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2011-12-31  arthur

	* [r1584] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog,
	  man/nslcd.8.xml, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get
	  files ready for 0.8.5 release

2011-12-30  arthur

	* [r1583] debian/control: fix versioned build dependency on

2011-12-28  arthur

	* [r1582] pynslcd/ remove some information from config
	  that we don't expect to use
	* [r1581], pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/
	  support for reading the configuration file (not all options are
	  used though)
	* [r1580] pynslcd/, pynslcd/ move the state
	  variables (from command line) from the configuration to the main
	* [r1579] pynslcd/ fall back to trying to authenticate with
	  provided password (in case rootpwmodpw is not set or unusable)
	* [r1578] pynslcd/ never request group members for
	* [r1577] pynslcd/ instead of modifying attmap, modify
	  attribute list
	* [r1576] pynslcd/, pynslcd/ fix references to
	  attmap (broken in r1571)
	* [r1575] nslcd/nslcd.c: typo fix in comment

2011-12-27  arthur

	* [r1574] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/ make logging more
	  consistent and remove test bases from shadow and passwd maps
	* [r1573] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ PEP8 fixes
	* [r1572] debian/copyright: update copyright information

2011-12-12  arthur

	* [r1571] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ define the
	  search separately from the request
	* [r1570] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ move check of required attributes and other
	  common tests to the Request.handle_entry() method

2011-12-10  arthur

	* [r1569] nslcd/cfg.c: properly log failures to lookup DNS SRV
	* [r1568] nslcd/nslcd.c: properly handle failures to truncate the
	  pid file
	* [r1567] debian/nslcd.config: get the first configuration value
	  instead of the last because that one is also written
	* [r1566] debian/nslcd.config: fix a deprecated use of head without
	  the -n option
	* [r1565] debian/rules: enable more hardening options (-fPIE
	  doesn't work yet because we use -fPIC in some places)
	* [r1564] debian/libnss-ldapd.config, debian/libnss-ldapd.postrm:
	  ensure that the output of nss_list_configured() is space
	* [r1563] m4/ax_pthread.m4: update macro from autoconf-archive

2011-12-09  jhrozek

	* [r1560] nslcd/myldap.c: Fix a typo in disconnect logic

2011-12-01  arthur

	* [r1558] nslcd/nslcd.c: ensure that uid, gid and pid vars are
	  properly initialised and log denied requests

2011-11-30  arthur

	* [r1557] nslcd/passwd.c: ensure that /etc/nsswitch.conf is only
	  loaded once after start-up

2011-11-18  arthur

	* [r1556] debian/libnss-ldapd.config: simplification of logic to
	  overwrite list of enabled /etc/nsswitch.conf services in debconf
	  (based on r1555 of 0.7 branch)

2011-10-12  arthur

	* [r1554] debian/control: add versioned dependency on libpam for
	  mutiarch support
	* [r1553] AUTHORS, nss/bsdnss.c: implement group membership NSS
	  function by Tom Judge (taken from FreeBSD PR 154000)

2011-10-10  arthur

	* [r1552] debian/rules: keep nslcd running during package upgrades

2011-10-02  arthur

	* [r1551] nslcd/pam.c: reduce loglevel of user not found messages
	  to avoid spamming the logs with useless information (thanks Wakko

2011-09-30  jhrozek

	* [r1547] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c, nslcd/shadow.c:
	  Use an explicit base of 10 for strtouid()/strtogid()/strtol()

2011-09-21  arthur

	* [r1546] debian/nslcd.config: treat the "hard" value for
	  tls_reqcert as if it was "demand"

2011-09-14  arthur

	* [r1543] debian/libnss-ldapd.config, debian/libnss-ldapd.postrm,
	  debian/nslcd.config, debian/nslcd.init, debian/nslcd.postinst:
	  make whitespace matching consistent in regular expressions
	  (thanks Nick)

2011-09-09  arthur

	* [r1542] nslcd/alias.c, nslcd/attmap.c, nslcd/common.c,
	  nslcd/common.h, nslcd/ether.c, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/host.c,
	  nslcd/netgroup.c, nslcd/network.c, nslcd/pam.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c, nslcd/shadow.c:
	  make validation log messages consistent
	* [r1541] nslcd/nsswitch.c: add missing include

2011-09-08  arthur

	* [r1540] nslcd/network.c, nslcd/passwd.c: grow gecos buffer size
	  and consistency improvements to other buffers
	* [r1539] nslcd/ether.c, nslcd/host.c, nslcd/network.c: give string
	  representations of addresses more logical names

2011-09-07  arthur

	* [r1538] debian/copyright, debian/po/sv.po: updated Swedish (sv)
	  translation of debconf templates by Martin Bagge

2011-09-04  arthur

	* [r1536] AUTHORS, ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,,
	  debian/changelog, debian/copyright, man/nslcd.8.xml,
	  man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get files ready for
	  0.8.4 release
	* [r1535] tests/test_getpeercred.c: warn when we couldn't get the
	  gid or pid, the uid is the only really interesting bit
	* [r1534] tests/test_tio.c: add casts from size_t to int for printf
	* [r1533] debian/rules: ignore failures in tests
	* [r1532] debian/rules: use auto-detection for LDAP library and
	  defaults for config file, socket and pidfile (no changes)

2011-09-03  arthur

	* [r1531] debian/libnss-ldapd.config, debian/libnss-ldapd.postinst,
	  debian/libnss-ldapd.postrm, debian/libpam-ldapd.postinst: support
	  spaces before and after database name while parsing
	  /etc/nsswitch.conf and reduce the number of places where parsing
	  is done

2011-08-30  arthur

	* [r1530] debian/nslcd.postinst: correctly handle leading and
	  trailing spaces in preseeded uri option (patch by Andreas B.
	* [r1529], nslcd/myldap.c: move LDAP_DEPRECATED and
	  LDAP_REFERRALS to to ensure that tests from
	  configure see the same API

2011-08-29  arthur

	* [r1528], nslcd/common.c, nslcd/common.h: implement
	  and use a strtoui() function if uid_t or gid_t is of size
	  unsigned int (thanks Jakub Hrozek)
	* [r1527] pynslcd/ get rid of automake warning
	* [r1526] silence autoconf warnings, patch by Jakub
	* [r1525] debian/po/nl.po: some changes based on feedback by Jeroen

2011-08-27  arthur

	* [r1524], nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/common.h, nslcd/group.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c: provide strtouid() and strtogid() functions that
	  use strtoul() or strtoull() (thanks Jakub Hrozek)
	* [r1523] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/passwd.c,
	  nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/rpc.c, nslcd/service.c, nslcd/shadow.c:
	  check errno after calls to strtol() to ensure that numbers that
	  are too large for type will be reported (thanks Jakub Hrozek)
	* [r1522] AUTHORS, nslcd/myldap.c: pass a statically allocated
	  callback structure to OpenLDAP because it doesn't make it's own
	  copy (thanks Jakub Hrozek) (fixes a problem in r1490)
	* [r1521] debian/po/nl.po: some changes based on feedback by Paul

2011-08-26  arthur

	* [r1520] debian/po/nl.po: first attempt at Dutch (nl) translation
	* [r1519] debian/po/ca.po, debian/po/fi.po, debian/po/gl.po,
	  debian/po/it.po, debian/po/nb.po, debian/po/nl.po,
	  debian/po/sv.po, debian/po/vi.po, debian/po/zh_CN.po: small
	  formatting changes to header

2011-08-25  arthur

	* [r1518] debian/po/es.po: updated Spanish (es) translation of
	  debconf templates by Francisco Javier Cuadrado

2011-08-24  arthur

	* [r1517] nslcd/cfg.c: fix typo (thanks Nalin Dahyabhai)
	* [r1515] nslcd/cfg.c: fix a problem with uninitialised memory
	  while parsing the tls_ciphers option (was broken in r853, similar
	  problem was fixed in r910, reported by Isaac Freeman)
	* [r1514] debian/po/de.po: updated German (de) translation of
	  debconf templates by Chris Leick
	* [r1513] AUTHORS, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c: support
	  querying DNS SRV records from a different domain than the current
	  one (based on a patch by James M. Leddy)

2011-08-23  arthur

	* [r1512] debian/po/cs.po: updated Czech (cs) translation of
	  debconf templates by Miroslav Kure

2011-08-19  arthur

	* [r1511] debian/po/fr.po: typo fix provided by Christian Perrier

2011-08-17  arthur

	* [r1510] AUTHORS: add new translators to AUTHORS file
	* [r1509] debian/po/ja.po: updated Japanese (ja) translation of
	  debconf templates by Kenshi Muto
	* [r1508] debian/po/pt.po: updated Portuguese (pt) translation of
	  debconf templates by Américo Monteiro

2011-08-14  arthur

	* [r1507] debian/po/pt_BR.po: updated Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
	  translation of debconf templates by Denis Doria
	* [r1506] ChangeLog, ChangeLog-2009, ChangeLog-2010,
	  split 2009 and 2010 changes to separate ChangeLog files
	* [r1505] nss/networks.c: remove unused variable
	* [r1504] nslcd/, pam/, tests/
	  put external libraries at the end when linking
	* [r1503] remove some tests for symbols we aren't
	* [r1502] debian/libnss-ldapd.lintian-overrides: add lintian
	  override for SONAME check
	* [r1501] debian/po/pt_BR.po: updated Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
	  translation of debconf templates by Denis Doria
	* [r1500] debian/po/da.po: update Danish (da) translation of
	  debconf templates by Joe Hansen
	* [r1499] debian/po/sk.po: added Slovak (sk) translation of debconf
	  templates by Slavko
	* [r1498] debian/po/fr.po: updated French (fr) translation of
	  debconf templates by Christian Perrier
	* [r1497] debian/po/ru.po: updated Russian (ru) translation of
	  debconf templates by Yuri Kozlov

2011-08-10  arthur

	* [r1496] AUTHORS: fix spelling of name (sorry about that)

2011-08-09  arthur

	* [r1495] nslcd/passwd.c: check nsswitch.conf mtime to see whether
	  file should be reloaded
	* [r1494] debian/po/ca.po, debian/po/cs.po, debian/po/da.po,
	  debian/po/de.po, debian/po/es.po, debian/po/fi.po,
	  debian/po/fr.po, debian/po/gl.po, debian/po/it.po,
	  debian/po/ja.po, debian/po/nb.po, debian/po/nl.po,
	  debian/po/pt.po, debian/po/pt_BR.po, debian/po/ru.po,
	  debian/po/sv.po, debian/po/templates.pot, debian/po/vi.po,
	  debian/po/zh_CN.po: run debconf-updatepo to update .pot and .po
	* [r1493] debian/nslcd.templates, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: small
	  language updates based on feedback by Justin B Rye

2011-08-08  arthur

	* [r1492] debian/nslcd.templates: incorporate feedback on debconf
	  templates by (thanks Justin
	  B Rye and Christian PERRIER)

2011-08-07  arthur

	* [r1491], debian/compat, debian/control,
	  debian/libnss-ldapd.postinst, debian/libpam-ldapd.install,
	  debian/rules, debian/source/lintian-overrides: build Debian
	  packages with multiarch support
	* [r1490] AUTHORS, nslcd/myldap.c: set the socket timeout in a
	  connection callback to avoid timeout issues during the SSL
	  handshake (based on a patch by Stefan Völkel)

2011-08-06  arthur

	* [r1489] debian/copyright, m4/ax_pthread.m4: update AX_PTHREAD

2011-08-05  arthur

	* [r1488] pynslcd/, tests/test_myldap.c: replace last
	  traces of groupOfUniqueNames
	* [r1487] nslcd/, nslcd/common.h, nslcd/nsswitch.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, tests/ check whether the NSS shadow
	  map queries LDAP before returning x as a password has for shadow
	* [r1486] tests/README, tests/test.ldif.gz, tests/
	  update tests with change of member/uniqueMember default change
	* [r1485] nslcd/group.c, nslcd/myldap.c, nslcd/myldap.h,
	  nslcd/passwd.c: implementation of myldap_get_values_len() to use
	  ldap_get_values_len() instead of ldap_get_values() to fix some
	  problems with binary data in returned attribute values (patch by
	  Wesley Mason)

2011-08-03  arthur

	* [r1484] README, nslcd.conf, nslcd/attmap.c, nslcd/attmap.h,
	  nslcd/group.c, pynslcd/, tests/test_myldap.c: switch to
	  using the member attribute by default instead of uniqueMember

2011-07-21  arthur

	* [r1483] README: remove obsolete attribute from documentation

2011-07-15  arthur

	* [r1482] debian/nslcd.init: on restart only log_end_msg once

2011-07-04  arthur

	* [r1481] show the default value for the
	  pam-seclib-dir option

2011-07-03  arthur

	* [r1480] compat/getpeercred.c: fix header
	* [r1479] compat/pam_compat.h: provide PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR for
	  systems with only PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVER_ERR

2011-07-02  arthur

	* [r1478], debian/compat, debian/control,
	  debian/libpam-ldapd.install, debian/libpam-ldapd.pam-auth-update,
	  debian/nslcd.install, debian/pam-configs,
	  debian/pam-configs/ldap, debian/rules: switch to dh for
	  debian/rules and bump debhelper compatibility to 8
	* [r1476] nslcd/group.c, nslcd/host.c, nslcd/network.c,
	  nslcd/passwd.c, nslcd/shadow.c: make buffer sizes consistent,
	  grow gidNumber buffer to hold larger numbers and small
	  consistency improvements

2011-06-10  arthur

	* [r1475] nslcd/pam.c: correctly only check password expiration
	  when authenticating, only check account expiration when doing
	  authorisation check

2011-06-05  arthur

	* [r1474] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/pam.c: check all variables in
	  pam_authz_search to see if they exist
	* [r1473] nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/common.c: mark more strings as const
	  and don't free() data returned by cfg_getdomainname()
	* [r1471] common/expr.c, tests/test_expr.c: handle expressions
	  where the expander function returns NULL (handle it as an empty
	* [r1470] nslcd/myldap.c: fix r1468
	* [r1468] nslcd/myldap.c: simplify and correct find_rdn_value() to
	  handle splitting attribute and value correctly
	* [r1467] config.guess, config.sub: include updated files

2011-05-23  arthur

	* [r1466] tests/test_common.c: add test case for two-character user

2011-05-21  arthur

	* [r1464] nslcd/myldap.c: fix problem with partial attribute name
	  matches in DN (e.g. uid vs. uidNumber) (thanks to Timothy White
	  for the fix)

2011-05-13  arthur

	* [r1462] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog,
	  man/nslcd.8.xml, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get
	  files ready for 0.8.3 release
	* [r1461] debian/libnss-ldapd.postinst: don't unconditionally
	  restart nscd but just try to invalidate the cache for the maps
	  that change
	* [r1460] debian/libnss-ldapd.config: correctly pick up current
	  configuration of /etc/nsswitch.conf when running dpkg-reconfigure
	* [r1459] debian/control: upgrade to standards-version 3.9.2
	* [r1458] common/expr.c, common/expr.h: switch variable expander
	  function type name because _t suffix is reserved
	* [r1457] debian/control, debian/nslcd.config: search for LDAP
	  server by looking for SRV _ldap._tcp DNS records and try to query
	  LDAP server for base DN during package configuration (based on
	  work by Petter Reinholdtsen for the sssd package)
	* [r1456] debian/nslcd.config: fix domain to basedn expansion when
	  having more than two domain parts (patch by Per Carlson)
	* [r1455] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ simplify request handling by passing read
	  parameters around in a dict instead of setting object properties
	  (this mainly simplifies search filter building)

2011-05-01  arthur

	* [r1454] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ implement
	  attribute mapping functionality and do some refactoring
	* [r1453] pynslcd/ remove unneeded import
	* [r1452] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/ pass dn
	  and attributes to functions separately
	* [r1451] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/
	  small code improvements

2011-04-30  arthur

	* [r1450] pam/common.h: make log message clearer when nslcd returns
	  an empty response (user not handled)
	* [r1449] nslcd/pam.c: close the nslcd connection to signal LDAP
	  server unavailable to PAM module
	* [r1448] pam/pam.c: split setting up of configuration into
	  separate function
	* [r1447] nslcd/pam.c: improve password change failed error message
	* [r1446] nslcd/common.h, nslcd/pam.c, nslcd/shadow.c: check shadow
	  properties (similarly to what pam_unix does) in the PAM handling
	* [r1445] pam/pam.c: do not attempt to change password as root when
	  changing an expired password
	* [r1444] nslcd/pam.c: fix return value of try_autzsearch() when no
	  match found
	* [r1443] nslcd/pam.c: use the right DN in the pam_authz_search
	* [r1442] nslcd/shadow.c: move code for getting shadow expiry
	  properties to a separate function

2011-04-29  arthur

	* [r1441] nslcd/pam.c: move most of the code for building the
	  authorisation search into the try_autzsearch() function
	* [r1440] nslcd.h, pam/pam.c: support more PAM status codes over
	  the nslcd protocol
	* [r1439] nslcd/shadow.c, pynslcd/ set maxdays to -1 to
	  indicate no expiry (instead of a long time)

2011-04-28  arthur

	* [r1438] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ put standard library imports before
	  application imports and remove some unused imports
	* [r1437] pynslcd/ remove duplicate and wrong write()

2011-04-24  arthur

	* [r1436] nslcd/pam.c: make request indicator shorter
	* [r1435] nslcd.h: document use of returned authorisation message
	* [r1434] nslcd/pam.c: no longer use the userdn parameter passed
	  along with each request (this may mean one or two more lookups
	  when doing authentication but simplifies things)
	* [r1433] tests/test_pamcmds.expect: improve handling of

2011-04-22  arthur

	* [r1431] nslcd/myldap.c: report correct reported error from

2011-04-18  arthur

	* [r1430] nslcd/nslcd.c: fix r1429 to properly handle absence of
	* [r1429] nslcd/nslcd.c: support systems without RTLD_NODELETE

2011-04-16  arthur

	* [r1428] nslcd.conf: add example configuration provided by Wesley

2011-04-15  arthur

	* [r1427] compat/, compat/strndup.c, compat/strndup.h,, nslcd/group.c, nslcd/passwd.c: provide replacement
	  implementation for strndup() for systems that don't have it
	* [r1426] AUTHORS: add Wesley Mason to AUTHOS file (was missing
	  from r1425)
	* [r1425] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/common.c, nslcd/common.h,
	  nslcd/group.c, nslcd/passwd.c: support using the objectSid
	  attribute to provide numeric user and group ids, based on a patch
	  by Wesley Mason
	* [r1424] tests/, tests/test_pamcmds.expect,
	  tests/ allow running test_{nss,pam}cmds tests
	  from another directory

2011-04-03  arthur

	* [r1423] nslcd/group.c, nslcd/pam.c, nslcd/passwd.c: make user and
	  group name validation errors a little more informative

2011-03-31  arthur

	* [r1422] AUTHORS: add some people who seemed to be missing from
	  the AUTHORS file
	* [r1421] common/tio.c: tv_usec in struct timeval must be lower
	  than 1000000 (patch by SATOH Fumiyasu)
	* [r1420] AUTHORS, use $(mkinstalldirs) instead of
	  $(INSTALL_DATA) -D because -D is not supported on all operating
	  systems (patch by SATOH Fumiyasu)
	* [r1419] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c: allow usernames of
	  only two characters

2011-03-26  arthur

	* [r1417] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog,
	  man/nslcd.8.xml, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get
	  files ready for 0.8.2 release
	* [r1416] tests/, tests/,
	  tests/ ensure that all test source files are
	  distibuted and can tests can be run when source directory differs
	  from build directory
	* [r1415] pynslcd/ sync validname regular expression with

2011-03-25  arthur

	* [r1414], nslcd/nslcd.c: no longer indefinitely wait
	  for all worker threads to finish before exiting (but wait a few
	  seconds on platforms with pthread_timedjoin_np())
	* [r1413] tests/, tests/test_cfg.c, tests/test_common.c,
	  tests/test_myldap.c: re-organise tests somewhat making things
	  more consistent
	* [r1412] debian/nslcd.config, debian/nslcd.postinst: integrate
	  patch by Daniel Dehennin to not loose debconf values of
	  previously set options with dpkg-reconfigure
	* [r1411], man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c,
	  nslcd/cfg.h, nslcd/common.c, tests/,
	  tests/test_common.c: implement a validnames option that can be
	  used to fine-tune the test for valid user and group names using a
	  regular expression

2011-03-24  arthur

	* [r1410] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ implement service, protocol and rpc lookups
	* [r1409] pynslcd/, pynslcd/ fix the case where
	  the RDN is for some reason not in the cn
	* [r1408] pynslcd/ fix configuration name
	* [r1407] pynslcd/ truncate pidfile to ensure remains
	  of previous value is gone

2011-03-23  arthur

	* [r1406] pynslcd/ fix use of spaces
	* [r1405] nslcd/protocol.c, nslcd/shadow.c: fix descriptions of
	* [r1403] compat/daemon.h,, nslcd/nslcd.c: provide a
	  definition of daemon() for systems that lack it
	* [r1402] compat/ether.h: typo fix in comment

2011-03-19  arthur

	* [r1401], common, compat, nslcd, nss, pam, tests,
	  tests/test_expr.c, tests/test_pamcmds.expect, tests/test_tio.c:
	  more tests and general test improvements
	* [r1400] common/expr.c, nslcd/myldap.h, nslcd/nslcd.c,
	  nss/common.h, nss/prototypes.h, pam/common.h, pam/pam.c: small
	  code improvements
	* [r1399] nslcd/log.c, nslcd/log.h: remove logging functionality
	  that isn't used

2011-03-18  arthur

	* [r1398] tests, tests/, tests/,
	  tests/, tests/test_pamcmds.expect,
	  tests/ implement test cases for some of the
	  common PAM actions (test environment required for this)

2011-03-17  arthur

	* [r1397], tests/, tests/common.h,
	  tests/test_cfg.c, tests/test_common.c, tests/test_expr.c,
	  tests/test_getpeercred.c, tests/test_myldap.c, tests/test_tio.c:
	  put all assertion functions and compatibility code into one
	  header file
	* [r1396] nslcd.conf: put idle_timelimit option in Active Directory
	  example with low enough default

2011-03-16  arthur

	* [r1395] tests/, tests/test_aliases.c,
	  tests/test_ethers.c, tests/test_group.c, tests/test_hosts.c,
	  tests/test_netgroup.c, tests/test_networks.c,
	  tests/test_nslcd_group.c, tests/test_passwd.c,
	  tests/test_protocols.c, tests/test_rpc.c, tests/test_services.c,
	  tests/test_shadow.c: remove legacy test code that is no longer

2011-03-14  arthur

	* [r1394] pam/pam.c: check for user existence before trying
	  password change
	* [r1393] common/tio.c: fix a problem in the timeout paramater that
	  was being passed to select() and could contain too many µsec
	  (fixes Solaris runtime issue)

2011-03-13  arthur

	* [r1392] tests/ fix name of script in header

2011-03-12  arthur

	* [r1391] include the resolv library for hstrerror()
	  on platforms that need it (thanks Peter Bray)
	* [r1390] nslcd/common.h, nslcd/pam.c: put all HOST_NAME_MAX
	  fallbacks in common.h and fall back to _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX
	  (thanks Peter Bray)

2011-03-11  arthur

	* [r1389] ensure that permissions are sane in the
	  distributed tarball
	* [r1388] nslcd/myldap.c: fix problem with endless loop on
	  incorrect password
	* [r1387] nslcd/common.c, nslcd/common.h: move HOST_NAME_MAX
	  fallback definition to header file

2011-03-10  arthur

	* [r1385] ChangeLog, NEWS, TODO,, debian/changelog,
	  man/nslcd.8.xml, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, man/pam_ldap.8.xml: get
	  files ready for 0.8.1 release
	* [r1384], common/tio.c, compat/,
	  compat/ether.h, compat/ldap_compat.h, compat/pam_get_authtok.c,
	  man/, nslcd/attmap.c, nslcd/attmap.h, nslcd/common.c,
	  nslcd/common.h, nss/prototypes.h, pam/common.h, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/, pynslcd/ update copyright headers to
	  add missing years

2011-03-09  arthur

	* [r1383] nslcd/pam.c: fix compiler warning
	* [r1382] nslcd/pam.c, nslcd/passwd.c: properly handle
	  user-not-found errors when doing authentication (CVE-2011-0438)

2011-03-06  arthur

	* [r1381] pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ implement module for netgroup lookups
	* [r1380] pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ add network name lookups
	* [r1379] tests/test.ldif.gz, tests/ add some test
	  groups and add the arthur user to them to test whether all are
	  returned correctly
	* [r1378] pass --enable-pynslcd with distcheck
	* [r1377] pynslcd/ clean up compiled python files
	* [r1376] pynslcd/ fix search filter objectClass for hosts
	* [r1375] nslcd/log.c, nslcd/log.h, nslcd/nslcd.c: ensure that
	  session id is only logged while handling a connection
	* [r1374] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: note that attribute mapping
	  expressions cannot be used for all attributes

2011-02-14  arthur

	* [r1373] pynslcd/, pynslcd/, pynslcd/,
	  pynslcd/ implement module for hostname lookups
	* [r1372] pynslcd/ fix comment
	* [r1371] pynslcd/, pynslcd/ clean up and add
	  missing files to installation

2011-02-11  arthur

	* [r1370] fix FreeBSD nss_ldap soname (as seen in
	  current FreeBSD packaging)
	* [r1369] nslcd/nslcd.c: create the directory for the socket and

2011-01-29  arthur

	* [r1368] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: document a proper replacement for
	  pam_check_host_attr (thanks Luca Capello) and add a section on
	* [r1367] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml, nslcd/cfg.c, nslcd/common.c,
	  nslcd/common.h, nslcd/pam.c: implement a fqdn variable that can
	  be used inside pam_authz_search filters

2011-01-23  arthur

	* [r1366] man/nslcd.conf.5.xml: name pam_check_service_attr and
	  pam_check_host_attr options in manual page and indicate how
	  pam_authz_search replaces them

2011-01-05  arthur

	* [r1365] AUTHORS, HACKING,, debian/copyright,
	  nss/, nss/bsdnss.c, nss/exports.freebsd,
	  nss/prototypes.h: add FreeBSD support, partially imported from
	  the FreeBSD port (thanks to Jacques Vidrine, Artem Kazakov and
	  Alexander V. Chernikov)

2011-01-01  arthur

	* [r1364] nss/ put solnss.c under
	* [r1363] man/nslcd.8.xml, man/nslcd.conf.5.xml,
	  man/pam_ldap.8.xml: add ids to options so we can more easily
	  reference them from elsewhere (especially useful for generated
	* [r1362] nslcd/myldap.c: include definition of rc in all code
	  paths because it's used most of the time
	* [r1361] fix quoting of NSS_MODULE_OBJS expression
	  to one that is supported by more shells
	* [r1360] nss/ ensure that solnss.c ends up in tarball