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2012-12-30  arthur

	* [r1891] tests/lookup_netgroup.c: code style fix
	* [r1890] nslcd/cfg.c: remove deprecated use_sasl, reconnect_tries,
	  reconnect_maxsleeptime and tls_checkpeer options which have been
	  replaced some time ago
	* [r1889] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/myldap.c: remove
	  undocumented restart configuration option
	* [r1888] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/myldap.c, nslcd/pam.c,
	  tests/test_cfg.c, tests/test_myldap.c: reorganise and rename
	  configuration options to be in line with manual page
	* [r1887] nslcd/alias.c, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/common.h,
	  nslcd/ether.c, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/host.c, nslcd/myldap.c,
	  nslcd/netgroup.c, nslcd/network.c, nslcd/nslcd.c, nslcd/pam.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c,
	  nslcd/shadow.c, tests/test_cfg.c, tests/test_myldap.c: remove the
	  ldc_ prefix from struct ldap_config fields
	* [r1886] use the newer style AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
	* [r1885] pynslcd/ add dependency information to
	* [r1884] man/ make the way manual pages are selected
	  for installation more maintainable

2012-12-29  arthur

	* [r1883] nslcd.h: remove unnecessary comment
	* [r1882] .gitignore, tests, tests/,
	  tests/lookup_netgroup.c: implement a lookup_netgroup command for
	  systems that cannot use getent to list netgroups

2012-12-28  arthur

	* [r1881] nslcd/service.c: another comment typo fix
	* [r1880] nslcd/cfg.h: re-order enum values to use the same order
	  as elsewhere

2012-12-24  arthur

	* [r1879] nslcd/common.h, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ more
	  comment fixes
	* [r1878] nslcd/pam.c: fix typo in comment

2012-12-23  arthur

	* [r1877] nslcd/alias.c, nslcd/common.h, nslcd/ether.c,
	  nslcd/group.c, nslcd/host.c, nslcd/netgroup.c, nslcd/network.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c,
	  nslcd/shadow.c: move the action argument to NSLCD_HANDLE to the
	* [r1876] nss/aliases.c, nss/common.h, nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c,
	  nss/hosts.c, nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c,
	  nss/rpc.c, nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c: merge NSS_BYNAME and
	  NSS_BYINT32 into NSS_BYGEN and rename to NSS_GETONE
	* [r1875] nss/netgroup.c: adapt Solaris netgroup lookup code
	* [r1874] nslcd.h, nslcd/netgroup.c, nss/netgroup.c,
	  pynslcd/, tests/ update the netgroup
	  by name request to have one result entry per netgroup with
	  multiple rows within one result

2012-12-22  arthur

	* [r1873] common/dict.c, common/dict.h, common/expr.c,
	  common/expr.h, common/nslcd-prot.c, common/nslcd-prot.h,
	  common/set.c, common/set.h, common/tio.c, common/tio.h,
	  compat/attrs.h, compat/daemon.c, compat/daemon.h, compat/ether.c,
	  compat/ether.h, compat/getopt_long.c, compat/getopt_long.h,
	  compat/getpeercred.c, compat/getpeercred.h, compat/ldap_compat.h,
	  compat/ldap_initialize.c, compat/ldap_passwd_s.c,
	  compat/nss_compat.h, compat/pam_compat.h,
	  compat/pam_get_authtok.c, compat/pam_prompt.c, compat/socket.h,
	  compat/strndup.c, compat/strndup.h,, nslcd/alias.c,
	  nslcd/attmap.c, nslcd/attmap.h, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h,
	  nslcd/common.c, nslcd/common.h, nslcd/config.c, nslcd/ether.c,
	  nslcd/group.c, nslcd/host.c, nslcd/log.c, nslcd/log.h,
	  nslcd/myldap.c, nslcd/myldap.h, nslcd/netgroup.c,
	  nslcd/network.c, nslcd/nslcd.c, nslcd/nsswitch.c, nslcd/pam.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c,
	  nslcd/shadow.c, nss/aliases.c, nss/bsdnss.c, nss/common.c,
	  nss/common.h, nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/hosts.c,
	  nss/netgroup.c, nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c,
	  nss/prototypes.h, nss/rpc.c, nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c,
	  nss/solnss.c, nss/solnss.h, pam/common.h, pam/pam.c,
	  tests/common.h, tests/test_cfg.c, tests/test_common.c,
	  tests/test_dict.c, tests/test_expr.c, tests/test_getpeercred.c,
	  tests/test_myldap.c, tests/test_set.c, tests/test_tio.c: update C
	  coding style to a more commonly used style

2012-12-20  arthur

	* [r1870] nslcd/passwd.c: don't process the passwd_byuid request at
	  all for uids < nss_min_uid
	* [r1868] nslcd/myldap.c: fix logic error (use && instead of & for
	  logical and)

2012-12-16  arthur

	* [r1867] nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/passwd.c: also no longer
	  use NSS_BYINT32() in Solaris (fixes r1864)
	* [r1866] nslcd.h, nslcd/nslcd.c: make nslcd actions hexadecimal
	  values with some structure to make debugging easier
	* [r1865] nslcd.h, nslcd/pam.c, pam/common.h, pam/pam.c: change PAM
	  protocol to be more consistent and simpler
	* [r1864] common/nslcd-prot.h, nslcd.h, nslcd/common.c,
	  nslcd/ether.c, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/nslcd.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nss/common.h, nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/networks.c,
	  nss/passwd.c, nss/services.c, pam/common.h, pam/pam.c,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ switch
	  protocol from host byte order to network byte order and switch
	  use of uid_t and gid_t in the protocol to int32

2012-12-15  arthur

	* [r1863] .gitignore,, pynslcd, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/ merge into and generate it from configure

2012-12-14  arthur

	* [r1859] pynslcd/ remove unneeded brackets
	* [r1858] tests/test_tio.c: also test for correct value of errno on
	  timeout and make read and write timeout tests consistent
	* [r1857] tests/test_tio.c: also output debugging info in
	  test_timeout_reader test

2012-12-08  arthur

	* [r1848] common/tio.c: update microseconds when setting deadline,
	  not seconds (thanks Julien Cristau)

2012-12-06  arthur

	* [r1846] common/tio.c, tests/test_tio.c: make test even more
	  verbose and set number of writes back at 10000 to avoid issues
	  with systems with large buffers

2012-11-30  arthur

	* [r1845] tests/test_tio.c: rephrase test to more clearly explain
	  what we're testing and be a little more verbose

2012-11-25  arthur

	* [r1842] nslcd/nsswitch.c: remove inline keyword (should have been
	  removed in r1840)
	* [r1841] nslcd/nsswitch.c: if nsswitch.conf is missing a shadow
	  entry, fall back to checking the passwd mapping
	* [r1840] nslcd/common.h, nslcd/nsswitch.c, nslcd/passwd.c: move
	  all nsswitch-parsing related functions to nsswitch.c
	* [r1839] .gitignore: small fix for .gitignore

2012-11-22  arthur

	* [r1838] nslcd/group.c, nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/protocol.c,
	  nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c: ensure that values are logged as
	  unsigned numbers

2012-11-18  arthur

	* [r1834] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml, man/pynslcd.8.xml: get
	  files ready for 0.8.12 release
	* [r1833], nss/passwd.c: properly initialise
	  passwd.pw_class on FreeBSD to empty string (was set to NULL due
	  to the memset which was introduced in r1767)

2012-11-17  arthur

	* [r1832] pam/pam.c: use pam_modutil_getpwnam() instead of
	  getpwnam() in PAM module
	* [r1831] man/nslcd.8.xml, man/pynslcd.8.xml: fix formatting and
	  improve consistency in manaual pages

2012-11-16  arthur

	* [r1828] man/nslcd.8.xml, man/pynslcd.8.xml: remove dots from
	  short description in manual page
	* [r1827] nslcd/config.c: fix comment in header

2012-11-13  arthur

	* [r1824] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/myldap.c,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/ to only set
	  LDAP_OPT_X_SASL_NOCANON if the sasl_canonicalize option is
	  explicitly set in the configuration file

2012-11-11  arthur

	* [r1823] pam/pam.c: log the PAM error message along with the
	  message from nslcd if it is available
	* [r1822] .gitignore: add a .gitignore file for those working with
	* [r1821] common/nslcd-prot.c: set FD_CLOEXEC in NSS and PAM
	  modules to ensure that nslcd file descriptor is not leaked to
	  child processes
	* [r1814] nslcd/myldap.c: log connection message before clearing
	  error indicators to not hide these log messages in most
	  configurations (fixes r1095)

2012-10-28  arthur

	* [r1812] nss/, nss/common.h, nss/group.c, nss/hosts.c,
	  nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c, nss/rpc.c,
	  nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c, nss/solnss.h: refactor the
	  read_result() functions into a common macro and move all the
	  Solaris-specific definitions to solnss.h
	* [r1811] nss/hosts.c: combine read_hostent_erronempty() and
	  read_hostent_nextonempty() into a read_hostent() with a retry
	* [r1810] nss/group.c: fix typo (thanks Ted C. Cheng)

2012-10-26  arthur

	* [r1809] nss/group.c: fix buffer size checking in group by member
	  NSS function on Solaris
	* [r1808] nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/hosts.c, nss/netgroup.c,
	  nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c, nss/rpc.c,
	  nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c: introduce ent2str() functions for
	  each database (except ether and netgroup) and make buffer
	  handling consistent (for Solaris)

2012-10-21  arthur

	* [r1807] remove duplicate checks from the configure
	* [r1806] man: ignore generated pynslcd manual pages
	* [r1805] nss/passwd.c: fix a problem on Solaris (fixes r1793)
	* [r1804] man/, man/nslcd.8.xml, man/pynslcd.8.xml: make
	  a pynslcd manual page and install it if pynslcd is enabled (and
	  small fix in nslcd manual page)

2012-10-19  arthur

	* [r1803] common/expr.c, tests/test_expr.c: allow attribute options
	  in attribute mapping expressions

2012-10-14  arthur

	* [r1798] ChangeLog, NEWS,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.11 release
	* [r1797] remove extra code that sets PACKAGE_URL
	  (which isn't used)
	* [r1796] nss/netgroup.c: do not clear the netgroup struct because
	  it contains information for others as well (fixes r1767)
	* [r1795] nslcd/nslcd.c: if nslcd creates the state directory, try
	  to set the right ownership

2012-10-13  arthur

	* [r1794] nss/passwd.c: include missing definition (fixes r1793)
	* [r1793] nss/passwd.c: do proper range checking and replace
	  READ_RESULT macro with read_result function (Solaris)
	* [r1792] nss/hosts.c: return correct error for buffer too small
	* [r1791] HACKING, nss/ethers.c: in ether handling only write to
	  output values and return correct error for buffer too small
	* [r1790] nss/common.h: on Solaris initialise the output values
	* [r1789] nss/common.h: fix code indentation
	* [r1787] tests/common.h: provide alternatives for assertion
	  failures on Solaris and FreeBSD
	* [r1786] pass CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS to distcheck's
	  configure and put nslcd.conf under prefix
	* [r1785] pynslcd/ use $(top_srcdir)/nslcd.h instead of
	  $< to avoid problems with FreeBSD's make
	* [r1784] tests/test_tio.c: update tests to new tio interface
	  (fixes r1783)

2012-10-12  arthur

	* [r1783] common/nslcd-prot.c, common/tio.c, common/tio.h,
	  nslcd/nslcd.c: use poll() instead of select() for checking file
	  descriptor activity to also correctly work if more than
	  FD_SETSIZE files are already open
	* [r1781] common/tio.c: check if the file descriptor can be stored
	  in the select() file descriptor set
	* [r1780] README: small clarifications to shadow properties

2012-09-16  arthur

	* [r1771] nslcd/passwd.c: fix problem storing negative hit to
	  dn2uid cache (thanks scan-build)
	* [r1770] nslcd/myldap.c: fix logic error when falling back to
	  getting ranged attribute values for possibly binary attributes
	  (thanks scan-build)
	* [r1769] nslcd/myldap.c: swap values and buf assignment to avoid
	  compiler alignment warnings

2012-09-15  arthur

	* [r1768] nslcd/passwd.c: only check nsswitch.conf for shadow
	  mapping on glibc (Solaris shadow map follows passwd's mapping and
	  FreeBSD doesn't have shadow at all)
	* [r1767] nss/aliases.c, nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/hosts.c,
	  nss/netgroup.c, nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c,
	  nss/rpc.c, nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c: clear the *ent structs
	  before writing fields to avoid problems with extra fields (fixes
	  password field weirdness on Solaris 10)

2012-09-14  arthur

	* [r1766] nss/hosts.c: fix host name lookups for Solaris (tested
	  with Solaris 10)
	* [r1765] nss/ethers.c: use the standard constructor and destructor
	  eventhough be->fp isn't used
	* [r1764] nss/ethers.c: fix ethernet lookups for Solaris (tested
	  with Solaris 10)
	* [r1763] nslcd/alias.c, nslcd/ether.c, nslcd/group.c,
	  nslcd/host.c, nslcd/netgroup.c, nslcd/network.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c, nslcd/shadow.c:
	  grow all search filter buffers to 4096 bytes (thanks flavio)
	* [r1762] nslcd/pam.c: rename filter_buffer to filter for

2012-09-08  arthur

	* [r1761] ChangeLog, ChangeLog-2011, archive older
	  ChangeLog entries in year files

2012-09-03  arthur

	* [r1749] nss/group.c: a few fixes in the Solaris group lookups
	* [r1748] nss/common.h, nss/passwd.c: fix indenting of code
	* [r1747] nss/ethers.c, nss/group.c, nss/hosts.c, nss/netgroup.c,
	  nss/networks.c, nss/passwd.c, nss/protocols.c, nss/rpc.c,
	  nss/services.c, nss/shadow.c: on Solaris store the errno value in

2012-09-01  arthur

	* [r1746] compat/pam_get_authtok.c: include a missing cast
	* [r1745] nslcd/myldap.c: provide an alternative do_rebind() for
	  Netscape LDAP
	* [r1744] nslcd/nslcd.c: include an explicit cast to int when
	  printing gid_t (fixes r1723)

2012-08-31  arthur

	* [r1736] depcomp: mark file as executable
	* [r1735] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, pynslcd/ change
	  the default value of sasl_canonicalize to yes (thanks Marcus

2012-08-14  arthur

	* [r1734] nslcd/myldap.c: remove variable definition that was
	  introduced in r1626 but should have been removed in r1714
	* [r1733] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h,
	  nslcd/myldap.c, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ introduce a
	  sasl_canonicalize option that will now, by default, disable
	  reverse host name lookups in OpenLDAP

2012-07-23  arthur

	* [r1731] nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c: ensure
	  that all places where stdint.h is included it is surrounded by

2012-07-21  arthur

	* [r1725] nslcd/common.h: only inlude stdint.h if we have it
	* [r1724] nslcd/common.h: add missing includes to ensure all types
	  are defined in header

2012-07-20  arthur

	* [r1723], nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/nslcd.c,
	  pynslcd/ on startup have the gid option default to the
	  primary group of the specified user and load the user's
	  supplementary groups
	* [r1722], ldapns.ldif: add an LDIF version of the
	  ldapns.schema schema file

2012-07-15  arthur

	* [r1721] pynslcd/ avoid setting tls_randfile twice and
	  remove fixed FIXME (fixed in r1717)
	* [r1720] pynslcd/ set the pynslcd process name if
	* [r1719] pynslcd/ support getting
	  pam_password_prohibit_message from configuration (but don't
	  handle it yet)
	* [r1718] pynslcd/, pynslcd/ rename internal
	  pam_authz_search to pam_authz_searches
	* [r1717] pynslcd/ properly set most LDAP options from

2012-07-11  arthur

	* [r1716] pam/pam.c: also check pam_password_prohibit_message in
	  pam_sm_authenticate() because Solaris does authentication before
	  pam_sm_chauthtok() (thanks Ted Cheng)

2012-07-08  arthur

	* [r1715] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd.h, nslcd/,
	  nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/common.h, nslcd/config.c,
	  nslcd/nslcd.c, nslcd/pam.c, pam/pam.c: implement a
	  pam_password_prohibit_message nslcd.conf option to deny password
	  change introducing a NSLCD_ACTION_CONFIG_GET request thanks to
	  Ted Cheng
	* [r1714] nslcd/myldap.c: remove duplicate getting of
	  LDAP_OPT_DIAGNOSTIC_MESSAGE (should have been part of r1639)

2012-07-07  arthur

	* [r1713] AUTHORS, pynslcd/ ensure that is
	  installed (thanks Jon Severinsson)

2012-06-29  arthur

	* [r1707] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.10 release
	* [r1706] config.sub: update from latest automake

2012-06-17  arthur

	* [r1705] HACKING: minor documentation touch-ups

2012-06-15  arthur

	* [r1704] install the default configuration file with
	  reduced permissions (further protection for CVE-2009-1073)
	* [r1703] nslcd/pam.c: log successful password change in nslcd and
	  correctly terminate protocol on password change failure
	* [r1702] pam/pam.c: fix problem with returning wrong error code
	  when changing password with wrong old password (thanks Anton

2012-05-25  arthur

	* [r1701] README: reword section on bug reporting and add a
	  reference to the ignorecase option on the case sensitivity
	* [r1700] HACKING: include list of required libraries and do not
	  put information on AUTHORS file on the patch requirements

2012-05-20  arthur

	* [r1695] ChangeLog, NEWS,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.9 release
	* [r1694] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/common.c, nslcd/group.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c,
	  nslcd/shadow.c: implement extra range checking of all numeric

2012-05-18  arthur

	* [r1693], nslcd/myldap.c, nslcd/nslcd.c,
	  nss/bsdnss.c: get rid of a few compiler warnings on FreeBSD

2012-05-11  arthur

	* [r1690] compat/nss_compat.h, provide a
	  compatibility version of struct spwd for systems without it
	* [r1688] compat/socket.h: fix fallback definition of SUN_LEN()
	  (fixes r1686)

2012-05-09  arthur

	* [r1686] common/nslcd-prot.c, compat/,
	  compat/nss_compat.h, compat/socket.h, nslcd/nslcd.c: provide a
	  compatibility definition of SUN_LEN() for systems that lack it
	* [r1685] nslcd/nslcd.c: remove duplicate debug from log message

2012-05-04  arthur

	* [r1684] pynslcd/ implement PAM authorisation check using
	  pam_authz_search option
	* [r1683] pynslcd/ ignore user-supplied DN for PAM requests
	  and don't send it back
	* [r1682] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ move expression handling to own module
	* [r1681] pynslcd/ ensure search also works without
	  attribute map
	* [r1680] pynslcd/ small code style improvements
	* [r1679] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h,
	  nslcd/pam.c, pynslcd/ allow the pam_authz_search option to
	  be specified multiple times
	* [r1678] nslcd/nslcd.c: don't try to close _SC_OPEN_MAX file

2012-05-02  arthur

	* [r1677] compat/pam_compat.h, compat/pam_get_authtok.c: move all
	  PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR compatibility definitions to

2012-04-29  arthur

	* [r1673] README: documentation touch-ups

2012-04-27  arthur

	* [r1662] ChangeLog, NEWS,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.8 release
	* [r1660], ldapns.schema: add a schema file that some
	  people use for PAM

2012-04-26  arthur

	* [r1659] common/tio.c, common/tio.h, nss/common.h: split the
	  functionality to read everything from the stream into a separate
	  function and don't assume we use non-blocking IO (fix r1637)
	* [r1658] tests/test_pamcmds.expect: support alternative unknown
	  user response

2012-04-22  arthur

	* [r1653] ChangeLog, NEWS,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.7 release

2012-04-09  arthur

	* [r1649] compile, depcomp: update files from recent automake

2012-03-23  arthur

	* [r1643] nslcd/pam.c: increase buffer for pam_authz_search as
	  suggested by Chris J Arges

2012-03-16  arthur

	* [r1642] pynslcd/ support the upper and lower functions
	  in attribute mapping expressions
	* [r1641] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/
	  refactor some of the attribute mapping code to introduce a
	  mapping instance that does the hard work and support the lower()
	  and upper() attribute mapping functions
	* [r1640] pynslcd/ implement a getpeercred() function
	* [r1639] nslcd/myldap.c: always try to log the ldap error, the
	  diagnostic message and errno if available in a consistent format
	* [r1638] nss/common.h: put both tio_skip() and tio_close() within
	  if (fixes r1637) and clarify documentation of one part of the

2012-03-14  arthur

	* [r1637] common/tio.c, common/tio.h, nss/common.h: read any
	  remaining available data from the stream when closing the
	  connection in a normal way to prevent Broken pipe messages in
	* [r1636] common/tio.c: ensure that we don't try to read more than
	  SSIZE_MAX bytes

2012-03-13  arthur

	* [r1635] AUTHORS, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: document the fact that
	  each thread opens it's own connection (patch by Chris Hiestand)
	* [r1634] AUTHORS, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/cfg.h,
	  nslcd/common.h, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/netgroup.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c, nslcd/shadow.c:
	  make whether or not to do case-sensitive filtering configurable
	  (patch by Matthew L. Dailey)
	* [r1633] compile, config.guess, config.sub, missing: update from
	  latest automake

2012-03-10  arthur

	* [r1632] nslcd/cfg.c: when doing DNS queries for SRV records
	  recognise default ldap and ldaps ports
	* [r1631] nslcd/common.h: add missing include for
	  _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX (thanks Mel Flynn)
	* [r1628] nslcd/pam.c: fix log message for invalid pam_authz_search
	  as reported by Matt Rae

2012-03-05  arthur

	* [r1627] nslcd/myldap.c: remove extra newline from log message
	* [r1626] compat/ldap_compat.h, nslcd/myldap.c: provide more
	  detailed logging information for ldap_start_tls_s() failures
	  (based on a patch by Mel Flynn)

2012-02-29  arthur

	* [r1625] nslcd/myldap.c: log the first 10 search results in debug
	  mode to make debugging easier (patch by Matthijs Kooijman)
	* [r1624] README, nslcd/nslcd.c: update copyright years

2012-01-29  arthur

	* [r1616] ChangeLog, NEWS,, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.6 release
	* [r1615] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ implement a naive offline cache
	* [r1614] pynslcd/ small simplification in group lookups
	  (member attributes are not requested anyway)
	* [r1613] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ split the
	  result handling into a convert() and write() step

2012-01-20  arthur

	* [r1611] nslcd/netgroup.c, pynslcd/ formatting fixes
	* [r1605] nslcd/nslcd.c: clarify error messages and fix typo in
	* [r1604], debian: separate the Debian packaging from
	  main sources switching to non-native Debian package (using
	* [r1603] pynslcd/ add missing Python modules to

2012-01-17  arthur

	* [r1597] AUTHORS, nss/bsdnss.c: FreeBSD compilation fixes by Maxim
	* [r1596] common/nslcd-prot.c, nslcd/nslcd.c: pass the correct size
	  of named socket address (fixes FreeBSD issue, fixes r1295)

2012-01-16  arthur

	* [r1595] INSTALL, compile, depcomp, install-sh, py-compile: update
	  files from recent automake

2012-01-09  jhrozek

	* [r1594] nslcd/common.c: Add a matching va_end() for va_start() in
	* [r1593] nslcd/myldap.c: Warn if ldap_set_option() fails for
	* [r1592] nslcd/nslcd.c: Warn if fd cannot be closed in is_locked()
	* [r1591] nslcd/netgroup.c: Check NULL return in write_netgroup()
	* [r1590] nslcd/pam.c: Do not leak memory if myldap_escape() fails
	* [r1589] nslcd/pam.c: Return from update_username() if
	  myldap_get_values() returns invalid value

	  If myldap_get_values() failed for the attmap_passwd_uid,
	  would dereference a NULL pointer.

2012-01-06  arthur

	* [r1588] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/ user the logging framework,
	  handle exceptions properly and some cleanups

2012-01-05  arthur

	* [r1587] debian/po/zh_CN.po: updated Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
	  translation of debconf templates by zym

2012-01-02  arthur

	* [r1586] debian/po/nb.po: updated Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
	  translation of debconf templates by Bjørn Steensrud