nsswitch.conf
* implement _nss_ldap_initgroups_dyn() to allow username->groups searches
* fix retry mechanism with get*ent() functions where a too small buffer was
  passed by libc (to support groups with a lot of members)
* fix a bug in reporting of communications problems between nslcd and the NSS
* test and log failures of all LDAP library calls
* improved tests
* miscellaneous compatibility improvements to try to support more LDAP
  libraries and platforms
* support compilation with OpenLDAP 2.4 and newer
* some configure script improvements
* Debian packaging improvements

changes from 0.4.1 to 0.5

* major structural changes in the LDAP lookup code using a newly implemented
  module that does memory management, session handling, paging and all other
  painful things with a simple interface
* rewritten LDAP query and result handling code, now generating warnings
  about incorrect entries in the LDAP directory
* IPv6 addresses in host lookups are now supported
* added Kerberos ccname support (with the krb5_ccname option) thanks to
  Andreas Schneider and Ralf Haferkamp from SuSE and remove --with-gssapi-dir,
  --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname-gssapi and
  --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname-env configure options and having automatic
  detection instead
* added support for DNS SRV record lookups by specifying DNS as uri thanks to
  Ralf Haferkamp and Michael Calmer from SuSE
* added support for DOMAIN as base DN which uses the host's domain to
  construct a DN
* removed nss_connect_policy, bind_policy and sizelimit options
* cleaned up and documented reconnect logic with reconnect_tries,
  reconnect_sleeptime and reconnect_maxsleeptime options
* configuration values with spaces in them (e.g. distinguished names) are now
  handled properly
* fix a small memory leak in the I/O module
* miscellaneous code improvements (better source code comments, more
  consistent logging, portability improvements, more tests, etc)
* improvements to documentation

changes from 0.4 to 0.4.1

* added French debconf translation by Cyril Brulebois
* added Japanese debconf translation by Kenshi Muto
* fix a problem with network name lookups where the lookup would result
  in the wrong call to nslcd
* fix wrong default filter for rpc lookups
* fix a number of memory leaks (thanks valgrind)
  (all memory leaks during normal operation should be fixed now)

changes from 0.3 to 0.4

* remove nss_schema configfile option
* temporary remove support for uniqueMember group membership attributes (will
  be re-added in a later release)
* removed support for nested groups, if this is really needed (please ask or
  file a bug if you want it) it can be re-added later on
* added missing docbook sources for manual pages to tarball
* major cleanups and simplifications in the core LDAP query code (we don't
  need to worry about SIGPIPE because nslcd does that globally, locking
  because a connection is only used by one thread) and more simplifications in
  the the LDAP connection and query state
* get base, scope, filter and map configfile directives properly working
* simplifications in LDAP reconnect logic (some work remains to be done in
  this area)
* issue warnings or errors for untested or unsupported configuration options
* properly handle multiple URIs in Debian configuration
* documentation improvements

changes from 0.2.1 to 0.3

* a bug in the communication buffer handling code was fixed
* a bug in the dictionary code was fixed (code not yet in use)
* a fix for the init script that used a wrong pidfile
* configuration file handling code was rewritten to be better maintainable
* some configuration file options have changed which means that compatibility
  with the nss_ldap configuration file is lost
* configuration syntax is now documented in the nss-ldapd.conf(5) manual page
* support for dnsconfig was removed
* the configuration file no longer supports using multiple search bases
* removed nss_initgroups and nss_initgroups_ignoreusers options
* removed --enable-paged-results configure option and use pagesize
  configuration file option to specify usage of paging at runtime
* added Portuguese debconf translation by Américo Monteiro
* Debian package configuration improvements and simplifications
* use docbook2x-man for generating manual pages
* miscellaneous documentation improvements including improved manual pages
* general code reorganisation and clean-ups to achieve another 9% code
  reduction relative to 0.2.1 release (more than 40% relative to nss_ldap)
* SASL, Kerberos and SSL/TLS support remain untested

changes from 0.2 to 0.2.1

* fix permissions of server socket (this fixes a problem where non-root users
  were unable to do lookups)
* fix configure script to properly check for pthread support
* small code improvements
* general build system cleanups

changes from 0.1 to 0.2

* fixes to the netgroup lookup code
* more simplifications and improvements in the code almost 5% code reduction
  (compared to release 0.1) and 37% reduction in gcc warnings (from 443 in 251
  to 389 in 0.1 and 244 in 0.2)
* a lot of code improvements thanks to flawfinder, more gcc warnings, splint
  and rats
* license change from GNU Library General Public License to GNU Lesser General
  Public License (with the permission of Luke Howard)
* fix logging code to be cleaner and always use our own logging module
* a start has been made to make the code more testable and initial work to set
  up a testing framework has been done
* implemented a timeout mechanism in the communication between the NSS part
  and the nslcd server part

changes from nss_ldap 251 to nss-ldapd 0.1

* initial release of nss-ldapd (should be functional but not yet stable enough
  for production use)
* fork from the nss_ldap which was originally written by Luke Howard of PADL
  Software Pty Ltd. changing package name to nss-ldapd and versioning scheme
* the functionality was split into a thin NSS library and a simple daemon
  proxying the requests to the LDAP server (see README for rationale)
* a lot of dead and old compatibility code was removed (about 25% of the code
  was removed) (more simplifications to come)
* the test code was rewritten
* build script simplifications
* default configuration file has been changed to /etc/nss-ldapd.conf
* most documentation has been updated and rewritten
* dropped support for non-glibc NSS interfaces and assumed OpenLDAP compatible

changes from 250 to 251

* remove doc/rfc2307.txt, it is available from
* make objectClass a mappable attribute

changes from 249 to 250

* don't use static _nss_ldap_no_members buffer, causes crash when nss_ldap is
  unloaded and memory is still referenced
* fix for BUG#249: tcsh closes file descriptors, confuses nss_ldap and hangs
  (from David Houlder)
* fix for BUG#257: initgroups() broken in RFC2307bis support disabled
* fix for BUG#261: sslpath example wrong
* fix for BUG#263: compile do_triple_permutations() when IRS enabled

changes from 248 to 249

* fix for BUG#253: build broken on AIX
* fix for BUG#255: deadlock in initgroups

changes from 247 to 248

* fix regression in per-objectclass attribute mapping introduced in

changes from 246 to 247

* double-check *ld != NULL even if mapped eror return from ldap_initialize()
  returns NSS_SUCCESS

changes from 245 to 246

* paged results and RFC2307bis support are now always compiled in; they are by
  default disabled unless you configured with --enable-paged-results and
  --enable-rfc2307bis, respectively. See nss_ldap(5) for configuration
* fix for BUG#219: paged results delivers wrong results
* fix for BUG#222: use asynchronous start TLS if available, using bind_timeout
* fix for BUG#235: make DNS SRV lookup domain configurable (nss_srv_domain)
* fix for BUG#240: return "*" rather than "x" for userPassword if not present
* fix for BUG#245: paged results broken since nss_ldap-241
* patch from Ralf Haferkamp <>: compile fix for IPv6
* compile for Solaris
* schema mapping is always enabled, cleanup schema mapping code
* allow for map-specific objectclass mapping
* partial implementation of Solaris Simplified LDAP API, allows automountd
  support on Solaris via nss_ldap
* for Linux automounter, always close connection after endautomntent() to
  avoid persistent connection
* add nss_connect_policy argument to ldap.conf

changes from 244 to 245

* don't leak LDAP connection if do_bind() failed or descriptor owner had
  changed. If do_bind() failed the underlying descriptor would also be leaked,
  causing a large number of sockets to be consumed during failover
* add nss_initgroups_ignoreusers parameter to ldap.conf, returns NOTFOUND if
  nss_ldap's initgroups() is called for users (comma separated)
* try to deal with systems that have headers for both versions of the SASL
  library installed
* better logging of failed connections and reconnections
* patch from Dean Michaels <>: build with Netscape 5
  library on Solaris
* patch from Ralf Haferkamp <>: manual page fix to bind_policy

changes from 243 to 244

* patch from Ralf Haferkamp <>: enusre bytesleft macro does not
  return values < 0
* include <sys/param.h> in ldap-nss.c

changes from 242 to 243

* fix for BUG#225: invalid pointer dereferencing when reading rootpw

changes from 241 to 242

* fixes for compiling on Solaris 10

changes from 240 to 241

* new, more robust reconnection logic
* both "host" and "uri" directives can be used in ldap.conf
* new (undocumented) nss_reconnect_tries, nss_reconnect_sleeptime,
  nss_reconnect_maxsleeptime, nss_reconnect_maxconntries directives
* reload configuration file if changed

changes from 239 to 240

* new API for resolving automounts (requires custom autofs plugin for Linux at
  present): _nss_ldap_setautomntent(), _nss_ldap_getautomntent(),
  _nss_ldap_endautomntent(), _nss_ldap_getautomntbyname_r()
* fix for BUG#200: rename SOCKLEN_T as it conflicts on AIX
* fix for BUG#205: accept line feeds in ldap.conf
* fix for BUG#211: nss_ldap fails to start TLS on referred connections
* fix for BUG#213: initgroups crash if RFC2307bis undefined
* turn down reconnection logging volume

changes from 238 to 239

* support for initgroups using backlinks (selectable at runtime if RFC2307bis
  support is enabled, using the nss_initgroups backlink configuration
* support for dynamically expanding filter sizes
* from Peter Marschall <>: revert the deletion of blanks/tabs in
  ldap.conf that happened between 235 and 238
* from Peter Marschall <>: This patch changes and so that ldap.conf gets installed in the place and with the name
  that is given to the configure option --with-ldap-conf-file. In addition to
  that it fixes a long standing bug in that tries to install a
  file before the destination directory is guaranteed to be created (hunk #3),
  and uses $(mkinstalldirs) for AIX (hunk #2).

changes from 237 to 238

* more manual page updates

changes from 236 to 237

* more manual page updates

changes from 235 to 236

* fix for BUG#201: typo in ldap-schema.c causing build to fail
* add manual page for nss_ldap

changes from 234 to 235

* fix for BUG#198: make pagesize configurable
* fix for BUG#199: correct fix for BUG#138 (blind last char remove in

changes from 233 to 234

* don't reacquire global lock in do_next_page()
* restore old "bind_policy hard" behaviour (don't try to reconnect if
  initialization failed). The behaviour introduced in nss_ldap-227 can be
  enabled with "bind_policy hard_init".

changes from 232 to 233

* if do_open() returns NSS_UNAVAIL, don't try to do server reconnect; only do
  it if NSS_TRYAGAIN is returned This should fix the problems introduced by
  the fixes in nss_ldap-227 (delayed binding)

changes from 231 to 232

* fix for BUG#138 (blind last char remove in ldap.secret)

changes from 229 to 230

* don't free gss_krb5_ccache_name() output (Heimdal)

changes from 228 to 229

* more debugging in initgroups and _nss_ldap_getentry()
* fix _nss_ldap_getentry() enumeration behaviour, and optimize by not
  searching if the requested attribute cannot be mapped

changes from 227 to 228

* fix for BUG#188: better documentation for OpenLDAP SSL options
* fix for BUG#189: do not configure tls_checkpeer unless it is explicitly
  specifier in ldap.conf
* fix for BUG#190: set ls_state to LS_UNINITIALIZED after fork

changes from 226 to 227

* separate initializing LDAP session with actually connecting to the DSA, so
  that we don't try to bind until we actually need to search (which allows the
  retry logic in the search function to also apply to binding). NB: this will
  only provide improved behavior for LDAP client libraries that support
  ldap_init() or ldap_initialize() rather than ldap_open
* fix for BUG#183: support pw_change and pw_expire on BSD
* fix for BUG#187: NSS_BUFLEN_DEFAULT causing problems on IRS platforms
* fix for glibc 2.1 from Alexander Spannagel

changes from 225 to 226

* make LDAP_NSS_NGROUPS configurable with --with-ngroups (experts only) option

changes from 224 to 225

* make LDAP_NSS_NGROUPS 64 - better choice for small directories

changes from 223 to 224

* don't double-free on realloc() failure in do_parse_group_members()
* don't pass LDAP session as an argument, as it may refer to a stale LDAP
  handle. If this does not work we will need to replace LDAPMessage pointers
  with pointers to a structure that contains a reference-counted LDAP handle
  as well as the message
* fix crasher when internal group membership buffer was reallocated
  (introduced with nested group expansion code)
* immediately return NSS_TRYAGAIN and errno=ERANGE if there is not enough
  buffer space to handle LDAP_NSS_NGROUPS groups; this prevents getgrXXX()
  from expensive repeated directory searches when there is a priori knowledge
  that group memberships are large

changes from 222 to 223

* allow empty lines in /etc/ldap.conf
* do loop detection in nested groups
* fixes for building with IRS on FreeBSD 4.10

changes from 221 to 222

* fix deadlock in _nss_ldap_getentry()
* support more AIX usersec attributes
* more AIX porting fixes
* support Heimdal as well as MIT Kerberos

changes from 220 to 221

* AIX fix from <> Recall #169033
* support for expansion of nested RFC2307bis groups
* support for searching using range retrieval
* fix memory leak with private contexts
* fix memory leak in do_result()
* implement _nss_ldap_getentry for AIX enumeration
* implement netgroups for IRS/AIX
* remove dependency on Berkeley DB - schema mapping and RFC2307bis no longer
  requires DB
* remove old NeXT cruft in resolve.c

changes from 218 to 220

* fix for BUG#169: getntohost() on Solaris
* fix for BUG#170: _nss_ldap_getgroupsbymember_r fails to return all groups
  when NSCD is running and attribute mapping is enabled on Solaris
* fix for BUG#173: reinstate use of sigaction() (XXX what is the correct fix
* fix for BUG#174: innetgr() depth checking

changes from 217 to 218

* fix for BUG#168: set errnop to ENOENT if not found
* check for -lgssapi before -lgssapi_krb5

changes from 216 to 217

* fix for BUG#167: compilation fails on Solaris

changes from 215 to 216

* patch from Thorsten Kukuk to avoid overwriting sockaddr storage for IPv6;
  use struct sockaddr_storage if available
* fix for BUG#153: use asynchronous search API in initgroups()
* fix for BUG#157: check for __pthread_once rather than __pthread_atfork on
  glibc, as the latter is no longer exported
* fix for BUG#158: escape netgroup search filters correctly
* fix for BUG#161: remove redundant lock in _nss_ldap_innetgr()
* fix for BUG#164: set schema element array size to LM_NONE + 1 not LM_NONE
* fix for BUG#165: make _nss_ldap_result() private
* fix for BUG#166: chase all nested netgroups in innetgr()
* fix deadlock if getXXXent() called without first calling setXXXent()
* only request gidNumber attribute when initgroups() (avoids sending back rest
  of a group's entry)
* don't request any attributes when mapping a user to a DN (we want the DN

changes from 214 to 215

* choose between using native GSS-API and putenv() for setting ccache path
* per-map attribute mapping for attributes that appear in multiple maps

changes from 213 to 214

* define LDAP_DEPRECATED for compiling against OpenLDAP 2.2

changes from 212 to 213

* fix netgroup compilation error when debugging is enabled
* support GSS-API for setting ccache name
* initgroups() should require user to be a POSIX account
* define LOGNAME_MAX for HP-UX
* do not use sigprocmask() - this blocks rather than disabling signals
* SASL version check fix from Howard Chu

changes from 211 to 212

* Solaris netgroup support test release
* fix crasher in do_sasl_interact()
* do_sasl_interact() needs to strdup() result for Cyrus SASL 1.x but not 2.x
* merge in LDAP debug patch from Howard Chu
* try alternate search descriptors on NSS_NOTFOUND as well as NSS_SUCCESS

changes from 210 to 211

* do AT_OC_MAP cache initialization at config init
* BSD build fixes
* replace [h]errno2nssstat lookup tables with switch statement; should help
  building on AIX!

changes from 209 to 210

* initialize DBT structures
* fix SASL crasher

changes from 208 to 209

* fix SASL breakage

changes from 207 to 208

* use socklen_t not int
* remove OpenLDAP SASL code
* incorporated patches from (see below) Geert Jansen
* add the "sasl_secprops" option to configure SASL security layers (usage as
  for OpenLDAP ldap.conf)
* add the "krb5_ccname" option to specify the location of the Kerberos ticket
  cache (requires --enable-configurable-krb5-ccname for now as it is a fairly
  coarse solution to a lack of appropriate API in the Kerberos libraries)
* add support for native Active Directory password policy attributes (enabled
  if shadowLastChange is mapped to pwdLastSet)
* add "nss_override_attribute_value" and "nss_default_attribute_value"
  keywords for over- riding and setting default attribute values, respectively

changes from 205 to 207

* fix schema mapping regression from nss_ldap-205; attribute mapping now works

changes from 204 to 205

* build with Sleepycat DB without db185 compat layer (tested with 4.x; needs
  testing on 3.x)

changes from 203 to 204

* Linux netgroup implementation from Larry Lile
* Multiple service search descriptor support from Symas
* IPv6 patch from Thorsten Kukuk at SuSE

changes from 202 to 203

* fix for BUG#115
* fix for BUG#121

changes from 201 to 202

* getsockname() fixes from Howard Chu
* configuration parser crasher fix

changes from 200 to 201

* Berkeley DB fixes from Howard Chu
* Netscape client library build fix

changes from 199 to 200

* use sigprocmask() if available to block SIGPIPE
* fix build breakage with OpenLDAP HEAD

changes from 198 to 199

* HP-UX port
* BUG#111: incorrect debugging statement in _nss_ldap_enter()
* export required symbols only on Linux
* corrected symbol names for glibc alias enumeration functions
* the DNS response parser doesn't stop after parsing the right number of
  records, and doesn't handle long responses (Nalin at RedHat)

changes from 197 to 198

* BUG#108: fix potential buffer overflow in dnsconfig.c (could be triggered if
  no flat file configuration for nss_ldap and large DNS SRV data for domain;
  because nss_ldap in SRV mode trusts DNS we do not believe this to be
  exploitable to elevate privilege in the default configuration)
* do not malloc() configuration structure; use buffer

changes from 196 to 197

* improved AIX documentation from Dejan Muhamedagic
* define LDAP_OPT_SSL for Solaris 9

changes from 195 to 196

* return NSS_TRYAGAIN not NSS_NOTFOUND for insufficient buffer space in
* support automake 1.5 and friends
* out of box build on AIX 4.3.3
* fixed BUG#104: do_ssl_options() return code ignored

changes from 194 to 195

* fixed BUG#98: large groups cause buffer length wraparound with rfc2307bis

changes from 193 to 194

* bugfix for Debian Bug report #147553: lack of global mutex use in

changes from 192 to 193

* support for PADL GSS-SASL client library

changes from 191 to 192

* more carefully compare cached socket and peer addresses

changes from 190 to 191

* added configurable [hard|soft] reconnect, see the bind_policy parameter in

changes from 189 to 190

* check for Netscape 4 SDK without SSL; don't require pthreads for these

changes from 188 to 189

* patch for building on OpenLDAP 1.x from Nalin at RedHat

changes from 187 to 188

* specify runtime path for LDAP library correctly to native Solaris linker
* check for gcc correctly
* use native linker on Solaris and AIX

changes from 186 to 187

* make bogusSd in ldap-nss.c conditional on !HAVE_LDAP_LD_FREE
* merge in paged result support from Max Caines
* bugfixes for Debian Bug report #140854

changes from 185 to 186

* incorporated patch for Debian Bug report #140854, where nss_ldap could in
  some cases close a descriptor it did not own. Patch was provided by Luca

changes from 184 to 185

* updated copyrights
* fix for BUG#82: set close on exec (Debian bug 136953)

changes from 183 to 184

* return NSS_TRYAGAIN if no buffer space in ldap-grp.c

changes from 181 to 183

* return error strings in AIX authentication routine
* initialize schema in getgroupsbymember()
* fix for tls_checkpeer; pass NULL session in to set global option
* BUG#77: configurable config file locations

changes from 181 to 181

* ignore SIGPIPE whilst inside nss_ldap library routines to prevent crashing
  on down LDAP server; possible fix for Debian bug 130006
* removed --enable-no-so-keepalive; always try to disable SO_KEEPALIVE on
  underlying socket to LDAP server
* include local copy of irs.h under AIX
* general cleanup of locking code
* _nss_ldap_no_members appears to only need defining for when RFC2307bis is

changes from 179 to 180

* pull in libpthreads on AIX

changes from 178 to 179

* a couple more patches for AIX

changes from 177 to 178

* patch from Gabor Gombas for AIX support
* sasl.o needed by NSS_LDAP
* aix_authmeth.c: method_passwordexpired is really method_passwdexpired; but
  since the struct was bzero()ed no need to set it to NULL
* support both gcc and xlc_r
* exports.aix: sv_byport was not exported
* ldap-grp.c: getgrset() returned group names instead of gid numbers

changes from 176 to 177

* patch for building on AIX from IBM
* added simple authentication support for AIX
* cleaned up SASL patch to not break if Cyrus SASL is not installed

changes from 175 to 176

* fixed bug in SASL patch which had required OpenLDAP headers

changes from 174 to 175

* incorporated GSS-API SASL patches
* rebind to server on LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR

changes from 173 to 174

* added patches from Maxim Batourine for compiling with Sun workshop compiler
* added notes re: 64-bit compile on Solaris from above source

changes from 172 to 173

* notes on IRS in doc/README.IRS
* added irs.h for AIX compat
* patch from Bob Guo for stripping trailing spaces in ldap.conf.

changes from 171 to 172

* fixed schema mapping bug by storing a copy of the mapped schema in the
  Berkeley DB rather than the element itself. Because the DB library returns
  static storage, this was causing problems where the schema mapping calls
  were used to build the attribute table in ldap-schema.c. This bugfix was
  sponsored by; thanks!

changes from 170 to 171

* added ldap.conf stanza for AIX
* workaround for schema mapping bug.

changes from 169 to 170

* use _nss_ldap_getrdnvalue() for determining canonical group name

changes from 168 to 169

* fixed typo in ldap-service.c; prefix filters now with _nss_ldap

changes from 167 to 168

* initialize old_handler to SIG_DFL
* incorporate Stephan Cremer's mapping patches, a big thanks to Stephan for
* use LDAP_OPT_NETWORK_TIMEOUT if available for network connect timeout
* removed hard-coded schema mapping for authPassword, NDS and MSSFU

changes from 166 to 167

* support for new OpenLDAP rebind proc prototype
* in rebind function, respect timeout
* fix for PADL Release Control

changes from 165 to 166

* corrected small typos

changes from 164 to 165

* posixMember is a distinguished name, don't pretend it is a login name
* cleaned up code referencing different member syntaxes

changes from 163 to 164

* removed IDS_UID code, never worked properly

changes from 162 to 163

* removed context_free function, usage confusing

changes from 161 to 162

* in reconnect harness, do not treat entry not found errors as requiring a

changes from 160 to 161

* hopefully fixed use of synchronous searches in _nss_ldap_getbyname()

changes from 159 to 160

* patch from RedHat to check for DB3, override install user/group optionally
* use synchronous searches for _nss_ldap_getbyname()
* only set SSL options if we have values for those options

changes from 158 to 159

* make do_ssl_options() take a config parameter; avoid segfault with SSL?

changes from 157 to 158

* in the distinguished name to login cache (dn2uid) make sure we use the
  AT(uid) macro for the uid attribute rather than the hard-coded value of
  "uid" This should enable the cache for MSSFU support.

changes from 156 to 157

* for MSSFU, use posixMember for group memberships rather than member
  (reported by Andy Rechenberg)
* ignore SIGPIPE before calling do_close() for idle_timeout

changes from 155 to 156

* logic was around the wrong way in do_search(), all searches were broken!
* --disable-ssl option for configure
* removed "Obsoletes: pam_ldap" from spec file

changes from 154 to 155

* do not use private API when setting OpenLDAP TLS options (do_ssl_options())

changes from 153 to 154

* notes from Scott M. Stone <>
* idle timeout patch from Steve Barrus

changes from 152 to 153

* SSL fix

changes from 151 to 152

* further patch from Jarkko for TLS/SSL auth: support for LDAPS/cipher suite
  selection/ client key/cert authentication

changes from 150 to 151

* patch from Andrew Rechenberg for Active Directory schema support
* patch from Jarkko Turkulainen <> for peer certificate support
  with OpenLDAP

changes from 149 to 150

* patch from Anselm Kruis for URI support

changes from 148 to 149

* fixed compile on Solaris, broken in 145 by malformed Linux patch

changes from 147 to 148

* check for HAVE_LDAP_SET_OPTION always

changes from 146 to 147

* check for ldap_set_option(), as LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS is defined for OpenLDAP
  1.x but without the ldap_set_option() function

changes from 145 to 146

* mass re-indentation, GNU style
* patch from Simon Wilkinson <> for compatibility with old
  initgroups entry point
* request authPassword attribute if --enable-authpassword
* authPassword support in ldap-spwd.c (shadow)

changes from 144 to 145

* preliminary support for authPassword attribute
* updated COPYING
* patch from Szymon Juraszczyk to suppot _nss_ldap_initgroups_dyn prototype

changes from 143 to 144

* when specifying filters with nss_base_XXX, only escape the filter argument
  not the entire filter

changes from 142 to 143

* patch from to avoid corrupting the heap when the
  configuration file exists but has no host and base values.
  _nss_ldap_readconfigfromdns() will write to the region which was already

changes from 141 to 142

* patch from Simon Wilkinson <> for memory leak in

changes from 140 to 141

* fix for BUG#54 (AIX detection broken)
* use -rpath on all platforms except Solaris,
  not just Linux

changes from 139 to 140

* fix configure bug for DISABLE_SO_KEEPALIVE
* fix alignment bug in util.c; this was causing Solaris to crash whenever
  per-map search descriptors were specified in ldap.conf

changes from 138 to 139

* updated INSTALL file with boilerplate
* fixed pointer error in ldap-nss.c

changes from 137.1 to 138

* close config file FILE * if out of buffer space for parsing search
* fixed bug where non-recognized directives in ldap.conf would cause the
  configuration file to not be parsed at all, if they were the last entries in
  the config file.

changes from 137 to 137.1

* patch from; return { NULL } not NULL for no group members
* cleaned up usage of libc-lock.h weak aliases to pthreads API; use in ltf.c
* use __libc_atfork() or pthread_atfork() to close off connection on fork,
  rather than checking PIDs; this is expensive and breaks on Linux where each
  thread may have a different PID.

changes from 136 to 137

* build nss_ldap as a loadable module on AIX
* doco on AIX

changes from 135 to 136

* define -DPIC for FreeBSD
* link with -shared not --shared
* fixes for AIX

changes from 134 to 135

* merged ldap.conf
* fixed bug in concatenating relative search bases in ldap-nss.c (profile

changes from 133 to 134

* fixed
* reordered DB search order in util.c

changes from 132 to 133

* make /usr/lib directory in
* new spec file from Joe Little

changes from 131 to 132

* fixed rebind preprocessor logic

changes from 130 to 131

* created files for automake happiness

changes from 129 to 130

* fixed typo preventing build with Netscape client library

changes from 128 to 129

* updated version number
* fixed build bug on Solaris

changes from 127 to 128

* fixed logic bug in util.c introduced in nss_ldap-127

changes from 126 to 127

* updating copyright notices
* autoconf support; IRIX and OSF/1 support has been dropped (dl-*.[ch]) as no
  one really used this, the implementation was a hack, and these operating
  systems have their own LDAP implementations now
* added support for "referrals" and "restart" options to ldap.conf
* use OpenLDAP 2.x rebind proc with correct arguments
* added "timelimit" and "bind_timelimit" directives to ldap.conf
* fixed bug with dereferencing aliases
* preliminary support for profiles; recognise profile semantics in
* parity with pam_ldap; "ssl" directive in ldap.conf can now specify "yes" or
  "start_tls" for Start TLS
* hopefully fixed Berkeley DB include mess in util.c
* fixed potential buffer overflow in util.c
* default to LDAP protocol version 3
* fixed leaks in util.c, dnsconfig.c
* accept on/yes/true for boolean configuration values
* tested building on FreeBSD, Solaris 8, Linux
* tested functionality on RedHat 6.2

changes from 124 to 126

* fixed up Linux Makefiles to build libnss_ldap

changes from 123 to 124

* patch from for StartTLS
* fixed up indenting

changes from 122.BZ52.2 to 123

* rolled in BUG#52 branch with fixes for AIX

changes from 122.BZ52.1 to 122.BZ52.2

* included ldap-schema.c; omitted from previous checkpoint

changes from 122 to 122.BZ52.1

* preliminary fix for BUG#52 (support for different naming contexts for each
* fixed bug in enumerating services map

changes from 121 to 122

* fixed BUG#50 (check return value of ldap_simple_bind())

changes from 120 to 121

* fixed BUG#49 (fix acknowledged race condition)

changes from 119 to 120

* added Makefile.aix and exports.aix (forgot)

changes from 118 to 119

* patch from Gabor Gombas <> to support AIX implementation

changes from 117 to 118

* Makefile.RPM.openldap2 from Joe Little

changes from 116 to 117

* permanently ignore SIGPIPE when using SSL. This bug should be fixed

changes from 115 to 116

* added irs-nss.diff and README.IRS from Emile Heitor

changes from 113 to 115

* fixed filter escaping
* call ldapssl_client_init() once only
* include db_185.h not db.h for dn2uid cache
* fixes for FreeBSD (IRS) support from Emile Heitor

changes from 110 to 113

* patch from Ben Collins to escape '*' in filters

changes from 109 to 110

* patch from Phlilip Liu for async binds

changes from 108 to 109

* omit socket check for -DSSL; it doesn't work

changes from 107 to 108

* included "deref" option in /etc/ldap.conf, compatible with OpenLDAP syntax.
  Patch from Michael Mattice.

changes from 106.2 to 107

* fixed argument to _nss_ldap_getent() in ldap-ethers.c

changes from 106.1 to 106.2

* if root, use rootbinddn/rootbindpw in rebind proc
* include objectClass in pwd required attributes

changes from 105 to 106.1

* if user is a shadowAccount, then don't return password in getpwent(),
  getpwuid() or getpwnam()
* incorporated patch (from Doug Nazar):
* allow getgrent() to be called without setgrent(); note arguments to
  _nss_ldap_getent() have changed.
* return NSS_NOTFOUND instead of NSS_UNAVAIL at the end of a search
* initialize len for getpeername()

changes from 104 to 105

* incorporated patch for deadlock under Solaris (from Dave Begley)

changes from 103 to 104

* new spec file

changes from 102 to 103

* don't call ldap_parse_result() with V2 API

changes from 101 to 102

* added defines for LDAP_MSG_ONE et al if not in ldap.h

changes from 100 to 101

* fixed spec file

changes from 99 to 100

* support for asynchronous search API!
* added some contributors
* notes about ldap_ld_free()
* merged in ChangeLog

changes from 98 to 99

* added some netgroup implementation tips
* do_close_no_unbind() cleanup

changes from 97 to 98

* /etc/nss_ldap.secret -> /etc/ldap.secret (sorry, Doug!)
* deleted crypt-mechanism code. Junk.
* fixed call to _nss_ldap_read() after changing prototypes in nss_ldap-88

changes from 96 to 97

* #ifndef HAVE_LDAP_LD_FREE, still call ldap_unbind(), but having closed the

changes from 95 to 96

* re-orged

changes from 94 to 95

* disable SO_KEEPALIVE on socket rather than blocking SIGPIPE. Need to figure
  out the right way to do this.

changes from 93 to 94

* committed some changes for the parent/child close problem. It relies on
  internal libldap APIs so it may be non-portable but should work with
  OpenLDAP and Netscape client libraries, and perhaps most UMich- derived
  client libraries. There's a possible workaround for client libraries without
  this; undefine HAVE_LDAP_LD_FREE to test this.

changes from 92 to 93

* important fix: make sure return status is reset after do_open() ==
  NSS_SUCCESS, just in case no entries are returned. This bug was introduced
  in nss_ldap-88 and could potentially cause a security hole.

changes from 91 to 92

* signal handling fix: don't restore handler unnecessarily.
* don't open nss_ldap.secret unless a root pw is specified in ldap.conf

changes from 90 to 91

* reorganized SIGPIPE blocking code
* added SSL support

changes from 89 to 90

* only reconnect if we've changed to/from root

changes from 88 to 89

* cleaned up a few things

changes from 87 to 88

* added breaks to switch in _nss_ldap_lookup (thanks to Nathan.Hawkins@FMR.COM
  for pointing this out)
* save signal handler and ignore SIGPIPE for appropriate sections of do_open()
  and confirm connection is still active (patch from
* allow root users to bind as a different user, to provide quasi-shadow
  password support (patch from
* under Linux, make Makefile look at last libc version (patch from
* never clobber nsswitch.ldap/ldap.conf when making install (patch from
* change do_open() to not unbind the parent ldap connection when the pid
  changes but simply open a new connection (patch from
* changed _nss_ldap_lookup() and _nss_ldap_read() prototypes to return
  NSS_STATUS error codes, so that NSS_UNAVAIL percolates as appropriate.

changes from 86 to 87

* fixed looking up DN-membered groups by member. Thanks to Jeff Mandel for
  spotting this hard to find bug.

changes from 85 to 86

* member for NDS vs uniqueMember (needs further investigation; -DNDS)

changes from 84 to 85

* check non-NULLity of userdn before freeing
* use AT(uid) for groupsbymember filter

changes from 81 to 84

* implemented _nss_ldap_initgroups()

changes from 80 to 81

* removed extraneous do_sleep() code
* updated spec file

changes from 2.79 to 80

* (really 2.80) changed version number a la Solaris 7!
* cleaned up schema stuff into ldap-schema.h

changes from 2.78 to 2.79

* implemented exponential backoff reconnect logic

changes from 2.76 to 2.78

* removed ldap.conf.ragenet from lineup
* removed spurious do_close()

changes from 2.75 to 2.76

* added -lresolv to Solaris makefiles

changes from 2.72 to 2.75

* incorporated RPM patches from

changes from 2.71 to 2.72

* implemented getgroupsbymember() for Solaris. Supplementary groups should be
  initialized now. (NB: doesn't appear to be quite working for RFC2307bis
* GNU indent-ified

changes from 2.70 to 2.71

* removed -DDEBUG as default build flag

changes from 2.69 to 2.70

* put /usr/ucblib back into linker search path for Solaris.

changes from 2.68 to 2.69

* added timeout, unavailable, and server busy conditions to rebind logic
* indent -gnu all source files

changes from 2.65 to 2.68

* mods for glibc 2.1 (__set_errno is obselete it seems)

changes from 2.64 to 2.65

* mods to compile with OpenLDAP 2

changes from 2.63 to 2.64

* changed alias schema to Sun SDS nisMailAlias schema
* updated TODO list to reflect Bugzilla entries
* restored capitalization of attributes for "niceness"

changes from 2.62 to 2.63

* added patch from for parsing of ldap.conf with
* some fixes for BSDI BSD/OS IRS

changes from 2.61 to 2.62

* added experimental support for DN-membered groups; to enable, define
* fixed align bug (where buflen wasn't being decremented after pointer

changes from 2.60 to 2.61

* added warning about compiling with DS 4.1 LDAP SDK

changes from 2.59 to 2.60

* fixed missing close brace

changes from 2.56 to 2.59

* pw_comment field defaults to pw_gecos (Solaris only)

changes from 2.55 to 2.56

* fixed Makefile.linux.mozilla NSSLIBVER

changes from 2.54.6 to 2.55

* merged in glibc-2.1 branch

changes from 2.54.5 to 2.54.6

* misc fixes.

changes from 2.54.4 to 2.54.5

* misc fixes.

changes from 2.54.3 to 2.54.4

* glibc-2.1 patches from

changes from 2.51 to 2.54.3

* glibc-2.1 support. (Recall #93)
* set erange correctly on Solaris (related to above)
* added rebind function

changes from 2.49 to 2.51

* added stuff for RC

changes from 2.47 to 2.49

* configuration file is now case insensitive

changes from 2.45 to 2.47

* RFC2052BIS (_ldap._tcp) support

changes from 2.44 to 2.45

* added #include <stdlib.h> to globals.c

changes from 2.42 to 2.44

* NULL search base allowed (omit basedn from config file)

changes from 2.39 to 2.42

* fixed potential crasher in dnsconfig.c
* LDAP session is now persistent for performance reasons. Removed references
  to the session anywhere outside ldap-nss.c. The process ID is cached and the
  session reopened after a fork().

changes from 2.38 to 2.39

* fixed warning in ldap-ethers.c (removed const from struct ether)
* added ldap_version keyword to ldap.conf for parity with pam_ldap

changes from 2.37 to 2.38

* debugged ldap_explode_rdn() code
* added support for Mozilla LDAP client library; see Makefile.linux.mozilla
  and ltf.c for more information. Thanks to Netscape for making their library

changes from 2.36 to 2.37

* moved to CVS repository and Linux as development environment
* incorporated ldap-service.c fix from Greg

changes from 2.35 to 2.36

* util.c: will use ldap_explode_rdn() if it exists

changes from 2.34 to 2.35

* made util.c compile again. Silly me.

changes from 2.33 to 2.34

* fixed #endif in testpw.c
* fixed another DN freeing leak in util.c
* added RFC 2307 to distribution (fixed the two typos in it:
* fixed bug in ...getrdnvalue() (thanks, Greg)
* diff rfc2307.txt ~/rfc2307.txt
<           MUST ( cn $ ipProtocolNumber )
>           MUST ( cn $ ipProtocolNumber $ description )
<         lester:X5/DBrWPOQQaI:10:10:Lester:/home/lester:/bin/csh
>         lester:X5/DBrWPOQQaI:10:10:Lester:/home/lester:/bin/sh

changes from 2.32 to 2.33

* rolled in more patches from
* removed _r from setXXXent and endXXXent functions for GNU_NSS
* cleaned up testpw.c to use pthreads and protos
* fixed prototype for gethostbyaddr_r on GNU_NSS
* braced conditional in getservbyname_r
* merged in Makefile.linux and README.LINUX diffs
* added htons(port) in getservbyport_r
* added nsswitch.test
* added
* added ldap.conf.ragenet

changes from 2.31 to 2.32

* moved Makefile to Makefile.solaris
* cleaned up mutex code for Linux, hopefully

changes from 2.30 to 2.31

* fixed leak in util.c (need to free dn)
* rolled in patches from
* fixed ldap-ethers.c to use struct ether
* fixed bracing in ldap-hosts.c (?)
* added SSLEAY patch to ldap-nss.h
* fixed locking in ldap-nss.h
* Makefile changes incorporated into Makefile.linux

changes from 2.29e to 2.30

* synced into DevMan repository again
* RFC 2307 is the one!

changes from 2.29d to 2.29e

* util.c: fixed memory leak (call to ldap_value_free())

changes from 2.29c to 2.29d

* ldap-ethers.c: fixed to use HOSTNAME attribute

changes from 2.29b to 2.29c

* ieee8022Device -> ieee802Device

changes from 2.29a to 2.29b

* added ieee8022Device and bootableDevice classes,
  at Sun's request.

changes from 2.29 to 2.29a

* dc -> cn

changes from 2.28 to 2.29

* changed host/network/ethers naming schema see the -02 draft revision for
  more info

changes from 2.27 to 2.28

* ldap-pwd.c, ldap-spwd.c: fixed tmpbuf stuff. Yuck.

changes from 2.26 to 2.27

* ANNOUNCE: reflected draft-howard-nis-schema-01.txt
* ldap-spwd.c: default for shadow integer values is -1, not 0 and fixed
  crasher (thanks to

changes from 2.25 to 2.26

* globals.c: added offset stuff back for mapping errnumbers. Weird: this stuff
  *was* in an earlier version of the work area. I have no idea where it went.

changes from 2.24 to 2.25

* irs-nss.h: added prototype for irs_ldap_acc()
* ldap-*.[ch]: removed redundent PARSER macro
* unbroke for GNU NSS (context_key_t changed to context_handle_t)

changes from 2.23 to 2.24

* irs-nss.c: added dispatch table for IRS library
* testpw5.c: added additional test program
* ldap-nss.c: removed spurious debug statement
* ldap-nss.c, util.c, dnsconfig.c: cleaned up memory allocation for config.
  (This could be improved, but there is no longer a static ldap_config_t
* Makefile: general cleanup

changes from 2.22 to 2.23

* default destructor is now simply wrapped around by individual backend
* __EXTENSIONS__ defined for Solaris 2.6 to import strncasecmp()
* getbyname: fixed crasher in ldap-nss.c due to uninitialized variable
* ldap-parse.h, assorted others: tidied up resolver calls to use NSS_ARGS()
  macro and not to interfere with the previous backend's status (bad thing!)
* ldap-service.c: cleaned up potential uninitialized var in parser
* ldap-nss.c: no valued arrays are now { NULL } instead of NULL.

changes from 2.21 to 2.22

* testpw.c: XXX problem. dies with segfault, but gdb doesn't give me enough
  information; it's definitely within though. I just can't see the
  symbols. (Maybe dbx would be better...) However, testpw doesn't work at
  *all* under 2.5.1, and technically it shouldn't as it's not linked against
  liblthread. I haven't been able to duplicate this with testpw2, which is the
  same code linked with the thread library.
* backported to NeXT

changes from 2.20 to 2.21

* resolve.h: renamed functions so as to keep namespace clean
* snprintf.h: tidied up for systems which already have snprintf() and renamed
  anyway to keep namespace clean (_nss_ldap_snprintf)
* ldap-*.h: made character constants const to avoid nasty warnings
* globals.[ch]: as above
* README, TODO, ANNOUNCE: general documentation updates
* ldap-nss.c, et al: general work on Solaris 2.6 port, to get nscd working.
  Lots of fiddling with the locking.
* Major architectural changes to Solaris NSS implementation. Thread specific
  data is now stored in the backend, where it should be: just like it is in
  IRS. Locking is a little more coarse now, but it will do for the moment.
* Paul Henson's DCE module gave me the inspiration to do the backend stuff the
  "right" way -- thanks, Paul!
* As a result, a lot of the bugs listed in TODO have mysteriously fixed
  themselves. :-)

changes from 2.19 to 2.20

* Makefile.*: ensured resolve.[ch] and dnsconfig.[ch] were there.
* Makefile: should link now with gcc -shared instead of requiring cc.

changes from 2.18 to 2.19

* testpw4.c: added irs hostbyname() test
* Makefile: added correct flags to build position indepdenent code with Sun's
  compiler (thanks, Bill). Added SRV sources.
* testpw.c: works under NeXT, cleaned up a bit.
* ldap.conf: documented what this file does
* util.c: ignore blank lines in ldap.conf properly
* resolve.h: fixed up for Solaris

changes from 2.17 to 2.18

* ldap-network.c: fixed infinite loop in getnetbyname()
* util.c: goto out causes a compiler warning under Solaris. Documented this.
  Should fix this, I suppose, but we need to break out of two blocks. (We
  could remove the code that handles multivalued DNs, as it's fairly unlikely
  that someone will use a DN of o=Xedoc+dc=xedoc,c=US+dc=com, but who knows?)
* ldap-ethers.c: line 215, result was not assigned to an lvalue (should have
  been args->status, not args). Fixed.

changes from 2.16 to 2.17

* Cleaned up documentation and testpw4.c
* dnsconfig.c: Fixed strtok() bug which was clobbering domain

changes from 2.15 to 2.16

* util.c (_nss_ldap_readconfig) fixed strtok() typo

changes from 2.2 to 2.15

* dnsconfig.c: got DNS SRV support working under NEXTSTEP
* util.c: (_nss_ldap_getdomainname) made host and network DN parsing compliant
  with current draft

changes from 2.1 to 2.2

* I'll get around to merging in the RCS log here one day. Nothing very
  exciting happened, I just backported the code to NEXTSTEP and compiled it.